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Loft Living – Two Completely Different Examples of How to Style Your Loft

This first example is referred to as a Treehouse Design

small living room with blue focal wall

dining room loft

And it is in Hong Kong – space there, as you know is at a serious premium. A local firm of designers and architects, NCDA cleverly overhauled this space into a cozy bedroom level suspended above the main living area.

This is what can be done in 34 sq. meters – it is WOW, to say the least.

living room with wooden ceiling finish

Loft bedroom above dining room.

It originally consisted of one floor and was a simple conventional layout.

With 3-meter-high ceilings, NCDA ingeniously removed the internal wall and built a bedroom into a new upper level.

The kitchen is set alongside the open living area which encompasses a small lounge as well as a dining area.

Loft bedroom design

small dining room with textured

The whole space exudes a natural warmth. The enchanting dark blue on the walls contrasts with the surrounding outside greenery of the forest. And the use of textured terracotta tiles adds to this natural feeling inside.

The mezzanine level, designed to feel as though it is suspended in space, is enclosed by a patterned wooden screen. The bedroom is only 4 sq. meters but it works. Just enough space to feel as though you are sleeping in a treehouse.

Treehouse loft

The second example is a beautifully designed loft in Paris

Small living room design.

patio decor

The floor plan of this apartment is surprisingly compact – but who would have thought this?

The large windows and fantastic high ceilings allowed for a hidden bedroom to be built on a platform that forms the loft. The main objective here was to ensure that as little as possible hinder the urban view.

contemporary living room design

A cantilevered staircase goes up to the loft and the clever use of a yellowed metal mesh turns the whole contraption into an aesthetically pleasing design feature.

small modern kitchen table

living room loft view

small modern bedroom design

Not only does the loft house the bedroom it also allows for a super library and study area.

small office desk on large full wall window

Modern touches in the kitchen and open shelving create a space that comes across as being larger than it actually is.

small office space decor

classic kitchen design

If you have high ceilings the moral of the story is to go up! Up and away.

classic kitchen with modern decor

I will be back with more inspired ideas for loft type living – as I am enthralled as to how impressive they can be.

Cheers for now.

Small Interiors

How to Decorate in a Minimalist Style

53 sq. metres in Paris is I suppose, to a Parisian, a fair sized apartment.

Small kitchen with hidden pantry doors.

But to me, it is pretty small. This one in Paris was designed by Kid-A (Play Architecture). This team of highly creative architects call themselves baby architects; not because of age, but rather because of their yearning for curiosity and naivety in an art sense.

This example of their work is called “15 Doors” because 15 doors were created in an abstract geometrical design within this small apartment. They are composed of white panels with oak handles randomly placed on each of the doors; a piece of art in themselves.

All very cool and innovative – but for a purpose

Small kitchen minimalist design with hidden bathroom pantry

The custom-made pivot doors open to the bedroom and bathroom and to various storage spaces. The bathroom shower has natural light filtered by gradient textured glass. The faucets and fixtures installed are of top quality and adhere to the rules of minimalism. Probably, it was done by professionals like Steve’s Plumbing (if you are interested, then you can also try Steve’s Plumbing, LLC for witnessing skilled craftsmanship of this nature).

small minimalist kitchen with hidden pantry doors

minimalist kitchen pantry.

Small dining room decor open concept kitchen dining

Again – geometry plays a big role

Not only are the cupboard doors artworks in themselves – the simple shelving is fabulous. It goes against the norm, creating a focal point of interest and intrigue.
Small dining room decor shelving

Simple clean lines – a very minimalist approach

small minimalist kitchen

Small kitchen island with seating

Small bathroom vanity.

Small bathroom white and grey colour schemeSmall bathroom shower

And here it all is wrapped up in simplicity

Apartment layout scheme
Remember that minimalism is not about having less but rather it’s about making room for more of what matters. Be it a kitchen or a bathroom, a minimalist design can decorate every indoor space beautifully. But remember that achieving complete minimal transformation depends on the knowledge and expertise of designers and executors. Particularly, the work of a plumber and an electrician can bring the design alive. So, it would be prudent to source service technicians who are well versed with this type of work. Take for example, Dependable Rooter & Plumbing ( who are known to provide plumbing services that can act as a foundation for all the secondary tasks. Sometimes we forget about these primary jobs. Make sure that things like these are done properly and hopefully, you cannot go wrong!

