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A Bespoke Small Apartment Design in Singapore

How to Rejuvenate a Small Condominium–Angled Lines and Undulating Surfaces

This interesting small apartment, in Hougang Street, Singapore was designed by KNQ Associates. These guys specialize in the art of reinventing living spaces; a service they refer to as Home Rejuvenation.

Small living room art gallery wall decor


Small living room design blue couch and yellow accents.

Their forte is taking old tired looking spaces and turning them into functional, yet stylish ones through creative solutions.

Clean cut aesthetics

The objective of the angled lines and undulating surfaces was to create a visual contrast against flat and straight elements normally found in a small spaced apartment. Get away from the inevitable 4 walls and door look.

small living room tv room large window.

Little details

Note the montage of black and white photos on the walls – they are arranged in an atypical collage all to tie in with the overall asymmetrical design.

Colour for happiness

Light and monochromatic; this ensures the small space stays airy and feels ‘light’. Blue was introduced to add interest in what could have been a fairly sterile colour scheme. (Good for Feng Shui- if you are into that.)

Small entryway with breakfast nook blue focal wall

Small living room with modern ceiling track lighting.

Built in hallway shelving.

Creating a boundary and commanding attention

The asymmetrical theme is continued in the main bedroom. A monolithic TV panel breaks the breaks the regularity of the boundary in a rectangular room and serves as part of the false ceiling to encapsulate the clever lighting.

The commanding bold red wallpaper acts as a headboard to the bed and gives a sense of dignity to the space, yet it does not distract from a sense of serenity which bedrooms should have.

Small bedroom with red focal wall.

Small bedroom recessed wall.

Geometry and visual interest

In the guest room/study, the central theme is continued with graphical lines and geometric patterns on the doors and walls adding visual impact. Neon orange on the desk wall demarcates the area and is a brave choice of colour. But it works.

Small bedroom with office.

If you are in the process of getting your apartment rejuvenated-then look at how this was done. I hope it gives you some tips in design, what to do with straight walls and small spaces.

Small Interiors

The Ideal Blend of Old and New – A Reimagined NY Loft Apartment

How to redesign a raw industrial space into a modern and light filled home….

Small living room industrial wall decor and accents

Okay, so not everyone has a loft in a trendy New York suburb. But I simply had to show you this fabulous loft apartment in New York. The apartment belongs to Anna Beeber, principal designer of Manhattan interiors firm Champalimaud. When it needed updating (don’t we all wish for that?), she, along with Drew Lang from Lang Architecture, turned what was once an 1890’s printing press into a magnificent and refined home. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas as to how to keep the charm of a place when the need for an update comes along. You’ll definitely want to think about a loft apartment when you decide to move place, and thankfully there’s a lot of Space Station unique property for sale if you manage to look in the right places.

Small contemporary living room design

Openness, natural light, and fluidity

These elements were a priority in the design process, clearly driving many of the decisions. The core of the loft was left at being “efficient”. The circulation of the space allowed Lang Architects to create four bedrooms in a demarcated zone while still maintaining a large open floor plan. one of these is flooded with natural light.

modern wall decor and furniture.

small modern breakfast nook with shelving.

Small breakfast nook.

Simple finishes to maintain the charm

Everything was kept simple to ensure that the original charm of the space remained. The kitchen is a combination of both modern and practical accouterments and turn-of-the-century remaining features.

The magnificent cast-iron beams and columns dictated that iron and steel be used wherever possible in order to add to the history of the space. To detract from a possible rustic look, the doors to the kitchen are modern with clean lines but yet still sympathetic to the original architecture.

Open concept kitchen with kitchen island.

Small open concept kitchen with modern kitchen island with seating.

Open plan but separate

Connectivity to the kitchen is there but sliding steel and glass doors retain an option to separate when necessary.

Sleek yet gritty

The bathrooms have exposed brick painted white and are mixed with sleek limestone tiles and mosaic floors that work beautifully with the custom shower base chosen.

