Bedroom Small Interiors

Layout Your Small Bedroom with Care and A Little Brain Power

There is nothing worse than a badly laid out room. It makes you feel uncomfortable and the Feng Shui is gone and past and looking a little Sheng Fade.

You have a small space and you want to turn it into a bedroom. Well, my dears, have I seen some real beauts! Especially amongst young guys whom you think would have developed beyond the cave and took some appreciation courses into how to make a bedroom look nice! Working with a small bedroom may actually help you to be as efficient as possible with the space you have. With this in mind, you may want to look into something like a sleeper sofa for your bedroom’s furniture. This way, you can have the advantages of both a sofa and a bed, without taking up too much space within the room. Websites such as are great for finding furniture like this, so you may want to check them out if you think a sleeper sofa would work well in the small room you are helping to design.

Student days are over sadly and along with more responsibility comes – wait for it – care in your home environment. I’ve just spent the last week redesigning my little girl’s bedroom which was so much fun. The best part about it is we have a little sing-song corner that she loves. We go on youtube all the time watching videos for children, she can’t get enough of it.

The one cup/glass/cereal bowl/cat feeder phenomenon has come and it is gone.
Getting basics back in layout techniques. A little mathematics to put you on the right track.

  1. Measure the room. All dimensions
  2. Draw this on a piece of paper, not on the cereal packet. Squared paper is good.
  3. Draw everything to scale, i.e. if the room is 5 metres wide, make sure that your scaled drawing reflects 5 metres. Make it 5 cm to equal 1 metre for example.
  4. Proportionately draw the position of the door, the window and any other fixed features.
  5. Measure your bed, side table/s and other furniture that you so wish to incorporate into your lair.
  6. Then make cut-outs of these and then you can play around as to where they go.
  7. If you can’t fit the fridge into the room, don’t. the same applies to the kitchen sink.

Here are some examples of how to position the bed and generally lay out the bedroom in this small space.

Tips to avoid bad bed placements

Don’t do the following:

  1. Position the bed under a window if you can help it. Sometimes it can work, but more often than not, it does not.
  2. Place the bed on a diagonal – this is a no-no
  3. Sleep with your feet facing the door
  4. Place the bed on a door wall
  5. Sleep with the door in-line with the side of the bed

Examples of some good bedroom layouts in small spaces.

1. Maximising storage and purpose of the small bedroom. In a room this small, you need all the storage space you can get. In many circumstances, this may mean looking for a storage unit, like those found at Boombox Storage, or laying out your bedroom in a way that allows you to have more space, which could be particularly important. This cleverly laid out bedroom, although small certainly is not minimizing on charm and style. Notice the pleasant color scheme and the neatness of all components in the room. If a room lacks storage, hope chests can always be included to provide a mobile storage solution. If you’re wondering what is a hope chest, its a small chest, almost trunklike, which can fit in numerous spaces in any room.

2. The bed in this small space could not have been placed anywhere else but it still is done with a sense of style being apparent in the colours selected and the practical positioning of one main side table and lamp. It is clutter free and inviting.

3. This cosy little bedroom again is maximising on storage space without being crammed full of furniture. A high bed allows for a pull-out underneath it – in case Gran comes to stay.

4. Although this example does have a bed under the window – there being no other place to put it – it works particularly well with the shelving installed directly above the bed-side tables. The overall effect is well balanced and charming. Bold printed blinds on Venetian blinds give it a cosy and private feel.

Thanks! See you next time!


Bathroom Small Interiors

Small Bathroom Layout Dilemmas Easily Solved

Here’s how.

Don’t fear you on the right page to solve that Dreaded Dilemma. If you’ve given up on fixing your old bathroom repeatedly and having to call out an emergency plumber, then it’s time for a new bathroom altogether. Bathroom layouts are not easy and small ones are supposedly “difficult”. But, if you think about it, the smaller the easier. I am not asking you to re-decorate Buckingham Palace. If you are in the process of re-doing your bathroom and have a fabulous idea board going, add some of these tips to the pot. Once you’ve got all your ideas together, contact a plumber cranford nj, tiler, painter and bathroom expert to make sure these ideas would work in your household.