Small Interiors

Contemporary Madrid Apartment with an Eclectic Bejewelled Style

A jewel of an apartment

Small eclectic living room

Contemporary liing room with black and white checkered floor.

This sophisticated apartment was designed by the Architect Mafalda Riveiro Gozálvez. She is a researcher in the Architectural Ideology department of the Technical School of Architecture in Madrid. This fabulous apartment is part of a 19th-century building in Madrid, Spain.

The use of vibrant colours that give it the jewelled look is inspirational. I don’t know about you, but on first seeing this magnificent design, my eyes were drawn all over to the little gems that add to the sophistication of her classic design.

Sitting room with full wall book shelf.

The charm of the past with modern features

I so love checkerboard flooring. It is one of my favourites. Gozálvez cleverly added a grey slate frame to the checkers; updating a classic look with a modern twist and somehow this works as a demarcation in the room, almost as if the checkers were a large rug.

The slate grey is then continued into the dining area.

Adding a Zebra skin under the glass library table is very unusual. The patterned black and white theme runs not only on the floor but in some of the upholstery and then to really get your eyes in a geometric muddle the Zebra skin. And it works!

Sitting room with eclectic decor and full wall book shelf.

Fifties armchairs, vintage lamps and unique details

The whole space is like an interesting curio shop or museum. I feel as it if could spend a long time here soaking in the lovely details and examining the eclectic collection of artworks, books, vases and general stuff. It is not cold though – it is inviting and has a huge amount of character.

Why not have every chair in a different colour?

I have often wanted to do this as I can never decide on exactly which upholstery fabric that I like best in a collection. Not enough courage to take the bull by the horns and just do it. It works so well in this small apartment.

colourful dining room apartment decor.

Bright orange walls and pop art in the kitchen

Personally, I would not have chosen orange. But then I don’t live in Madrid – home of the orange. I think the pop art wall covering is great and fits in the with black Smeg fridge and white tiling around the sink area.

If you run out of money re-decorating – you can always find some inexpensive posters to paste on the walls – they certainly add a lift to any space. And when you tire of them – replace them.

Colourful eclectic kitchen decor.

Colourful and modern bedroom.

Classic traditional bathroom decor

If there is one thing you take out of this example of eclectic decorating I hope it is that you can use lots of colour and get away with it. The black and white pallet chosen for the floors and walls allows for this.

Small Interiors

Just the Right Amount of Space – in a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Front walkway in small home.

Home pool in front of house

I am back down-under in Melbourne, Australia again. With yet another Andrew Maynard (W*90 Architects’ Directory) innovation. This time it is his THAT House which won the Australian Residential Architecture Award in 2016.

The client asked Maynard to design a home that had ‘just the right amount of space’. He went about it by creating large openings and generous connections to the garden. The objective was to make this modest sized house feel both abundant and broad.

The outcome was stupendous although it is about half the size of the old fashioned neighboring homes and livability (not really a word), was not compromised.

small entryway with geometric wall cut-out

Going against the grain – the use of Upward Blinds

Most homes in Australia are kept secret behind walls and gardens. This one is transparent – but is able to adapt to privacy needs. Upward blinds were installed instead of downward ones to ensure that privacy was maintained, but at the same time allowing for openness when required. The home had custom blinds to fit the elongated window shape too.

This is an interesting point as many of us are blind to the fact that downward blinds tend to be constantly down. An upward blind provides you to cut out what you don’t want to see and gives you control over all levels of privacy and light into each space.

Small office space decor

Small office space design with large windows

Living room with doorway to the washroom

closed hidden door.

small living room with grey couch

Alone but together

Maynard cleverly designs around this statement. His aim is to have secluded spaces within shared spaces and this home personifies this. Landscaping also plays a crucial part in creating the right look and feel in the outdoors as well as indoors. Local Australian companies such as Vorstman Construction ( can help provide professional services.