There are no doubts about it, when styled in this way, these bathrooms not only look impressive but are built to last. That being said, if you are considering emulating a similar style in your own bathroom, or if you want to remodel your bathroom to incorporate a better blend of modern and traditional elements, then reaching out to a plumber to take care of any necessary plumbing is strongly recommended. Moreover, if you want to try it now then reaching out to a local plumber as soon as you have an idea in mind of how you would like your bathroom to look can help to turn your dreams into a reality.

Not sure where to begin? Whether you are planning to install a brand new toilet, faucets and fixtures, or a tankless water heater, speaking to a plumber can help you to piece together a plan. Accordingly, you can learn more about the different ways that a plumber can assist with your bathroom remodel here:

Small bathroom entrance way

Small contemporary bedroom design

With light flowing and the mix of modern and old a truly authentic, modern apartment was created.

And I want it! What do you think?

Small Interiors

Teresa Sapey’s Home – Liveable and Alive in Madrid

Teresa Sapey, in case you have not heard about her, is an Italian architect and interior designer. With a mass of qualifications behind her and numerous accolades and awards in the field, she moved to Madrid in 1990 and set up Studio Teresa Sapey.

Artistic small living room design

eclectic small living room

The guiding principal of the studio is based on energy and curiosity. Sapey has been quoted as saying:

By working within spaces, my aim is to be touching and therefore render emotions palpable: three-dimensional and even four-dimensional. No matter what your feeling is, as far as it is a feeling, I would go for it!
I believe that architecture should interpret, transmit and build this inspiringly and usefully.

eclectic small living room lounge chairs

This is what hits my eye – and let me tell you surreptitiously, it is an envious eye indeed:

  • A white gallery – a unique space. Floors, walls, and ceiling all in stark white
  • The white canvas on which Sapey has placed her beautiful things becomes a live, living area.
  • Mixed in with modern design is a collection of family furniture.
  • Contemporary art is placed along with art from a different century.
  • Everything seems to work together to create a harmonious masterpiece; a curated galley that is liveable and alive.
  • You can feel her touch everywhere. Make sure your home has the same feeling.
  • The kitchen although being practical and functional is also warm and very Italian.
  • The whole space looks upside down – tiles on the ceiling and white on the floor. It is simply fabulous!
  • The bold use of canary yellow is bold! If it makes you tick, then follow your colour coding inner intuitions.
  • The bedroom moves into a different canvas – it takes on a completely different dimension with the use of unusual types of furniture and materials. Why not?
  • The floor changes from white to carpet – a carpet of many colours. Why not design your own and get those creative juices flowing?

Eclectic artwork

Halway table

Eclectic small living room design

Eclectic small dining room table

Ying yang decor

Small dining room area

Small yellow kitchen accents

Small eclectic bedroom

Small colourful bathroom wall

Remind yourself constantly:

No matter what your feeling is, as far as it is a feeling, I would go for it!


Lea Ann

Small Interiors

A Comfortable Nest in a High-rise Apartment in Ukraine

Got an area of around 80 m² and want to create a comfy, but stylish nest? This is how

Open concept kitchen living room

This apartment was designed by Cult of Design – a design studio based in Ukraine. These clever people offer the whole spectrum of interior design services: apartments, houses and public spaces.

small living room sectional couch

This particular apartment caught my eye on my travels in cyber space as it lightweight, modern and quiet.

A little nesting place

The family apartment is in one of the high-rise buildings in the city of Khmelnitsky – south west of Kiev in Ukraine. (Yes fellow decorators of note – you must do a bit of traveling to search for gems!)Google map of Ukraine

small living room design open concept kitchen dessert bar

Lighting is so important

I am not particularly mad about the black half-moon lighting in the sitting area – but each to their own taste. I find it a bit harsh and out of keeping. The lighting above the kitchen counter is more to my taste.

The back lighting in the glass cabinet and alongside the beams in the kitchen area is great and the overall use of natural lighting throughout the home is innovative and stylish.

Kitchen island bar with seating

Tone and ambiance

Your home your taste – but take note of the subtle greys along with the natural wood, the zig-zag tiles, and the plush carpet. This all adds to a depth of design and makes for an interesting and restful look.

small bedroom wood focal wall behind the bed

Quality shines through

Nothing is simple in this home. By emphasizing the walls and ceilings throughout the small apartment there is a sense of high quality. If you can afford to have dry walls jutting out, false ceilings with back lighting, and alcoves added to a room, you will immediately upgrade the finishing and hence get a very upmarket stylish look.

