A Loft Design with a Difference

living room YoDezeen

A client’s passion leads to a design idea. A spiky idea!

This example of loft design has a unique theme. It is based on a desert. But what makes it really intriguing is that it is in the centre of Kiev, Ukraine. Not much desert around that neck of the woods I hear you muttering.

YoDezeen, an architectural design company based in Kiev, was responsible for this project. Their client liked rare cactuses – particularly from Southern and Northern America. The whole interior was influenced by his hobby of collecting and caring for these plants.

They then took centre stage in the theme of the loft design. A desert colour palette was used and industrial lighting and ceilings were introduced to give a resemblance of the harsh naturalness of the environment. Wow. It worked.

The cacti were placed behind a glass partition separating the open-plan area of the kitchen, dining room and living area with the bedroom.

Take-out ideas for you:

  1. Colour theme used throughout and not varied.
  2. Industrial look along with comfy furniture turned the open space into a warm and inviting hub.
  3. Use of natural materials adds to the overall atmosphere.
  4. Ingenious lighting gives off an exotic feel.
  5. Unobtrusive cabinetry opens up the space to give the impression of a larger area than actually is.
  6. Lack of clutter, clean lines and minimalist furnishings open up the small loft space.
  7. Change of flooring in the entrance hall demarcates the space and lifts it.
  8. Use of a beautiful poster above the bed of a desert theme reinforces the overall effect and makes the room feel “real”.
  9. Back lighting on shelving adds depth and interest to the display.
  10. A widely proportioned sitting area decorated with back-to-back sofas. Good thinking

Want to try this concept by accenting your home centralised around something that you are passionate about?

What about an Ocean Themed Loft, or a Forest Themed Loft?

Stick to one singular focussed theme and keep it uniform throughout – it really is a unique and clever idea.



Thanks! Hope you liked it!


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