A 193 m2 Transformation – Brilliance in Small Space Design

Pena living room loft

Starting with bare bones? In need of enlightenment? Well, this former museum in Rotterdam was transformed into the most amazing place. In my opinion (humbled in this instance), this is a magnificent small space design; one which rarely ticks all my boxes.

The architectural firm in charge of redesigning the space is a company called PEÑA and is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The company not only is renowned for its architectural designs, it also operates in interior and product design.

PEÑA completely redesigned the apartment, but the magnificent ceiling and beam structures were part of the bare bones – yes, how fab were these to work with?

Here are some factors that they employed to transform the space into a luxurious home:

1.White and light.

I very often don’t propose a white look in a home. It can be clinical. But in this instance, it really highlights the magnificent ceiling and beams and in no way distracts from the core features of the space.

pena design livingroom space

pena glass doors livingroom

2.Simple colour theme

The decor involves the colours black, greys, and is mixed with natural wood hues. This gives a wonderful palette which is easy on the eye. They eye moves around with great pleasure, but the shading of the dark greys and blacks give form.

The inclusion of duck-egg blue and the splashes of chrome lift the palette perfectly. Notice how the artwork matches the theme.

Remember that colour does not add a pleasant quality to design; it reinforces it.

pena lounge colour

3.The kitchen is a masterpiece of design camouflage

It is not often that you will have the kitchen in the centre of a room – but in this instance it works fabulously and with its all wooden cabinetry and walls it melds into a functional yet beautiful space.

pena kitchen view

pena kitchen design

pena schematic

pena dining area

4.Skylight opens up the kitchen and negates the lack of windows

Clever use of skylights can completely transform a space and can come with many more advantages too, as an example uv window film on skylights save on energy costs plus many other benefits. In this instance, with the kitchen slap in the middle of the space, the extra lighting from above gives it a lovely cosy feel, plus it’s all-natural lighting. It could easily have been a little hemmed in. You’re sure to find a transformation in your space with aia skylights that’ll add a new look to your room with the additional light. Of course, you’ll need to know if you can fit a skylight on your roof, or if the angle and position of the skylight is able to give you the natural light you need. You can pop over to these guys or to another company experienced with skylight installation to find out if you can transform your space.

pena kitchen counter

5.Design is the purpose of elements – concentrate on composition, proportion and balance

The large scale of the corridors, the magnitude of the bookshelves and passage shelving all add to the composition of the space. The proportion and balance are in harmony.

pena wall unit

pena bathroom

pena bathroom sink

I trust that you are seeing the good design in this example. It should become self-evident and needs little or no change or further criticism.

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A 193 m2 Transformation – Brilliance in Small Space Design

Starting with bare bones? In need of enlightenment? Well, this former museum...
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