55 square meters of High Design in a One Bedroom Apartment

We are now in Bucharest folks and studying the work of CRAFTRAAIM.

Small living room design

This firm of designers believe in efficiency and timeless appeal and this philosophy certainly is apparent in this one bedroomed apartment in downtown Bucharest, Romania.

With only a 55 square meter floor plan, this creative team clearly concentrated on the smart use of space and clever layout features. Mixed into the recipe is an inspirational sense of colour and quirkiness.

55 square meters is a small space in which to work, but just look at what they managed to achieve.

Small living room decor with blue couch and large wall shelves

There are plenty of noteworthy features that I hope will help you to be inspired by in decorating and organising the space within your home – no matter what size. Don’t forget that your choice of doors can also make a difference when it comes to how much space you can work with. Whether you decide to buy a veneer door from a company in your area, or whether you decide to buy a wooden door in Singapore, you need to make sure that it works with the current interior design of your home. It’s decisions like this that could have a big impact on a room.

  • White throughout with touches of bright colors to add a sense of whimsy. The small window is negative in the room, but to overcome this the use of white on the walls and cabinetry add to allowing as much light as possible in the space. Even if it is adding a feature wall with something like peel and stick geometric wallpaper, this can make a difference to any room. Still minimal, but add a touch of colour.
  • The living space is of course compact, but the clever positioning of the furniture maximises both the light and space. The dining room table is near the window and not traditionally placed near the kitchen. I have always said, look carefully at your plan and figure out what works best – add a touch of creativity to your thinking. I’m sure some crestron blinds would add to the maximization of the space as well. If you have permission you might also be interested in replacing your window with a bay window from somewhere like Majestic Designs which could brighten up your apartment enough more.

Small living room furniture blue couch

  • Lovely wooden flooring throughout makes the space feel larger and adds to a conformity which is very important in a tight area. One thing though that I would have changed is the colour of the flooring – for me, it is too dark. But we are not all the same – thank heavens – and I know some people love it.
  • Dashes of colour add interest and lift the whole space. The yellow/ochre colour adds a retro look and I am liking it!

small living room half dining room half living room layout

  • A home without bookshelves is not a home and the clever use of this feature is used decoratively as well as forming a screen between the living and kitchen areas.

The extra storage can hold both books and decorative accessories. And with the addition of a few drawers, additional space is created for kitchen stuff.

Small modern dining room with bench seat Small kitchen shelving bookcase bood finishings yellow accents Modern kitchen with wood cabinetry and chalkboard wall Small modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, flooring and bookshelf.

  • Chalk boards always add a sense of whimsy and fun – and at the same time add depth to a room.

small modern kitchen with chalkboard bachsplash

  • The small study area is compact and functional and with the addition of a fold-up bed, it is a clever way of turning it into a much needed spare room for the inevitable sleep over of many a guest.

Small office workspace with guest bedroom fold out work station

  • Furniture with wheels gives flexibility in placement. Clever!

Small office fold out work station desk.

  • A nice neutral palette in the bedroom and simple side lamps.

Small grey and white minimalist bedroom design.

small bedroom fold down work station table.

  • The bathroom is modern, compact yet glam. The different tiles, the colours and textures add depth and interest. The continuous use of yellow is again apparent and enhances the overall consistent tonal aspect.
    It can be done – 55 sq. meters of design!

small bathroom remodel idea.

small bathroom design with yellow accents and modern colour scheme.

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