135 square meters of Wooden Cocoon Living in Taiwan

A stroke of natural genius in the heart of an urban jungle.

This delight was designed by an architectural and design team known as Hozo. They are based in Taiwan and they have become something of a legend in the world of design in that country. This small apartment in Zhubei in the north western part of the country is only 135 sq.m.

small living room wood wall texture with lime green couch.

The attention to detail is remarkable. It is a perfect example of taking a floor plan and turning it into something very special – and it is all in the multi-faceted surfaces of the area.

Partitioned small dining room living room with wood finished island.

Everything has its place

Boxed in by a variety of wooden surfaces; natural wood in different hues as well as laminated wooden aspects. Note the ceiling detail as well as the shelving and tables. All blended together to give a sense of proportion as well as acting as demarcations between “rooms”.

Two separate small dining room areas.

Colour blend – earthy, natural and yet distinguished

With a fairly dark natural wooden floor, all other colours blend in to form a natural and relaxed look.

small living room dining room combination.

Modern crisp

Note the big screen that is used to project the TV. High tech at its best and yet although 100% functional it makes for a really clever space positioned away from the wall to give a sense of decorative texture.

Small living room island table.

Lighting is modern and cosy

One of the biggest tests you can give yourself in decorating your home is to ensure the lighting actually works. It should be ambient, positioned at the right height, and designed not only to demarcate areas but to add a touch of magic. Don’t spare on lighting whatever you do. It is so important.

Double dining areas separated by an island.

Small dining room lighting.

Small dining room lighting.

Shelving with style in mind

small dining room shelving.

small dining room shelving wood and grey colour scheme.

Modern kitchen wall shelving partition.

The best aspect of this apartment in my humble opinion is the shelving. The units are wooden faced and the interior has been painted a superb deep grey to maximise the contrast and add depth.

In the bedroom and bathroom, a duck egg blue and gentle cream adds softness and comfort

Small bedroom duck egg blue focal wall.

Small bathroom duck egg blue focal wall.


-Lea Ann

Photography by HOZO interior design

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