Small bedroom balkony

small bedroom with modern bed

Low rise bed wood back wall

Use of bright paint, modular and functional shelving units and wall paper – a fun place for a child

Childs room bright paint

Blackboards, climbing ladders and block splashes of colour have creatively been used in this small child’s small room. It is tastefully, yet functionally designed to offer maximum stimulation.

Fun childs bedroom colourful paint

Luxury and high design in the bathroom

luxury small bathroom design

Small bathroom frameless bathroom shower.

Note the continuation of the grey tones and the zig-zag tiling from floor to ceiling. A special place to nest a while.

Small Interiors

Small Space Opulence in Under 75 Square Metres – Example 3

A masterpiece of design and ergonomics.

Small living room with blue couch.

This is the third example of how to design and decorate a small apartment with style. This one is brought to you by O.M. Shumelda is a design and architectural studio in Lviv, Ukraine.  Their mantra: “We dream, we create and we embody.” This small modern apartment certainly lives up to that.

Small living room with mounted television.

There are various noteworthy factors incorporated into this design that are worth highlighting:

1. The main elements include glass, concrete, and natural plywood- all of which combine to give a natural and
innovative look to the home.  It is different and creative.

2. The natural lighting is superb – the most sought after element in any home, in my opinion.

3. Space is chic and this comes through the use of glass, mirrors and stylish chosen furniture and accessories.
The reflections created to give a sense of depth and interest. It is all transparent and modern.

4. The zoom-squish fireplace along with the natural cement flooring adds to the aesthetic.  The fireplace chimney
is a piece of art in itself – simple yet very effective in this modern styled home.

Small living room with hidden fireplace.

5. The TV feature is brilliant.  There is nothing worse than a TV in the wrong place or in a space that it
dominates, detracting from any beautiful accessories or pieces of furniture that may be next to it.  This is an
ingenious way of getting it out of the way but at the same time, it becomes a feature.  The matte black wall accent is a clever way of mounting it.

Mounted living room television.

6. Broaden your outlook – who would have thought of natural plywood finishing?  It is just adds a
lovely contrast and softens the whole feel of the home.  Cement floors are a great choice – but they can be hard and
fairly industrial.  They need softening in the fabric choices and colour scheme selected.

7. The exposed shelving adds a lovely feature to the kitchen and the clever use of back lighting turns them into a
modern display feature.

Small dining room decor.

Wood plank kitchen bar and shelving.

Clean entryway design.

8. Harsh white?  Yes, but it is contrasted by the natural plywood of the ceilings and the concrete floors.  The glass doors open up the space making it feel larger than it actually is.

Small white bedroom with minimal decor.

9. The bedroom reflects light from the mirror and the handing pendant lights add space to the room.   I just love
the glass table at the end of the bed and the side tables.

Small white bedroom.

10. The bathroom flows with the continuation of the use of cement on the wall and the plywood cabinetry.

Small bathroom white and natural wood colour scheme.


Thanks for reading!

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Small Interiors

Small Space Opulence in Under 85 Square Metres – Example 2

This is the second in the series of examples I have put together to show you that small spaces can be inspiring and beautiful and full of personality.

Creative small kitchen design wooden wall decor

This apartment was designed by the same one as in the first example – the Ukrainian architect Maksym Netraba. It is
however 45 square metres bigger.

Similar elements were employed as in the first example – but a few different details are worth pointing out:

1. A master stroke in chimney design – transforming the feature into an accent wall. I like the bubbles of smoke
going up the chimney!

2. The modern and comfy reading chair completes the picture. It is inviting and cozy.

Wood panel wall design.

3. The Clever lighting gives ambiance to the space and full-length luxurious curtaining adds depth.

4. The large “U” shaped couch demarcates the sitting area.

Open concept living room design with modern kitchen.

Modern lamp living room space.