Inside, the arrangement of the spaces in this home allows the owners to be secluded or together – whatever or whenever they need to be. Someone can be working in the study, whilst another watches TV and another is in the kitchen. It is a large shared area, but not open-plan.

A very clever concept and one that most trends run against these days. The owners can be engaged or removed as much as they care to. (Would suit me down to the ground, thank you!)

Living room with grey couches and wood finished walls

Modern stairway

Modern kitchen with stairway

Kitchen island with seating white colour scheme

Outdoor patio with garden

I love it. Hope you find some great ideas here as I have.

The overriding take-out of this is how much space do you need and what is the best configuration to have to ensure a balance between privacy and togetherness?
Nothing wrong with being able to escape – me thinks.

Small Interiors

How to Tastefully Decorate a Small Studio Apartment

Delightful student accommodation

small bachelor pad bedroom

small bachelor pad with wood stove

I would have loved one of these during my student days. To be fair, I don’t think I would have been allowed to be a tenant in this place! I had no credit score back then so I would have had to look for any available apartments with no credit check to be accepted anywhere. Some people just get lucky with where they end up for accommodation. Clearly, this student has landed in the prime location and in such a charming studio apartment must surely be as happy as a lark! I remember a friend of mine visiting places like this coliving san francisco apartment rental and being stunned at how amazing these places looked.

I discovered this pad whilst searching for small apartments around the world. A group of real estate agents called Alvhemcaught my attention in that their properties seem to all be superbly situated and at the same time beautifully renovated.

Their focus and passion lie in buildings from 1880 to 1930´s, in the central parts of Gothenburg, Sweden. They are renowned for tying up great decorators and designers to assist them in marketing their properties.
This one took my fancy. Oh for the good old student days! I studied Art at university so I would have had a little workshop room here. I can just imagine my shelves and cabinets with lots of magnetic labels stuck on the front of them. Paint would be everywhere and the room would just be chaos! But the apartment is truly beautiful!

small bachelor pad studio with separate kitchen

High ceilings are a gift from heaven

The first thing that strikes you about this apartment is the high ceiling – a complete gem of an architectural aspect in my opinion (and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this – these luxury apartments los angeles boast vaulted ceilings… although size-wise, they are obviously much more substantial than the small apartments that we’re focusing on here). For me, every architect or designer/developer who insists on saving costs with low ceilings should be sent to hell. Perhaps not though as some of us will re-encounter them again! Somewhere out of the picture anyway.
This ceiling is 3 meters high! What a difference it makes to a small space.

small studio apartment living room with balcony

A classic-profile Ikea kitchen was installed.

Remember that Sweden is home to this fabulous company.

The Kingdom of Furniture, as the Swedes refer to it is based around the town of Lammhult in Småland. The area is the center of the Swedish furniture design industry. This is where world famous furniture design names like Bruno Mathsson International, Svenssons, Källemo and Abstracta are located.

If you are into Swedish furniture, then do yourself a favor and do some research in and around this area.

small bachelor pad kitchen with grey cabinetry

Studio bachelor pad bedroom single bed

Small bachelor pad wood stove

The stylish mix of grey and white tones give a contemporary feel to the home.

Small living room bachelor pad with grey couch and white colour scheme.

Small kitchen with white colour scheme and modern fixtures

The charm of the old preserved tiled stove

small bachelor pad studio with separate kitchen

Small kitchen shelving and fixtures

This is a classic stove in Sweden – and the lovely wooden flooring along with the small balcony make this place a charming small apartment.

Modern appliances and subway tiles.

Small kitchen with white tile back splash and grey cabinetry

The little balcony is a treasure to have

It adds a new room to the apartment and is a great place to overlook the goings on outside.

small bachelor pad balcony furnature

Bachelor pad outside view

Next time you see an old ladder – pick it up and use it

Small bathroom with old ladder used as shelving

The total area is about 32 sq. metres.

