About Mi Casa Design


It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture come to life.

Living in a small space has its limitations. Of course. Overcoming these confines is what these decorating wizards are adept at doing. They will wave their magic wands and inspire you to make the most of your square meterage in your apartment or small home with tips like using a light, neutral colour scheme, having plenty of light sources, mirrors, and transparent furniture like a sedie trasparenti to keep visual stimulation to a minimum.

Help is here, because on these pages, you will not find people giving unreasonable advice by saying: heighten the ceiling, bash a few walls down to let in light, neither will they say add on an attic or create a new stairwell. They know about the so-called “limitations” of small space decorating; whether it be within the confines of the actual space or within your budget. This is their forte.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while

– Steve Jobs

If creative ideas don’t come easily to you to begin with, look no further than what this team of expert writers have to say about being “creative”. That is why they are here. They study, they search, and they inherently know the tricks of the small space trade. Their wands will perform tricks that will make you rush out and get cracking, confidently on with YOUR transformation ideas.

Like an architect’s brief – the tighter and more detailed the brief, the better it is for the architect to commence the creative process. These articles in their tight and concise way, will inspire, question and make you feel comfortable about your own personal opinions.

They will inspire you to take that sometimes daunting leap into changing your home environment; where the outcome should result in harmony in your home, along with that touch of magic. Your choice, your home.

Whether you are a first time home owner, or a qualified, long-term small space inhabitant, these contributors will show you things that you thought you didn’t want, until you saw them. Inspiration, after all, is a personal journey and who is to tell you what is good and what is bad – rather the focus here is on getting you to that stage of feeling confident to go out and make the changes to your small space that will elevate that space into a wonderfully comfortable and inspired home.

The appreciation of the art of making small spaces look fabulous will become contagious and you will find yourself seeking more and more ideas from these creative wizards. Limitation is not in their vocabulary. Their tips, hints and how-to ideas will all be easily achieved. They may be whacky in some instances or purely practical; they may glide above your head in the creative space in time – but most of all, they will get you to think differently. And it will all seem obvious to you after a while.

That after all is what we need – to think differently and be proud of the outcome. Obviously.