However you intend to renovate your bathroom, getting the usual aspects like the repairs will make this process a whole lot easier to manage. Plus it will be one less thing to think about when you can just focus on decorating. Whether you opt to use the services of a slab leak repair company or a professional who can help install a new shower, this should all be done before any sort of improvement to the aesthetic is done.

These simple tips will get your creative juices going, as well as keep you focussed on getting that small bathroom to look grand, grander and grandest.

1. Throw the bath out, not the water.

Very often old apartments or houses will have the remains of a horrible little bath in a small bathroom. I am a natural born showerer, not a bather, so my advice is to ditch the bath for a more contemporary style in the bathroom of having only a shower. Just bring in a plumbing company to do this for you, and this will free up a huge amount of space – so that you can swing the cat.

If you simply have to have it – then check out the next point, I make. (There may be little people in your home who deserve to be bathed – every now and again.)

2. Keep the bath but trash the shower curtain.

A shower curtain will visually close 1/3 of your bathroom, so unless you are tied to its strings, replace it with a frameless glass panel which will allow streams more light into the space. They are easy to install and are simply made for small bathrooms. They also won’t cost you a great deal to install.

Avoid the sliding ones that are available; rather have one or go for the folded hinged panels. This example is a perfect way of solving the problem – small bath with a shower enclosed with a hinged glass panel in lots of lovely light.

3. Find unique mirrors and collectivise them.

Mirrors will not cost you too much to install into your small bathroom. They add tremendously to the overall plan and I would suggest that you go out in search of unique ones that can form a focal point in the small spaced. They are particularly effective above the vanity and along one side of the room.

I love these boxed in ones which double up as little storage containers. A little bunch of flowers, or some nice soaps displayed will add to the charm of the space.

4. A wall toilet will give the illusion of a bigger space

Having one of these in your small bathroom is dependent on available space behind the wall for the built-in tank. Please, please make sure that you position the toilet at the right height. My pet hate is sitting on the throne and dangling my legs. You have to sit on a toilet, not perch and very often men are the ones installing these and 90% of the time, they cannot get it right. (Don’t allow them to hang mirrors either!)

Shelving above the toilet is a grand way of adding storage and again, if you can, extend your vanity shelf to go all the way across to create a narrow ledge.

5. Reframe your outlook in the shower.

If you can only afford to go slowly, slowly in your re-decorating of your small bathroom, do this first and foremost. How people showered, in the olden-days, in those dark dingy dungeons of an excuse for a shower, I ask myself? Yes, you have to do this.

Trash and whistle for the plumber immediately. Prize no. 1 would be to have no walls, but if you can’t afford to bash, then at least update.

Bathroom Small Interiors

Five tips for making your small guest bathroom great

Moved in to your new apartment and confronted with a bubble-gum-pink guest bathroom? Fear not, especially when you can simply get in touch with the contractor and find out more about what the best addition for your bathroom would be. In this instance, of course, you can’t go wrong whatever you do, but generally, you need some inspirational tips and ideas to get cracking and do a makeover to your small guest bathroom that will not necessary cost the budget of a small developing country.

Unless you are living in a palace where there is a Marie Antoinette Suite, most guest bathrooms are multifunctional as the majority of the time they are just another bathroom in the house. Then when you have a guest, if you are anything like me, it gets transformed into a tidier more pleasurable place to be. That is, as long as you haven’t completely neglected all functionality of your guest bathroom’s plumbing systems. If so, you may have a bigger issue on your hands and you may want to get in contact with a berwick plumber before it’s too late.

So, with all their uses they can be easily cluttered and neglected in the décor department. These are some ideas for you to jazz up that room and decorate so that it is both functional and stylish. Some ideas are for remodelling and some are purely for accessorising beautifully.