Bachelor pad floor plan

Hope that this inspired you to greater heights? Simple, charming and fresh. And all done in a small space.

Small Interiors

50 Sq. Metre Redesigned Loft Apartment Opens Up Its Friendly Face

This tiny 50 sq. meter apartment in Taipei, Taiwan was given a complete overhaul by a group of designers based in the city called A’Lentil Design. They managed to transform a miserable, boring space into a more open and airy one bedroomed apartment and to top it all they added a loft.

Small living room open concept apartment

Lift a loft if you can

Why not. It adds a spare bedroom.Yes, it is up some steep stairs – but hey that is better than having your overnight guests spend a miserable evening on your tiny couch.

Shells don’t often change

Although the shell remained unchanged, these clever designers were able to turn every nook and cranny into something meaningful and useful.

Open within

small hallway with pink colour scheme

A few interior walls were taken down and by simply opening up the space the whole area looks so much bigger. This is the overall strategy in all small spaces – you can’t go beyond, you have to stay within, so may as well work the space within to its maximum.

Light and airy, bright and breezy

The most important objective was to bring more light into the apartment. One way of doing this was to use a transparent shut-off door between the bedroom and the living area.

Small kitchen area for two

Small living room area.

Walls, floors, cupboards, and doors

The use of one type of wood and similar color throughout gives the space a sense of unity and openness. There is a delightful amount of floor space – not often found in small apartments! And this is because the décor was kept to a minimum and only essential pieces have been placed within each room. No clutter, please.

Small and steep stairwell.

schematic of a small apartment

small kitchen for two

Stairs with privacy door.

Spare bedroom loft.

Elevate the bed

This is a good way of creating a different perspective to a room and it adds some storage space. Mission accomplished.

Glass partitioning doors

Open concept living room

I think this is a pretty cool apartment and just goes to show what can be done in a small space.

I am following these designers – I think they have what it takes. Simplicity, yet style.

Small Interiors

Cleverly Refurbished Small Apartment – Kitchen to Bedroom and Bedroom to Sitting and Kitchen

Kvarteret Mäkleri is a superior real estate brokerage service offered in Gothenburg, Sweden and I stumbled upon them whilst researching beautiful small interiors around the world.

Small modern kitchen with patterned backsplash design

I think this charming small apartment has been restored not only with meticulous precision but also has been done in keeping with the area in which it is situated; a prestigious suburb with lots of class and style.

The designers and suppliers of all that went into this apartment were all sourced locally – and I think they have done a superb job.
Take a look for yourself.

Small kitchen cupboard design with minimal elements

Small living room design with classic traditional decor

The first thing that was done by the designer was to swap the kitchen with the living room so that a multifunctional space could be created.

Don’t be hemmed in by what you find – the lesson here is that rooms can be swapped around and this goes to show how it can be done with great style.

The old kitchen was turned into the bedroom. A lovely rustic wall was built and it adds to the charm of the place. You can always get this effect using wall paper instead of actually using old bricks. Whatever way – it adds a lovely textured effect to the space.
Small classic old fridge.

Small square kitchen table and decor

Small master bedroom with exposed brick focal wall

Small bedroom with modern ceiling light fixture

Simplicity at its best – but with an attention to detail.

Small bedside table with decor
A warm cozy entrance wall papered in a classic look – add an antique chandelier and the results speak for themselves.

Hallway patterned wall paper

hallway small bathroom entranceway

Of course being in Sweden the floors are simply fabulous. They were sanded down to get the original patina and they give the whole space a lovely warm and light feeling.

Small leather couch in living room

White bathroom colour scheme
An apartment with a view – the two small balconies add a huge amount of atmosphere to the small apartment. pretty window boxes complete the picture.

You can get the gist – although in Swedish – you can see where the bedroom used to be and how cleverly it was turned around to maximise on light and the view of the garden.

Have you thought about how you can use your entire space better? Thinking out the box of wall constraints can sometimes lead to the answer.

Small Interiors

How to convert a Stable into a Modern Residential Loft. Oh, and it is in Paris.

