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Apartment Sensation – All in Shades of Grey with a Twist of Lime

Traditional livingroom

Again, in my travels on the Interior Design sites of the world, I have discovered a fab apartment in Toronto. I could so easily pack my bags and head off to this very sophisticated place to linger a while.
It was designed by S&A Décor of Toronto, Canada who have clearly got what it takes to combine a sense of the traditional with the modern in their design functionality.

Don’t be put off when considering a designer to lend you a helping hand. Some people may want their entire home designed, but others may only want some guidance. A good design company should help in both.

Sometimes we just need re-enforcement of our ideas.

Hopefully, some of these examples of how to decorate your home will do just that. These are the conclusions that I have drawn up that may inspire you to follow your own instincts and assist in drawing up a plan of what you want.

You don’t want a multicoloured themed apartment?

In no way is this apartment bland. It stands out considerably, and just seeing it may make other people in downtown toronto apartments consider renovations of a similar note. But on paper if you were to say I only want greys – that may be a brief to a decorator that is going to end up being pretty drab. Shades of grey is answer and along with this you need to look at the comparable tonal palette that brings life to the overall picture.
In this instance, greys are mixed with creams, whites and black. Dashes of lime green in the artwork and accessories add the surprise.

Traditional dining room decor.

Traditional dining room chandelier

Focus on a master plan for a uniform flow

The overriding theme of this décor is that it all flows; it is uniform. We tend to live these days in more open plan type rooms and without a master plan you could end up with each “room” being different.
Think of decorating like catering for a dinner party. You are not going to serve a meal where the starter would clash with the main course and the dessert is overbearingly sweet. The meal must be balanced. So must your décor.

Traditional dining room mirrored wall

Traditional dining room that's wow

Select your collection carefully – and don’t throw away your own taste

Just like accessorising your outfit, you need an overall plan. Then you start to layer. The same applies to your furnishings, artwork, rugs, textures, lighting to get the designed look and at the same time to capture your style.

Traditional small bedroom


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