5. The small yet functional home office or study off the main sitting area is cleverly designed in an uncluttered way and the back panel lighting adds a sense of coziness and alleviates the need for a space-consuming desk lamp. You need to utilize all the space that you have, even if it isn’t that much. You could even say that having a home office that is actually in the house is something that isn’t seen so much these days, as many people decide to build a prefab backyard studio instead. This will allow them to separate their work and home life, as well as being able to work in a quiet place away from the loudness of the house. It’s great. But for many, home is where the heart is, and having an office that is centered directly in your house is perfect, even if it’s smaller than you’d like.

Admittedly, there isn’t much room for storage in here, as those shelves could soon look cluttered. But having the software or something similar in place means that there is actually very little storage needed in a home office. When all documents are stored and managed online, you don’t need a filing cabinet or anything like that. Although, if there are physical storage that needs to be kept from your office or any files need moving then using something like a phs Teacrate, could help to keep things organized and tidy. However, a home office wouldn’t be a home office without a comfy chair, stationery, and an abundance of office accessories. All this ties the workspace together nicely and makes it easier to get into a focused mindset, leaving the distractions of home life behind. Those furnishing their office might want to consider Office Monster as their one-stop source of office essentials.

Small office study area.

6. The compactness of the entrance room sums up the overall feel of the home. Compact, uncluttered, simple and

Front entryway decor.

7. Ever thought of building a bed into the wall? Why not? It works. Use your imagination and think out of the
box. Any ingenious ways of saving space should be used.

narrow hallway built-in bedroom.

8. The wooden accent wall spans the length of the apartment. Again imagine if it had been all white – boring and
dull. Natural wood, stone, ceramic – all add warmth to the starkness of white.

9. Note the ingenious use of lighting from the ceiling. Classy.

Entryway with wooden accent walls.

small space saving hallway cupboards.

10. Luxurious black marble splashback in the kitchen – adding depth and texture.

Black marble kitchen backsplash

11. The colour tones selected for the master bedroom are warm and cozy. The dark gray wall accent/bedhead adds a
sense of luxury to the room and the clever bedside lamps are inspiring. Hanging bedside lamps are a great idea in a
small room.

small master bedroom light colour scheme.

Master bedroom large floor to ceiling windows.

Small bedroom nook.

12. Again – a bathroom with panache and functional style.

Small bathroom with frameless glass shower.

Small bathroom double sink.

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Small Interiors

Small Space Opulence in Under 40 Square Metres – Example 1

Yes, It Can Be Done. You too can unleash your design aspirations in a small space.

Small open concept living room design.


This is one of three examples that I will show you in a series of articles. The point that I am wanting to get across in each is that great design can be accomplished no matter what size the apartment is.

This apartment and the second were designed by the Ukrainian architect Maksym Netraba. Both apartments in the series are located in Kiev, Ukraine.

40 square metres in anyone’s language is small, very small. But just look what can be accomplished.
Tiny Space Living – remember …

  • Small should not mean cramped, nor limited.
  • Small apartments are generally for the young or the old. People who don’t need, or can afford to live the city life
    that they want in a bigger apartment.
  • But this does not mean that they cannot reflect their unique style or personality into the home. They still want to come home to comfort and luxury; a place that they feel happy in.
  • Points to take into consideration when designing a small space home: (and this will apply to all the examples in the

12 observations from this small space:

1. The first impression you get is that of the monochromatic colour scheme and the modern/minimalist furniture. In
such a small space – less is most definitely more.

2. The open plan living- room (essential in small space living) uses a glass top table and wooden barstools to
demarcate the dining area. The fabulous pendant lights are not over powering, nor obtrusive.

Small open concept kitchen living room design.

3. Glass partitioning is a brilliant way of separating the rest of the apartment. This allows for a more flowing
aspect to the home, yet at the same time demarcates each space. It also allows light to come through.

4. You don’t have to have a forest in the apartment – just one happy plant will suffice in brightening up the room.
Modern light fittings add atmosphere and mood.

Indoor living room house plant and glass partitioning wall.


5. Don’t be tempted to do everything in white to create a sense of space. Here the use of wooden features adds
warmth and a natural texture to the stark white.

Wooden accent furniture.

