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50 Sq. Metre Redesigned Loft Apartment Opens Up Its Friendly Face

This tiny 50 sq. meter apartment in Taipei, Taiwan was given a complete overhaul by a group of designers based in the city called A’Lentil Design. They managed to transform a miserable, boring space into a more open and airy one bedroomed apartment and to top it all they added a loft.

Small living room open concept apartment

Lift a loft if you can

Why not. It adds a spare bedroom.Yes, it is up some steep stairs – but hey that is better than having your overnight guests spend a miserable evening on your tiny couch.

Shells don’t often change

Although the shell remained unchanged, these clever designers were able to turn every nook and cranny into something meaningful and useful.

Open within

small hallway with pink colour scheme

A few interior walls were taken down and by simply opening up the space the whole area looks so much bigger. This is the overall strategy in all small spaces – you can’t go beyond, you have to stay within, so may as well work the space within to its maximum.

Light and airy, bright and breezy

The most important objective was to bring more light into the apartment. One way of doing this was to use a transparent shut-off door between the bedroom and the living area.

Small kitchen area for two

Small living room area.

Walls, floors, cupboards, and doors

The use of one type of wood and similar color throughout gives the space a sense of unity and openness. There is a delightful amount of floor space – not often found in small apartments! And this is because the décor was kept to a minimum and only essential pieces have been placed within each room. No clutter, please.

Small and steep stairwell.

schematic of a small apartment

small kitchen for two

Stairs with privacy door.

Spare bedroom loft.

Elevate the bed

This is a good way of creating a different perspective to a room and it adds some storage space. Mission accomplished.

Glass partitioning doors

Open concept living room

I think this is a pretty cool apartment and just goes to show what can be done in a small space.

I am following these designers – I think they have what it takes. Simplicity, yet style.

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