A Comfortable Nest in a High-rise Apartment in Ukraine

Got an area of around 80 m² and want to create a comfy, but stylish nest? This is how

Open concept kitchen living room

This apartment was designed by Cult of Design – a design studio based in Ukraine. These clever people offer the whole spectrum of interior design services: apartments, houses and public spaces.

small living room sectional couch

This particular apartment caught my eye on my travels in cyber space as it lightweight, modern and quiet.

A little nesting place

The family apartment is in one of the high-rise buildings in the city of Khmelnitsky – south west of Kiev in Ukraine. (Yes fellow decorators of note – you must do a bit of traveling to search for gems!)Google map of Ukraine

small living room design open concept kitchen dessert bar

Lighting is so important

I am not particularly mad about the black half-moon lighting in the sitting area – but each to their own taste. I find it a bit harsh and out of keeping. The lighting above the kitchen counter is more to my taste.

The back lighting in the glass cabinet and alongside the beams in the kitchen area is great and the overall use of natural lighting throughout the home is innovative and stylish.

Kitchen island bar with seating

Tone and ambiance

Your home your taste – but take note of the subtle greys along with the natural wood, the zig-zag tiles, and the plush carpet. This all adds to a depth of design and makes for an interesting and restful look.

small bedroom wood focal wall behind the bed

Quality shines through

Nothing is simple in this home. By emphasizing the walls and ceilings throughout the small apartment there is a sense of high quality. If you can afford to have dry walls jutting out, false ceilings with back lighting, and alcoves added to a room, you will immediately upgrade the finishing and hence get a very upmarket stylish look.

Small bedroom balkony

small bedroom with modern bed

Low rise bed wood back wall

Use of bright paint, modular and functional shelving units and wall paper – a fun place for a child

Childs room bright paint

Blackboards, climbing ladders and block splashes of colour have creatively been used in this small child’s small room. It is tastefully, yet functionally designed to offer maximum stimulation.

Fun childs bedroom colourful paint

Luxury and high design in the bathroom

luxury small bathroom design

Small bathroom frameless bathroom shower.

Note the continuation of the grey tones and the zig-zag tiling from floor to ceiling. A special place to nest a while.

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