6. Simple, functional yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye – with the use of gray stone tiling and natural wooden
chairs and table trestles.

Natural wood kitchen table with glass table top.

7. The bedroom is modest and uncluttered. The modern bedside tables give a minimalist look but are highly
functional in that they don’t take up unnecessary space in the room.

8. The lighting is pure genius – again functional yet appealing in their simplicity.

9. The quirky picture on the wall adds personality as does the bright rug.

Small bedroom with above the bed artwork.

modern bedside lighting.

10. The wooden cabinetry and the white elements work beautifully together. Imagine how this would have looked if
only white had been used. Rather bland?

11. It is in this detail that a sense of high design shines through – this is what it is all about.

Small bedroom closet.

12. Not much to say about the bathroom other than it fulfills the purpose of time-off in luxury. After all, is that
not what we want in a bathroom at whatever stage of our life? And where ever we happen to live?

Small bathroom with glass walk-in shower.


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Small Interiors

Looking to Emulate a Super-Duper Park Avenue Apartment? Here is how.

Got about US $5 million? Then this apartment is for you.

small contemporary living room.

We are talking very serious real estate here, folks. So, if you in this league – fab, if not here is an example of how
you could emulate the interior to look as though you live on Park Avenue, Manhattan. If you’re after a more authentic NY home experience, you might want to consider checking out actual manhattan apartments to move into. Designed for modern living, these luxury apartments can offer you your own sophisticated slice of downtown Manhattan. Otherwise, follow these tips for bringing Manhattan to you. If you’ve just moved into a Linea LA luxury apartment and you are missing the feel of New York, then decorating it the ‘Manhattan way’ may just make you feel at home.

First of all, get yourself a personalized signed Andy Warhol painting of Kate Moss and stick it in the entrance. That
will make a big impact.

This apartment’s interior was designed by the firm The Turret Collaborative based in New York.

small contemporary living room with grand piano.

This incredible group of designers believes in bringing elements together that then paint of picture of the individual’s
space by concentrating on consistency; making a continuous environment with every object in its right place. The aim is
to make you feel at ease in the space.

Well, mission accomplished in this apartment – I feel at ease just looking at it. I am also feeling a little less at
ease because I am coveting it.

Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt rather copy.

Contemporary small dining room table.

Modern staircase design with glass railing.

Mirrors, bold full-length artwork, and monochromatic colour scheme all add to a glamorous look and feel, yet comfortable
and homely.

kitchen with television island.

Exhibit you shoes with style and make sure there is yet another TV to watch – keep up with the Dow Jones’!

Grand shoe wall walk in closet.

small hallway zen decor.

small bedroom with modern light fixture

small contemporary bedroom floating bedroom table

small contemporary bathroom design pink tile wall.

Children’s bedrooms displaying work stations and built in shelving

Luxury in the main bedroom and bathroom. A must is the gold plated taps and shower and of course, another TV.

small bathroom with frameless shower door.

Small contemporary bedroom.

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Lea Ann

Small Interiors

A Beautiful 78 square metres Apartment in a Brazilian Nutshell

Small open concept living room royal blue decor highlights.

This minimalist apartment was designed by a local firm of architects Piacesi. The apartment and the firm of architects are based in Vila da Serra, in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais. The appliances are very tastefully incorporated into the overall design of the home. Anyone with such appliances in their home may want to consider getting something like a home warranty plan in place so that they can cover them in the event of damage or a fault – visit this site to learn about the available plans.

Know of the place? I didn’t so I have added a map – just to put you in the picture. You will see that it is between Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. It is the sixth largest city in Brazil and has a tropical climate – average temperatures are about 27° C!

It is hot. In my opinion, though, this is a super cool space.

The small apartment was designed to encapsulate an integrated environment and features straight lines, a sober tonal scale, and minimalist living. Just what you need in the tropics.

Google maps boho

Boho Horixonte

small minimalist kitchen design.

The super white and black glossiness of the space gives a sense of space and depth as well as liquidity to the area. Adding plants and touches of royal blues, grays, and pinks add interest and detracts from what could be quite bland.

Minimalist kitchen design with black glossy tile backsplash

Modern multi colored dining set

A quirky touch with the black-sheep dining room chair.

