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A Sophisticated Barcelona Bachelor Pad (For a Man and his Bicycles)

The main aim was to was to create a masculine yet sophisticated home, using a neutral palette and focusing on different textures.

Small kitchen with black island.

Kitchen black table island.

Small hallway decor.

This is how they did it:

An old and outdated apartment in Sant Antoni – a suburb in Barcelona- was carefully curated to create a fab pad for a bachelor with a penchant for sports and cycling and a passion for design. CaSA, a highly creative firm of architects and designers, based in Barcelona, cleverly transformed what was a highly partitioned and dark apartment into this open-spaced two bedroomed home.

It now has a large living space and some bespoke features that give character to the small apartment.

Bespoke Bicycles for fun

In the entrance, a system of tubes was used to create a double bicycle rack. Ingenious and practical. (Not for me – but hey I am not that passionate about cycling.) Grey tiles were used on the wall to protect it from dirt.

Bike organization wall.

Spatial continuity allows for an open feel

The same tiles in different sizes clad the kitchen walls and the bathroom. This gives the whole place a sense of spatial continuity. All the rooms are bright and airy because the same the same natural oak wooden floors extend throughout.

Black kitchen island and stream faucet

Small living room kitchen open concept

Wall and ceiling features add character and disguise

A wide band, roughly plastered, at the top of the walls in the living space unifies and gives character to the space. At the same time, it operates practically by hiding lines of diffused led lights above the teal colored velvet curtains and also along the wall opposite the kitchen to disguise reinforcement beams. While the effect may appear simple, anyone planning on recreating this design in their own house might want to consult an electrician first, perhaps from, to double-check they can do so safely.

A small terrace allows for light to flow into the apartment

The terrace (previously closed and transformed into bathroom and laundry spaces by blocking one window), was restored. While this was no easy feat and required the expertise of a plumber from a website similar to, it was definitely worth it. Imagine the small apartment without it? Much nicer. You can’t sit on a washing machine having a glass of wine and watch the sun go down.

Small balcony decor

Small apartment balcony

From kitchen to bathroom – think laterally, spatially and creatively

The new bathroom, which was previously a closed kitchen, also features the grey tiles seen throughout. A gorgeous, bespoke, free-standing shower glass bulkhead will certainly have you considering your own shower remodel, whilst the matching black tops finish the look off perfectly.

Small bathroom with open shower.

Small bathroom white sink

Getting down to the details – this is where the talking points are and the personality comes alive

In the living area, furniture pieces by Kettal and Stua give the finishing touches to the space, while plants bring life to it. A big square planter customized by the artist Zaida Sabatés gives a “terrazzo” effect and the dining table’s golden leg adds some panache.

Contemporary dining room design

Small contemporary bedroom.

Small contemporary bedroom decor

Small bedroom contemporary decor.

It is as simple as that folks.

Lea Ann

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