5 tips to get your guest bathroom on the road to recovery

# 1. Add glamour

You want to feel comfortable and pampered in a bathroom. When guests arrive and are confronted with a 5-star hotel suite of a bathroom they are going to be most impressed. (perhaps they will even pay for their night’s accommodation) Glamour can come in many forms, but one of the main ones is good serene (and don’t forget flattering) lighting. Even little touches like having a heated towel rack instead of just hooks can add to the glamour. If you’re looking to buy a heated towel rack, check out this post on to find the best option fr your small guest bathroom. The small bits of glamour can pull the room together and really spoil your guests! Think lovely mirrors, flowers, pleasant colours and a touch of glitz. You could even invest in some premium frameless shower screens to give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

bathroom light fixtures

light grey guest bathsmall clean bathroom

# 2. Choose a colour scheme that is clean and shiny bright

A few coats of paint on your dated vanity will do the trick in most instances. You more often than not will need to install a new countertop to an old bathroom as these are the first things to start looking drab and grubby. New lighting is a must and if you can afford it, get new taps and basins. Add some colour coordinated prints on the walls and you are away.

before bathroom imageafter bathroom image

small light blue bathroom

# 3. Turn it into a room rather than a mere wash place

To really enliven a bathroom, you should have some nice art work. For a visually stimulating feel in a small space such as a guest bathroom, group three or five pieces on a wall- this can make a big impact and replace that tatty old bath mat with some pattern on the floor. The in thing is cotton printed rugs that add to the unexpected and stylish look in this small space.

modern bathroom

bathroom towel rack and shelf

bathroom mat samplebathroom mat sample

# 4. Layer and accessorize as any other room in your home

Add touches that will make your guests feel welcome while bringing beauty to the room like super vanity accessories, lotion and soap pumps, soap dishes, a stylish waste basket. I love wooden and basket accessories and there are some really unique ones on the market these days.

bathroom decor jarsbathroom travel soaps

bathroom jars

# 5. Give your guests space

Guests bathrooms are usually smaller and more confined than other ones in the house and as I have said, they get cluttered. So you really have to be strict here – remove all unnecessary items and make sure there is proper floor space and space for your guests to hang clothes, put their toiletries somewhere, do their make-up and generally freshen up.

bathroom storage space

shelving for towels

bathroom towel space

green bathroom shelving space

Thanks for reading!


Living Room Small Interiors

Got a small sitting room? Here are 5 big idea tips for decorating

simplistic sitting room grey couch

Tip No. 1 Don’t fall into the trap of working to the “rules”. There are no real hard and fast ones when decorating a small sitting room!

A small sitting room, or living room as you may prefer to call it, will of course at your stage in life, serve many functions. You may, like me, have just fled the proverbial nests of my youth and are the proud renter of a fabulous space that you are now calling home. Now you want to get some ideas on how to decorate it on your very limited budget and use some of the hand-me-downs and odds and ends that you have collected. I still have an old municipal workers chair that I bought for $5 when I was at university. I love it and it will travel with me always, even when I move into my castle. No decorator or partner will ever convince me to get rid of it. It was my first purchase and will remain so. Proudly. Trust me, a limited budget is a reality for a quite a while. But that does not mean you can’t make the sitting room, or any other room look good.
Fear not. Help is at hand.

Tip no.2 Focus on the purpose of the room. Of course, it needs to be functional, but that does not mean it should be like sitting in a factory.

Yes, my friends, there is a purpose to all rooms, whether they are large or small. So in your case, you want to use the small sitting room as a sitting room. Good, we’ve established something. It is the centerpiece of your home. Treat it as such.

open concept modern sitting room

Tip no.3 In order to maximize the small space, focus on the necessary items you need in the small living room.

This will be something to sit on. A comfy sofa or a few occasional chairs. You need a place to put things on – so a coffee table is a must. If you can’t fit a coffee table in, then try and find small side tables like the ones below that will suffice in literally, putting your coffee mug on, or glass. And I would say the other “staple” is a wall feature where you can store books and put that ugly TV. Furthermore, if you want to make your living room space more personal to you then getting things like family art, where you can make Portraits from Your Photos should make the living room space much more special for you and your family. These elements add a warm and comfortable feeling to your home where your family can enjoy all the fond memories that you have experienced over the years.

