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An Urban Jungle Apartment in Taiwan.

This apartment has more of a jungle feel than that of a typical urban home.

Small dining room with large bookcase

Small dining room with plants hanging from light fixture

This super apartment is owned by a professional Taiwanese couple with two children. They called in Ganna Design, a firm of architects and designers also based in Taipei, to do some major alterations to their home.

The resulting home is truly inspired; with the use of sliding partitioning, clever storage solutions and making the most of natural light, Ganna transformed what was a dark and badly configured space, into a magnificent urban dwelling.

If you have ever been to Taiwan – which I have on numerous occasions, you will know it is truly an urban jungle.

Jungle inspired dining area with long narrow wood dining table

The dining room table in the center of the house is used as a bar, a place for tea ceremonies, reading, and eating.  I love this idea – think of how you can turn your dining area into a multifunctional one. Dining areas are often not used as frequently as other parts of the house and should be treated as a central hub of activity.

The owners like to go camping, so Ganna came up with a canopy structured above the dining table where the owners hang their collection of oil lamps and use it as a floral awning to create the feeling of camping under the trees.

Plants above dining table are

Simplistic living room design with dark focal wall.

The dark wooden flooring turns the house into a more natural environment and adds texture and depth.

Dark focal wall in living room

The clever use of sliding portioning separates the front from the back. The wall was turned into a multifunctional one, with one side facing the bedrooms is used as a wardrobe and the other facing the living space is a bookcase.

I have often said that sliding partitioning is a fabulous way to save space, allow natural light in and cordon off private from common areas.

Small kitchen with table island.

Small kitchen with table island for two.

Small dining room with large full wall mirror

Small bedroom with sliding bedroom door.

Small bathroom counter top.

The bedrooms and bathrooms were re-located to the back of the small apartment (102 sq. meters) and the larger front area was demarcated as being the living space or common areas.

Surrounded by green, natural wood, and visually calming surrounds, these owners must feel that they are on a perpetual camping trip in the wilds.

Mission accomplished.

Photography by Siew Shien Sam /MWphotoinc


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