Minimalist modern living room design with black and white colour scheme.

Note the clever compactness of the cabinetry – giving plenty of storage space, but doubling up as useful, but aesthetic furniture.

Open concept minimalist apartment layout.

Minimalist kitchen black backsplash.

The brilliant continuation of the wall texture – almost imitating raw concrete – goes all the way to the ceiling. And then to cap it, an industrial-like lighting system runs throughout the apartment in black; like a geometric designed rug on the ceiling.

Why hide something that can be used as a design element to add interest and contrast?

Small workspace with pink chair.

Minimalist apartment with black and pink colour highlights.

The designers opened up what was a spare bedroom and ingeniously inserted sliding frames to either open it up or close it off. The spare bedroom thus became part of the open-plan space, but if necessary it could revert from being an office back to a guest room.

Small apartment hallway nook.

Small bedroom with nature art and royal blue bed sheets.

The main bedroom’s mirrored cupboards add depth the to the room. Always remember the mirrors!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the trip to Brazil and managed to find some inspiring tips for your design dilemmas.

I will be back with more exotic designer showcases soon.

Small Interiors

A Minimalist Small Apartment in Belgium – How to Get the Look

Small minimalist living room with black and white colour scheme.

Less is more. (More or Less)

(This does not apply to chocolate – especially Belgium chocolate!)
If you are into a minimalist style in your home, then this is for you as it is all about de-cluttering your space.

This apartment was designed by the architect Filip Deslee and is in Mortsel, Belgium. It is a great example of minimalist design; a particular design style that lacks the lavish and intricate details of other styles.

Simplicity needs to be planned and it is clear that here it was to the last inch!

Small living room fireplace wall.

Living room small with black and red decor.

Simplicity Rules

Every element of the space serves a function. But within this type of design category, the function must be served with elegance and a touch of panache – you could achieve this with something like these bespoke chairs to add that little touch of luxury to a space.

Small living room with rustic focal wall.

Colour is Everything. Black and White is More

The minimalist design colour spectrum chosen by Deslee was a simple black, white plus red. Pretty strong. He clearly planned to use

red fairly sparingly and “muted” it by incorporating neutral materials.
Highlights in Backlighting

Always a great touch – backlighting of artwork gives additional light to this stark space.

Living room with black fireplace focal wall.

Minimalist Can Be Bleak

By incorporating a generously sized fireplace – a sense of coziness was added, even though it is in a stark black contrasting with the white walls and warm hardwood

Dining room rustic focal wall.

Rust focal wall dining area.

Defined Rooms

The custom oval coffee table and rug define the living room. The portioning defines the kitchen and bedroom area

The minimalist apartment is not lacking in function. Besides the living area, a bedroom and a workspace were incorporated as private spaces.

The full-height designed shelving in the workspace provides plenty of storage space for accessories, books and display pieces. The large windows allow for natural light to flood the space.

Small bedroom with rustic focal wall.

Small home office black and white colour scheme.


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Small Interiors

Got A Small Apartment AND Insist On a Beautiful Interior Design? Here’s How…

Difficult? No. Come on you can do this. Even if you have a small room, it doesn’t mean that decorating a small apartment is impossible. Just like with anything, there are ways around it.

Apartment and condo decorating is all about mastering the art of illusion and capitalising on what space you have available to create a light, bright and airy space to live. So, if you’ve just bought a new apartment from The Arbors, you’ll want to know how to best decorate it. You’ve come to the right place!

Whether this is your first introduction to condo life, somewhere like One Pearl Bank (contact here), or you’re a veteran of apartment living, there are always solutions to your decorating dreams.

Take a look at how this incredible design team from Fimera Design Studio in Bulgaria designed this beautiful small apartment. It will blow your mind!

Small modern kitchen with yellow highlights and textures focal wall.

Kitschen island with yellow stool seeting.

This architecture and interior design firm turned this little space into a superb example of how to decorate in style in a confined area. The apartment is in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Doesn’t it just make you want to own it or air freight it back to your location in the world?

Kitchen small island with seating and modern decor.

Small kitchen with light curtains over window.

