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An Award Winning Holiday Apartment in Russia – 200 sq. Metres of Beautiful Design

Honey colored harmony at the coast

Wood paneled small living room wall

Modern small living room decor with grey tones.

This holiday home was designed by the award winning architect and designer Alexandra Fedorova, who is based in Moscow. She won a Bronze prize In Interior Design for this Svetlogorie Residential Home. And you can see why.

The holiday home is in Svetlogorsk, (in English sometimes referred to as Svetlogorie), which prior to 1947 was known by its German name Rauschen. It is a coastal resort town located on the Baltic coast.

For those of you who like to know where this is as I do:

Google map of Poland.

Design goal

  • To create an interesting, memorable and coherent space.
  • To allow the volumes to flow smoothly into one another.
  • To ensure a unified feel about the space.
  • To use structural and functional aspects of geometrical forms – but to soften with natural materials.

Sound familiar?

Giving your designer a clear set of objectives or goals is half way to getting it right. And if you don’t have a designer, like most of us, then list them for yourself and make sure you stick to them.

Take a look at the outcome and see if you can form a list of inspirational ideas from the photos.

I can think of many and the main ones for me are:

  • The openness of the area surrounded by natural elements such as the walnut veneer – adding warmth and texture.
  • Merging of floors, walls, and cabinetry in a warm honey colored tone.
  • Modern lighting techniques – most of which are hidden
  • The open plan bedroom/bathroom yet with clever glass partitioning to isolate the shower and toilet.
  • Industrial – concrete, metal, and mirrors contrasting with the natural walnut and oak ensures a warm yet dramatic contrast.

Open concept living room with kitchen view white island.

Dining room decor with modern light fixture.

Open concept kitchen dining room combination.

Small kitchen with white island and grey counter tops.

Open concept kitchen living room with wood paneled walls.

Marble beam hallway.

Dining room with full kitchen view.

Modern frameless staircase

Master bedroom with dark grey focal wall.

Master bedroom with open concept ensuite

Master bedroom ensuite with all white counter tops.

Master bedroom ensuite with walk-in frameless shower.

Small guest bedroom with graffiti focal wall.

Small guest bathroom glossy white tiling.


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