You can also find decor inspiration and advice a-plenty on blogs like, which you might find useful. Focus on what will fit into the space and then select the rest of the furniture accordingly.

small simple space

Tip no.4 Be clever in your accessorizing. This includes color.

open concept sitting area
The automatic response to questioning yourself about “What Color?”, is to say neutral. Well, that does not necessarily have to be the case. You can be a bold, small space dweller! Remember there are no real rules. Do what makes you feel good. If you love a pale peachy color on the wall, then do it. If you decide that grey is the way, then do that.
The trick is not to go overboard with either the neutral or the bold, or the pale, or the stripe. You can’t afford to, remember it is a small space and you need to color accordingly.

Tip no.5 Thinking budget – swap the small items on a regular basis to give a fresh look

If you were to go neutral on your bigger pieces of furniture, then you can cleverly do the bold statement on the accessories; cushions, rugs, lamp colors, artwork, etc. If you are opting for artwork, do put some thought into the kind you want to get. You can look through the website of art collectors like Charles Saatchi and develop your own idea of what will work well for your living room. Finding the perfect art that goes with your taste, budget and your room might feel exhausting. But, trust me, it’s not that hard. If not art, you can look for lighting styles. For example, these Neon Mama Japanese style lights will really add some color to your room. However, when you are tired of those you can change them without breaking your bank account. If you want your sofa to be a big bold design, then in order for the overall decor not to fight for attention, minimize the rest of the decor pieces in the room. Overboard is not the look you want. In this room, with the neutral grays and natural wood cabinetry, a feeling of cohesiveness in the small room is achieved. With the addition of the bold cushions and splash of turquoise in the accessories, the room does not feel overpowered by anything.

sitting room with grey focus wall
I will be back with more – living in small spaces ideas.
Cheers for now.

Small Interiors

Small Apartment Décor Tips and Advice for First-Time Renters!

Moved into your first apartment? How exciting. And overwhelming! Here are some small room decor ideas to get you off on the right foot! A new environment, a new home and a daunting thought of decorating it. If you’re still looking for your ideal first apartment, maybe this Apartment Guide will help you find somewhere perfect for you.

If you are anything like me, I went a little crazy to start off with. I wanted everything, and I wanted it now. From getting all of my rooms filled with furniture, to looking at electric companies like Frontier Utilities, so I could have a better understanding of the different electricity rates that are out there to help make my house a home, I wanted it all straightaway. These are important things to get sorted as soon as possible you know. Well, actually, that was a bit silly to start off with. Nobody starts off in their new home sweet home, having everything all at once. Unless of course, you are a superstar, have inherited a small fortune, or have a surname that begins with a K and ends with a shian.

No, us mere mortals who have to pay the rent, and the transport costs back and forth to work, the utility bills, and feed ourselves, do not have the cash to splash. We have to work it. And we have to make it all come out in our small little budgets. Credit can give our budgets a bit of a boost when we need it most. Those looking to apply for credit may find Lending Expert’s free credit report a useful resource.
But, trust me, I am 100% sure that one day we will look back and say that this will be one of the most fun part of our lives.

These are some of the tips that I followed in budget management and decorating my first apartment a few years ago.

Tip # 101 Have fun.

But remember that what you buy today could be something that you want to keep forever.
After all – when you live in your castle in your mid 40’s you will be taking life a little more seriously. Surely? I often look back at my parents’ stuff and think – surely they are going to get rid of that old bookcase at some stage? Memories are made of collections.
So start your collection with memories in mind. Don’t think I will trash this one day. Rather think along the lines of “my kids will treasure this as I will.” That will make you think twice about buying something on the spur of the moment.
When it comes to furniture, think longer-term.

modern living room colourful paintings

Tip # 102 Plan what you want to buy.

