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A WOW Response Is What to Aim for in Your Small Space Design

There are normally three responses to design. Yes, no and WOW! These examples I recently found from Hozo Interior Designs – a fabulously modern, forward- looking design company in Taiwan, are WOW. Some of them are for a small apartment and others from a bigger more luxurious one. I can imagine some wood effect titles would look fantastic in homes similar to this Atlas ceramics have a nice range. They should give you some inspiration and train your eye to identify good design.

Here are some tips that I have put together from studying these professionals to get the look:

I hope you find them inspirational.

1. Colour – enhancement of the style

The space is demarcated by colour blocks in the cabinetry, curtains and floors. Neutral and earthy tones interspersed with greys and sandy hues on the walls and floors all give a feeling of spaciousness and tranquillity. When deciding on a colour scheme, make sure you incorporate enough of one throughout, rather than just in one area. The scheme must flow and not be interruptive. (Trust me – you have to be very discerning and controlled on this!)

2. Cabinetry from floors to ceiling – adds to the feeling of spaciousness

The superb cabinetry in the whole apartment was obviously designed to give the impression of clean lines and incorporate a sense of slickness to the overall effect. It has also been skilfully used to demarcate the areas between the sitting and the dining areas. The take out should be for you to use as much cabinetry as you can afford to add a sense of height and proportion to all spaces within the open plan area, so as to minimise clutter and showcase only beautiful objects.

3. Texture – adds new dimensions

Natural wood, ceramic tiles, leather and marble all give the feeling of a natural home yet in a modern style. If you decide to opt for tiles, check out the best mop for tile floors to ensure they look clean and presentable at all times. Imagine only plain painted walls with no variation in texture – that would be bland and uninviting. So, wherever you can, think about adding texture. You can get fabulous wall papers these days that emulate natural stone, wood, concrete and brick. Think about adding this to a blank wall, or behind the TV screen – anywhere in fact where it will add rather than distract. Especially if you were to think about something like concrete flooring that could undergo treatment from a company found at for instance.
Glass partitioning is becoming a big hit these days – I love some of these examples as well.

4. Ceilings and lighting – look up and work to a greater depth

What is so unmistakable in this apartment’s clever design is that detail has also been added in the lighting and the ceiling. We tend to forget about what is on top of us – and this is an example of just what a difference these aspects are in a room. If your budget doesn’t stretch to an elaborate type of ceiling, then consider using simple strapping in areas where it will be exposed to maximum effect. There are a lot of options for creating different effects – so check out your local building hardware store.

Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann

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