On one of my recent trips around the world – yes, only in cyberspace do I travel, I discovered a site that rents and sells property in France.

Open concept kitchen with table island
So if my dears, you are interested in buying a property in France, this site is for you. It is Espaces Atypiques and they specialize in refurbished architectural/designer homes.

If on the other hand, you are not into the French property market at this moment in time (perhaps los angeles real estate is more to your area), but rather wanting to search for ideas for the refurbishment of your home, then these examples are just up your alley. If you’re wanting to sell your home, or perhaps looking into profiting off your own property by renting it out (you’ll need a rental property analysis for this; check out Roofstock for more information), refurbishing is also a good idea for increased income. I know a lot of people who are selling a property are put off refurbishing it as they feel that is money they could have spent on their new house. However, it is important to remember that refurbishing your property will add extra value to the price of it and if you do things carefully, it will amount added to the value of the property will be more than what you spend on the refurbishment, meaning you will make some profit. If you need some money to cover the price of the refurbishment or for your new property whilst you wait for your current one to sell, you could always take out a bridging loan. This bridging loan calculator will help to get you the best bridging loan possible.

I hope you find this property inspirational.

Front entrance way with large planters and vines around the entrance way

Open concept kitchen living room with large metal staircase.

This is an example of how you can transform a 18th-century stable into a spacious residential home.

This one is near Paris and I simply have to have it!

What I like most about the refurbishment is that many of the rustic elements of the original stable have been preserved to retain the original character. In my book, if you have “original character” then do whatever it takes to ensure that as much as possible is kept.

If there is no “original character” then you have to develop it yourself according to your tastes and personality. That is more difficult, as we know.

Large kitchen island with modern bar stools

Wrap around kitchen island bar
The stone walls and wood beams are simply majestic. The clever incorporation of an industrial type look adds a modern touch; the steel beams, the glass floor adding light to the wine cellar, the contemporary furniture all add to the character.

Inside large kitchen bar

Natural light through large industrial type windows and glass floor allows light to shine into every level of the home.

Large dining room table.

Large dining room table with large wall shelving Large metal stairwell.

Open living room loft with cow hide rug.

I think it is fabulous and I hope you do too. If you can’t do it all, at least build a wine cellar like this.

Bye for now.

Small Interiors

How to Create the “Wow Factor” in a Narrow 80 Sq. Metre Apartment

This is again the brilliance of Israeli designer Yael Perry.

Open concept living room with white and grey colour scheme.

Small kitchen with minimal wall shelving

The apartment, in Tel Aviv, was and still is very narrow – only 19 metres in length and just 3.7 metres wide, but Perry along with fellow designer Dafna Gravinsky and architect Amir Navon managed to turn it into something quite remarkable.

They wanted to create an airy, cool and minimalist space, but at the same time, they were adamant in punctuating the apartment with out of the ordinary features such as metal grid shelving, protruding lights, glass walls, concrete-type floors, protruding lights and bespoke furniture.

Floor plan narrow home

Small living room with separate lounge chairs

They began with a division of the elongated apartment into a grid floor plan and from this, each of the rooms was divided off.

Minimal wall shelving

This grid became an integral part of the overall project and is apparent throughout the home in the furniture that was custom made, as well as the lighting and styling and is even carried through to the bathroom tiles.

Each feature has its place within the grid. Nothing overlaps and clutter is kept to a minimum.

You cannot have an overstuffed narrow passage!

The shelves that run along the wall are 8 metres long, but they do not overpower the room as they are thin and made of a powder coated light steel material. They blend in and add interest to what could easily have been a long passage way.

The custom-designed modular sofas provide a mixture of seating permutations and the three marble tables in between the couches are also easily moveable.

Small kitchen with minimal wall shelving

Small breakfast nook on balcony

Two en-suite bedrooms were fitted behind the open plan living space which culminates in a small outdoor terrace. This allows light in and the flow of air.

Small master bedroom with ensuite

Master bedroom ensuite

small bathroom black and white decor

Narrow bathroom design

A clever design with flexibility in mind.

There you go – a narrow passage of a space renovated into a “Wow” apartment.