A few articles of furniture are all you need in the beginning. Friends and family will be happy to pass on pieces they no longer use and your aim should be to search through second-hand shops and flea markets. I have found some amazing pieces in my local “junk” shop. A lick of paint, as I say so often, is sometimes all that is required to turn a piece of junk into a creative talking piece.
Accumulate cleverly and you will save money. I bought my first dining room table after 3 years of saving. And if I had bought the first one I liked, I know that it would not be in my home now. It was not what I would want today.
You have to make it work for tomorrow too.

vintage chair and dresser

single red lamp in empty living room

Tip # 103 Accessorise your new home only once you have the bones in place

Wait until you have settled a bit in your new apartment. It is a small space so over doing it with inexpensive accessories will waste money. When you have all the furniture pieces in place; some new, some hand-me-downs and some that you have spruced up, then look for the accessories that will turn the space into what you want.

girl laying on white couch

minimalist living room

I will be back!
Cheers Jess

Bathroom Small Interiors

Small Bathroom to Glam Room with These 5 Color Tips

Thinking about repainting your small bathroom this Spring? It is all about enrichment – and a Pop of Color can do the trick. If you page through tile catalogues you will see that the neutrals and naturals are in vogue. You could even talk to a Bathroom Remodeling Service if you’re stuck! Well, that is a relief. I remember my parents’ home where avocado green was the order of the day. Please no. Perhaps a splash of the color on the walls would be acceptable, but certainly not for the bath, the basin and the toilet.

Too much of one thing is not on and certainly not IN! The only thing that should be in abundance is cleanliness and along with this style. Yes, you can. Small bathrooms, can have style. Adding colour will add some pizzazz. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1.Clever and Creative use of Paint – and then build on from your selection

This is the easiest way to start my friends. Go off and seek the colors that you love. Hone it down to a few colors only. You have to control yourself here. Love the lime green, but darn the yellows are fab. But hang on, wouldn’t porcelain blue be great. I can hear you muttering this.

The easiest is to go white/neutral and be done with it. But you know, as well as I a dash of color adds a great deal of personality to a room.

Paint is relatively inexpensive so start here. All things follow from this.
This idea of having wainscoting in blue contrasts beautifully with the rest of the white bathroom. It is relaxing and adds a sense of depth to the room.

bathroom with white and violet color theme

2.Establish what you want on the walls and where.

Make of list of what you have, what can go and what needs to be updated. Then decide on the finishings.

For example, if you know you want a large black medicine cabinet, shop around and find the perfect one for your bathroom. If you need more information, websites like may be able to help you out.

Generally speaking, during this stage of a bathroom remodel, it is also beneficial to contact a plumber to work out any necessary changes to your plumbing and heating that can be made to accommodate your plans. For example, a plumber can help to locate the best possible location for your boiler. Accordingly, you can learn more about the different services that a plumbing and HVAC specialist can provide here:

3.Tiles in all shapes, sizes and colours.

I am personally not in favour of tiling the entire bathroom. In some instances, it works, but in most I feel that it can be a bit stark. Your decision.

Rather use colored tiles to focus on sections of the bathroom if you can.

This cleverly tiled bathroom gives the impression that the window is larger than it actually is through the use of a different color. Note the lovely color accents in the pink towel along with the natural greenery. It is peaceful, but yes still has a punch to it.

bathroom with light tan colour theme

bathroom with violet colour theme

Bathroom with green colour theme
Select the mauve and pinks or the lime green shades. Note some areas are not tiled and by incorporating three types of tiles your eye is drawn upwards to make the bathroom look more spacious. Colored mosaics along with a textured similar coloured tile adds interest and depth. The white floor tiles also add to enlarging the small bathroom.

4.Wallpaper is scrumptiously luxurious

The problem is choosing it. So many beautiful designs lead to indecision; very often this leads to ignoring it. Trust me I know. My rule of thumb – look through the range and select the one you keep going back to. Just like the paint color, you then work around that design.

