A Duplex Apartment on 32nd Floor – Going Up in the World of Urban Living

Open living room concept

Architects Gali Amit in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed this magnificent duplex apartment, or maisonette (a single dwelling unit spread over two floors connected by an indoor staircase), for a couple in their 50’s whose children have already flown the nest. And what a nest to have flown!

Look, let’s be honest with ourselves, this ain’t going to happen any time soon for the likes of you and me. But, hey, we can dream.

The point of highlighting some of the top architects and designers in the world is for inspiration; not necessarily at this stage of our lives, true replication.

So, let’s look at some of the unique and awesome features that this space has and hopefully some bright ideas will spring forth:

Living room with a view.

Public Space

The first floor was the entertainment area, kitchen and dining room. Also included were the guests’ bedrooms. This allowed for everyone “else” being below the mezzanine to allow for the privacy of the owners on the upper level.

Modern duplex

modern living room duplex

Reflection of the urban landscape

The apartment is reflected in the urban landscape of Tel Aviv by having a sense of urbanism and hence an appropriateness of its surroundings. This is apparent in the public space demarcation and the materials that were selected.

Modern living room with a view

Appropriate materials in proportion

The walls of the public space are raw cement with brass bars in between to compartmentalise the vastness of the area. A flight of stairs was made of white steel and the 3 m high library shelving gives a sense of proportion to the area. Both were designed to enhance a sense of double level spaciousness and overall, giving a sensation of everything being extra high.

Modern kitchen view

The allowance of a “Private Space”

This is where the owners can escape to for privacy. It has an open plan bedroom with the back of the bed utilised as a partition to the gym. The bathroom one side has a double basins and the other contains an ellipse shaped bathtub with marble tiles.

Open concept bedroom ensuite

Marble bathroom

Minimalist aesthetics and neatness – but yet homey

With the additional select choices in the carpets, wooden flooring and the brass profiles the overall effect is urban in essence, yet still warm and homey. This is a fine line – and these designers have defined that line very cleverly.

Minimalist living room

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