A Fresh Apartment Idea -Living amongst Green Walls

Looking for something completely different in your small apartment? What about bringing the outside in? Literally.

This apartment in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine’s third largest city – has a green-fingered touch. SVOYA – a design studio in Ukraine literally merged interior design with outdoor landscape by installing “green walls” into the apartment.
Wow is all I can say. It is magnificent and I wish I had that in my home. In fact, I think all homes, from oakland apartments to New York townhouses should have this feature wall.

Earthy green walls tan couch

Open concept apartment.

The apartment is high above the Dnieper River – the 4th largest river in Europe and has magnificent views from all aspects. The natural light that shines into the apartment allowed for the installation of these green walls. If you are interested in getting natural light into your home, then you need to make sure that you have the right windows. There are loads of companies out there like Window World Ohana who can help you out with this. This is a great investment to make particularly if you are interested in having green walls.

open concept kitchen with table in the middle.

By day or by night – it is like living in a garden high up in the sky.

The indoor oasis was created using the walls between the windows and the plants grow from floor to ceiling – and clearly very happy. The apartment is “open” to the beautiful views of the river and the city.

Small kitchen area with table and island with seating.

Two tone kitchen island, white with wood finish.

Carefully placed lighting

Along with sleek and modern furniture, it emphasizes the fresh and nourishing atmosphere. The superb design especially comes to the fore at night, when every detail blossoms and unfurls under the lighting. If you would like to emulate a similar lighting layout in your home, you might want to consider reaching out to a team of experienced electricians such as Your Home Electricians to turn your dreams into a reality. Lighting can totally change your living space, and contacting an electrician can help you to work out the best possible lighting options for your home.

Kitchen lighting over dining table.

Living green walls – just like a forest

These are becoming more and more popular in offices and shopping centers – but this is the first in my experience of seeing them so beautifully planted in a private home.

Not only are they beautiful to the eye, they also help in regulating the relative room temperature, increase ambient humidity, absorb background noise and reduce airborne dust levels.

Living green walls contribute considerably to one’s health and well-being. The smells, movement, and colours of plants in living or work environments help tremendously in reducing stress. More plants, please!

Open concept kitchen and living room combination.

Apartment hallway.

Open kitchen area with table and island.

The environment is nourishing and calming.

I can imagine this kitty being particularly pleased to be inside; sunny spots in the sitting room and green walls to climb up.

Open space floor plan creates one big modern room.

This immediately makes the apartment seem bigger. The lovely natural wood flooring and wall cladding compliment the green walls and the white cabinetry and dining room adds a sense of crispness to it all. The Engineered Wooden Floors, along with all of these other features allow the room to have better lighting, which makes it more appealing to the eye. Not only that, but this one room also brings a sense of modernization to the apartment that you may not find anywhere else.

Open concept living room with TV focal wall.

Lovely taupes, creams, and concrete

Giving a natural flow of the apartment.

Bedroom with tope and cream colour scheme.

Natural light and white

This child’s room is pretty in pink and white.

Little girls bedroom with pink and grey colour scheme.

Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann

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