Bathroom wallpaper with beautiful gold accents

Photo: Veneer Designs

This beautiful wallpaper is accentuated with gold trimmings on the mirror and lights and gives a very glamorous look. Simply some paper on the wall and a touch of bling. Not difficult to achieve.

5.Use color splashes in other areas

Towels and bathmats are the best kept non-secret when it comes to adding Pops of Color. This grey and white bathroom has been glammed up with purple accessories. Heck, when you are tired of purple, change the towels.

Small bathroom with purple accents

Overall, it’s not only the colours you decide to paint on your walls, or which tiles or wallpaper you choose to add, it’s also ensuring that the utilities in your bathroom all actually work properly and it’s not just about the aesthetics. So, before you start anything, make sure your shower works correctly, the tap runs hot/cold water as it should, and ensure your drains aren’t clogged and are all cleared out! If you encounter any of these issues beforehand, then it’s best to visit a local plumber to get these fixed as soon as possible. This way, you can get onto styling your bathroom as you wish. As for this, there is lots more to come!


Kitchen Small Interiors

Want a Country Kitchen Makeover? Easy as Pie

Five simple country kitchen ideas to help you achieve the Country Kitchen Look without breaking your budget

We all love the thought of a simple country kitchen and the lovely connotations it brings to mind. The smell of home baked bread, coffee brewing, Grandma’s chutneys displayed, and the cosiness of an open fire. The large family kitchen table, where meal after delicious meal is served and the sound of laughter is in the air. And of course under the table is the heirloom rug. Here are some great ideas to get you going.

Dream on my friends – nothing wrong with that.

But reality can be painful. Your kitchen may look like it is beyond organization, getting help from remodelling agencies like Kitchen Wise for kitchen organization in Frisco might be your last resort. Such companies can de clutter the chaos in your cabinets, and other hard-to-reach places in your kitchen. If you do not have any organizational problem, lets try to make your kitchen space for good-looking! So, here are some tips on how to brighten up your kitchen and turn it into a more countrified style. Even with limited space, there are tricks to making the room look great.

Remember a little thought and cash can go a long way if you follow some of these simple kitchen trade secrets that I have learnt.

1.Expose it all

One of the trademark looks for a cottage style country kitchen, is open shelving where everything is on display. It is really simple to open up your shelving by removing the doors and painting the cabinet in a distressed look.

Then go featherbed and get your beautiful crockery and some collectables out there. Add a dash of greenery and Mr Denver is your uncle!

Ikea country kitchen with accents

2.Mix but don’t necessarily match

Grandma’s stuff with modern – is the look. Include some junk-shop or second hand finds with up to date touches. Some people like to include the best domino hobs as their up to date touches so they can have fantastic modern utilities with classic stylings all around. Use colour in contrasting hues, paint techniques on the cabinets and when you can add some wallpaper that has a distinctive countrified feel. Cosiness and heritage is what you are looking for. A little old drama along with the trendy kitchen equipment you have will give the space a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

3.Blackboard a wall

It is easy to paint one of your walls or even the backsplash of the hob in chalkboard paint which can then be used to keep your shopping lists and things to do lists. It is inexpensive and adds a sense of fun to the room. If you’re not keen on the dark tones of the chalk paint, you could check out Writey. You can create a whiteboard wall to keep track of your lists, nothing too serious – unless of course you want to right down the rules of your country kitchen for others to take note.

Kitchen with blackboard wall

4.Display canisters and jars

Yes, you can pretend that you made all those jams and condiments and you carefully labelled them. It is a clever way of taking the modern out of the kitchen and adding some character. I particularly like old enamel ware and use it often as vases, or places to keep something pretty.

country canisters and jars

Kitchen dishware

5. Original brick

Think farmyard and old heritage building techniques. The first thing that comes to mind is exposed, non-plastered brick. If you cannot chip away your wall rendering, then find a wallpaper that is open brick, stone, wood, or even rock. Wallpaper can be expensive, but make sure that you are only covering a small section and it won’t break your piggy bank.

Thanks for reading!

– Jess