Small kitchen built-in wine rack.

Small open concept living room with entertainment unit.

How did they create a high design in such a small apartment?

  • Every inch of this small apartment has been designed in a modern and elegant way. Nothing left unchecked.
  • The front is opened up from kitchen to living – giving it a bigger look, with shutters from somewhere like Shuttercraft that could help bring light into your living place.
  • The middle space was turned into a dining “room”. Always look for a spot for a dining room table – no matter how small your apartment is. It is a must-have. (Elegance does not come from sitting eating in front of the TV.)
  • The kitchen is busy – but elegantly so.
  • The amazingly creative dark blue chosen for the walls with decorative wooden paneling adds interest and contrast. It is in the details – yet again.
  • The use of minimalist furniture opens up the space – allowing for an uncluttered look. Remember you are decorating a small space – clutter is the enemy.
  • The addition of attention grabbing bright yellow chairs adds a sense of whimsy – yet high design. Be brave – choose your highlight colour and use it in some of your accessorizing.

Small ding room table.

Living room with entertainment unit and large abstract chandelier.

Modern cabinetry yellow accent colour.

small bedroom with patterned wall paper behind the bed.

small bedroom focal wall and modern bed frame.

Small modern bathroom with patterned tile wall.

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Small Interiors

Flamboyance in Design – Super Duper Duplex Apartment

Small modern kitchen with flamboyant artwork.

On my cyber space travels, I have come across this great design team in Poland – Mood Works.

A team of highly skilled designers and architects it seems. Well, by traveling the world and studying in some very highly regarded institutions in Europe this two-person team have got what it takes- clearly.

They are based in Warsaw, Poland. A place I have always wanted to visit- I have a friend who lives there and guess what, she is an architect and it is she who put me onto this site.

Small modern contemporary dining area open concept apartment.

Grey seems to be the new mood – and it works in this small abode.

Warsaw gets cold, very cold and this apartment has a sense of warmth and coziness about it even though a lot of black and grays have been used. But dashes of colour in the accessories, artwork and the natural wooden flooring all add to an interesting and vibrant feel.

Frameless wooden staircase

Modern and unobtrusive

This brilliantly designed staircase is staring you in the eyes because of its clever design, rather than through what could easily have been bulky and cumbersome. It adds space – and that my dears is what it is all about in small space living. Something for instance, some of these short term rentals Hollywood have to offer in abundance and offer it well.

Small living room work space.

Slamm living room with gray couch and abstract artwork.

Rugs for a reason

Okay, I have to admit that I am not mad about this rug! I would trip over it as I am sure the dog does. The idea of a thick, luxurious and colourful rug is what I want you to take out of this. It warms up the space and adds a very happy feel to the place.

Living room rug and workspace.

Modern contemporary lamp in small open concept living room.

Small living room clear glass round table and modern lamp.

Sliding doors are just the answer in small space living

From the sitting room into the bedroom and then glass sliding doors from there into the bathroom – very clever.
If you can, install them as they are hugely effective in gaining space and streamlining a room.

Remember, the more the light, the merrier the outlook.

Small modern bedroom with royal blue sheets and ensuite.

Modern small full bath bathroom royal blue window blinds.

Functionality with a touch of glam. When it comes to the bathroom, we can sometimes opt for functionality over design. In this instance, I would go for both with a sleek shower enclosure, like the ones from this store.

There are no doubts about it, when styled in this way, a bathroom not only looks impressive but is built to last. Accordingly, if you are considering emulating a similar style in your own bathroom, or if you want to remodel your bathroom to incorporate a blend of modern and traditional elements, then reaching out to a plumber, who is equipped to deal with bigger projects would be a good idea. This is especially important if you would like to refurbish your heating elements within your home by putting in a furnace or perhaps servicing the pre-existing furnace you have within your home. Companies like are equipped to sort out this particular function and will also be able to sort out any other plumbing-related issues or services. Unsure about where to begin? Whether you want to install a new toilet, a glamorous new sink, or a modern water heater, speaking to a qualified plumber can help you to piece together a plan.

Also, how about adding a Hollywood lamp into your bathroom – let those cameras roll!


Lea Ann