Yes, it can be done!

Small Interiors

Cool and Contemporary with Unexpected Colour Accents – How to Create a Fresh Style

Muted is okay, but add some flashes of colour for freshness

playful child's room

I recently came across this Tel Aviv based designer and I am loving her work. Yeal Perry is a contemporary interior designer who gets her inspiration from research and observation of her surroundings.

This apartment is Israel that she designed with such flair was for a young couple about to embark on parenthood. She decided to add touches of colour throughout and fabulously interesting geometric shapes on the walls.

How simply innovative and creative is that – and at minimal expense and effort.

The result is an unexpected delight – an apartment with muted shades of grey and blue and then wham some brightly coloured accents in small pieces of furniture and lighting along with orange office accessories. If you want to check out some more office accessories or furniture, you can always check out Versare and see what you can find there.

So, yes – this basic palette is not uncommon these days, but to add interest and some personality add in your own favourite colours in small amounts and see the results.

Livingroom partition

Need some artwork on your walls – think geometry

The oversized geometric diamond, square and rectangular shapes were painted in contrasting shades to the walls to counteract the stripped-back colour in the overall scheme in the apartment.

Instead of hanging artwork on the walls these shapes can then become art in themselves. Try it – I think it is brilliant.

creative geometric artwork

To ensure this theme is echoed throughout – add similar details to the accessories

Note the super black and white patterned rug and the table ware that is subtly geometric. You can also do this in the tiling in bathroom and in the linen you choose for your bedding.

Livingroom with grey sectional couch

To get an industrial look – add a concrete feature wall

Note how she included a concrete wall in the living area – this adds texture and depth to a room. Another super idea is to paint a room, in this case, the entrance, in black so that it transforms into a blackboard for guests and yourself to test your creative skills.

Fun and different.

Open concept living room dining room.

Lighting is for illumination in all its aspects

Perry designed the lighting specifically for the space. As you can tell from the stunning images throughout this post, the bespoke lighting that she installed is truly unique. You don’t necessarily have to go to these lengths, but you do need to realize that lighting is a very important aspect of your décor.

Moreover, her oversized light bulbs on red cables and crisscrossed designs are indeed pieces of artwork in themselves. Whilst these lights really complement the design of this house, they might not fit in as well in some other homes. These days, there are so many different types of interior lighting, so homeowners will be able to find some that they like.

For example, recently, a lot of homeowners with modern homes have been installing square sconce lighting. Those lights usually work with most contemporary designs, so they should look natural in most homes. Ultimately, it’s important that homeowners find the perfect lights for their homes. This means that the lighting has to fit in with the interior of the home.

That being said, if you are considering installing new lights in your home, then it is strongly recommended that you reach out to an experienced electrician. Above all, an electrician can help you to find the best location for your lights and any necessary wiring, while at the same time making sure that everything works perfectly. To learn more about how an electrician can help with the lighting in your home, take a look at some of the resources available via Home Team Electric on their website.

Playful hanging lights.

Is it out-of-the-box thinking or simply creating clever spaces within the box?

small bedroom with ensuite

small bedroom with creative box decor

small office space

You decide. Either way, it is inspiring, you have to admit.

I will be back with more from this amazing designer.

Cheers for now.

Small Interiors

An Amazing Apartment Transformation. The Before and After.

From 1935 shabby to 2017 Chic

Traditional livingroom design

This old apartment was recently renovated by the well known interior design firm based in New York called McGrath II. Designers Suzanne and Lauren McGrath’s approach to residential design combines both modern and traditional influences.
I would call these very clever designers curators and this example of their work shows just how fresh their approach is and how by using the best materials they were able to create a beautiful home that has both two very important ingredients; comfort and longevity.

Before: The kitchen was narrow and dingy

Narrow kitchen

After: a wall was taken out and the kitchen was turned into a fab modern space. Note the lovely flooring. Open shelving is generally great I believe, but it is more for the discerning person who likes to curate the spaces. If not and you are a clutter freak – close the shelving.

