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A 1950’s Inspired Apartment – Pinks, Orange, and Turntables

Looking for fun and interesting modern interior design ideas? Have a look at this 130 sq. meter apartment on treed avenue in Szczecin, Poland by Loft Kolasiński

Open concept living room dining room

Dining room table with 1980s artwork

We are back in Poland. Some of my best friends are Polish – but alas I have never gotten to visit them in their homeland. Krakow is on my list of to visit soon though – along with 100 other cities in the world!

This renovation by the renowned German and Poland based firm of architects and designers, Loft Kolasiński, shows their trademark signature style of minimal furnishing, big bold space, natural light and use of bespoke 1930-1970 style furniture.

Personally, I am not really into this type of furniture – but I know that it is coming back in a big way and in many people’s minds it is right on trend.

So here it is – showcasing the hallmarks of that era:

Dining room with alchohol trolly

I love this wooden, natural oak flooring. This is the best thing for a home. Oh so wish I had it throughout.

Dining room decor ideas.

The sputnik lamps are a talking point indeed. I do prefer taller lamps though – particularly in a dining area.

Small living room 1980s decor

Bespoke rugs were commissioned by the firm to add the true 1950’s look.

Open concept living room dining room

The small apartment is located in a building from the 1920’s and hence the design inspiration for the revitalization.
A lot of the furniture was designed and made by Loft Kolasinski; the chests of drawers, the dining, coffee, kitchen and the bedside tables all are in keeping with the theme.

Open concept living room dining room

Hallway decor ideas

I think the arched ceilings are inspirational – they add a heightened dimension to space. Along with the wide passages and open plan feel, the small apartment is given a grand entrance.

Hallway decor standing wall mirror

Grated wood record case.

Minimalistic bedroom decor.

Small kitchen dessert island

Small minimalist white bathroom

White bathroom storage ideas.

A modern version of a record-player console in the dining area.

Record cabinet with sliding wood doors


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