Are You a Padding Bachelor Looking to Decorate Your Small Cave?

Looking for small bachelor pad studio apartment ideas? Single guys don’t have to hunt for interior design ideas. No. This is an outdated media untruth! (CNN you must surely be at fault?).

bachelor pad wall textures - exposed brick

Gone are the days that single guys yearn to continue their comfy lives in their small untidy caves. Thank goodness for a change in attitude as today’s serious bachelor is pursuing the art of immaculate style.

Well, I don’t believe they are after little accessories or cerise lacy, curtains – the difference really lies in themes and colour schemes that are chosen to imprint on their stylish masculine abodes.

Some truths do remain embedded in the lives of serious bachelors, however, and those are:

  • having a large sofa,
  • an entertainment centre,
  • a great big boundless bed and
  • a place to warm up pizza deliveries. (Although, I might add that some of my best friends are bachelors and they are competing in the culinary field quite successfully these days).

Here are 5 great ideas for bachelor pads that I have recently come across and hopefully they will inspire you chaps out there to improve and impress.

Don’t be put off by some of my extravagant ideas- they are only here to get your interior decorating taste buds going on a cross country!

colourful small bachelor pad wall paper

1.Time to shape up by introducing new colours, textures and a dash of personality

bachelor pad colour scheme

Stark and sleek, masculine, neutral shades, and blah blah artwork – is not where you should be. Think about when you meet your match and what you abode looks like. You need to be proud and personal in your decorating.

Think walls, floors and fabrics when you are looking for the right colours and textures and although browns, blacks and greys and whites can look great, you need to add colours to offset these.

2.Balance style with comfort

comforting bachelor pad

Don’t be tempted to throw that fabulous schlumpy couch out that you inherited. If it works think of recovering it and adding some nice textures into the cushions. You would be better off buying a fab bookshelf or a small dining room table, rather than a new couch. Try and balance form and function and don’t be afraid to introduce colours.

3.Your bedroom must be alluring and clever – just as you are?

In a typical bachelor pad, unless of course you are Prince Harry, the bedroom will be small. You need to use the space to maximum effect; think hanging doors, glass partitions, mirrored cupboards, and clever storage solutions. That match you are imminently about to meet, does not want to see clothes and bedlinen sprayed around. (Trust me on this!)

bachelor pad storage ideas

Lighting in the bedroom is just as important as elsewhere in the pad, so make sure it is not a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There are lots of inexpensive lamps that you can use and this will really give a sense of cosiness and comfort. Getting the natural lighting right is just as important. You want as much natural light in as possible during the day to make your pad look light and inviting. But come night time, you want to be able to shut it out. I find shutters are the most effective for this, and they look cool and also super expensive too. If you think shutters would be the perfect accompaniment for your bachelor pad then you might want to check a company like Shuttercraft to see their range.

4.Make a plan for the inevitable central focus of your pad – the Television

Bachelor pad tv focal wall book case partition

There is no other way of saying this – if you have a large TV sitting in the middle of the room and not much else other than electric cables to look at – you are failing dismally. These are some great ideas as to how to incorporate the TV into your space without it looking like a Godzilla Design.

5.If you don’t have Picassos for your walls, consider wall art

bachelor pad wall art

colourful bachelor pad picture frame art

A fabulous way of giving your walls a touch of uniqueness and style is to cover the whole wall with an image or a series of images. This will not necessarily break the Pizza Piggy Bank and will also alleviate the problem of what art to put on which wall. This is especially the case if you’ve got some of the highest quality acrylic prints, as these will look really classy without setting you back too much. One great big tiger will do the trick.

Here are some that I just love and actually wish I had a bachelor pad to put one up!Hope these ideas help you – will be back shortly with more inspirational tricks that I have up my sleeve.


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