Kitchen remodel

Before: The wall separating the living and dining rooms blocked the light and closed the space making entertaining uncomfortable.

empty living room with dividing wall

After: Introducing the “comfortable” factor. A custom-made sofa and chairs were upholstered in neutral tones. Subtle hints of colour were brought in to add texture and interest.

Traditional livingroom design

The lack of overhead lighting was solved with using small standing lamps as task lighting and picture lights on top of the bookcases added ambient light. Lots of lamps give it a warm and comforting atmosphere.

After: A cluster of art work gives a contemporary feel to the space.

Hallway desk decor

After: Leaning art work gives an “eclectic” feel to the bookshelf.

small bookcase living room.

Before: The dining room had a few nice architectural details, but the room lacked storage.

After: built-in shelves, fraternal twins to those in the living room were built. Note the fabulous floor details again. The oak herringbone floor is a piece of art in itself.

dining room shelving

After: a nicely curated corner with a beautiful piece of art work and double sconce lighting adds character.

liquor and art

Before: The cloak room was a cramped laundry room.

before laundry room

After: fantastically detailed black and white wall paper and modern fixtures completely transformed the room.

modern bathroom

Before: The master bedroom was more stark and outdated.

After: the outdated curved walls were straightened to enable the bed to be in front of the windows (not often do I recommend this or even like it, but it works in this room.) Note the cleverly designed low head board, yet high pedestals.
The lovely soothing pale blue walls along with cream and grey accessories make the room soft and inviting.

master bedroom traditional

There you go – a before and after transformation. Perhaps if you are looking to renovate, the best start is to take photos of each of your rooms, take the dimensions and work out a cohesive plan as to how best to begin, with the end in mind.
A decorator will help guide you. But with lots of ideas from your searches – you are probably the best person for the job! Take courage and make the leap!

Small Interiors

A Light Infused Compact 60 Sq. Metre Two-Storey Apartment in Milan

This is how you can turn a 60 sq. meter apartment into a livable and workable home with style

Italian architecture firm +R Piuerre converted this space in 2015 for a young professional working from home. It was a dental practice and this firm cleverly transformed it into a super-efficient home in Milan.

small living room modern staircase

Their objective was to use as much natural light as possible and they most certainly achieved this.

Well, clearly it can be achieved – this is how they did it…

modern frameless staircase

On the lower floor is a lounge and kitchen/dining room and on the top floor is a bedroom and office. Who would have thought you could all this into such a small space.

White modern staircase.

The restricted space meant that visual tricks needed to be incorporated to open up the rooms and the use of clever storage formats were used to maximise what room there was.

small living room grey decor

To make the narrow, dingy entrance more open, a horizontal mirrored strip was added opposite the wood wall paper.
An ingenious idea – coat hooks attached to the wall on the knots of the trees. Camouflage at its best.

Forest wallpaper.Entryway coat hookSmall kitchen design with yellow accents

The dining table, made from layered wooden panels and supported by two movable trellises, allows the table to be easily moved around according to the configuration needed. The yellow narrow counter next to the sink flows into a seating bench.

Kitchen yellow accents

Small office space decor

The office space and bedroom – which was the attic – are on the mezzanine level.

Small office space multi-coloured chairs

The mezzanine was created to emphasize the double volume space rather than take up the full portion of the upper floor. It also ingeniously allows for more light flowing through from the skylights to the lower section of the apartment.

small office desk
The two skylights in the office add extra lighting and the indirect artificial lighting is located in specially built-in recesses.

The office balcony allows the desk to overlook the living area below. The desk wraps around the room and is cleverly supported by the stair handrail.

small bedroom arched ceiling.

The bedroom features a built-in wardrobe and a polycarbonate partition closes the room off from the lower kitchen, but allows light to shine down.

Apartment lighting

The bedroom light can be turned on and off from the kitchen and vice versa. This provides each space with diffused lighting if required.

Ground floor plan

Upper-level floor plan


I think the whole apartment was designed very cleverly. It just goes to show that a stylish yet highly practical office/home can be created in a small space and most of all, filled with light and airiness.


Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann