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Genuine Style in The Country – Living at Large, flying to the Moon and having Guts

Designers with obsessions – big ones. I am loving it.

Back with Les Ensembliers – simply can’t resist them I am afraid and this home has got to be one of my favs of all times. Oh, woe is me – perhaps my dreams will come true one day.

Please fly me to the moon sooner than later. I do have the guts to do it.

Traditional and contemporary living room.

This incredible design agency and construction company with offices in Montreal and Toronto has what it takes in the design world of interiors and building construction.

They claim to take you to the moon and that they have guts to do so. I think they fulfil this promise.

See for yourself.

Contemporary small entryway

Traditional small living room cream furniture.

The first thing that strikes me – and what I truly love in a stylish home is that nothing is matchy-matchy. This home feels as though it has been around for a long time. The collection of furniture and accessories gives one the impression that it has all taken place over a lifetime.

It is all genuine style. Nothing is bland or contrived.

Small breakfast nook area.

Chinese porcelain blue artwork small dining area.

White and light have been maximized to give a clean palette on which to work. The canvas was then filled with everything from apple green velvet to zebra print to Chinese porcelain blue. Antiques along with modern furniture create interest; your eye just wants to go on a cross-country to see what is next.

Small country kitchen shelving

Hallway wall decor stencils.

The use of a Chinese-inspired wallpaper scattered here and there is simply genius.

Stairwell wall decor stencils.

Hallway wall decor top of staircase.

Small traditional bedroom.

Small traditional bedroom wall decor.

Lovely indigo blue in Paisley adds depth to the white palette.

Paisley blue curtains.

Small bathroom with paisley blue curtains.

And just to finish it off – the garden is a joy to behold.

Backyard garden with planters.

One day my friends – this will be mine!

Lea Ann

Small Interiors

A Fresh Apartment Idea -Living amongst Green Walls

Looking for something completely different in your small apartment? What about bringing the outside in? Literally.

This apartment in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine’s third largest city – has a green-fingered touch. SVOYA – a design studio in Ukraine literally merged interior design with outdoor landscape by installing “green walls” into the apartment.
Wow is all I can say. It is magnificent and I wish I had that in my home. In fact, I think all homes, from oakland apartments to New York townhouses should have this feature wall.

Earthy green walls tan couch

Open concept apartment.

The apartment is high above the Dnieper River – the 4th largest river in Europe and has magnificent views from all aspects. The natural light that shines into the apartment allowed for the installation of these green walls. If you are interested in getting natural light into your home, then you need to make sure that you have the right windows. There are loads of companies out there like Window World Ohana who can help you out with this. This is a great investment to make particularly if you are interested in having green walls.

open concept kitchen with table in the middle.

By day or by night – it is like living in a garden high up in the sky.

The indoor oasis was created using the walls between the windows and the plants grow from floor to ceiling – and clearly very happy. The apartment is “open” to the beautiful views of the river and the city.

Small kitchen area with table and island with seating.

Two tone kitchen island, white with wood finish.

Carefully placed lighting

Along with sleek and modern furniture, it emphasizes the fresh and nourishing atmosphere. The superb design especially comes to the fore at night, when every detail blossoms and unfurls under the lighting. If you would like to emulate a similar lighting layout in your home, you might want to consider reaching out to a team of experienced electricians such as Your Home Electricians to turn your dreams into a reality. Lighting can totally change your living space, and contacting an electrician can help you to work out the best possible lighting options for your home.

Kitchen lighting over dining table.

Living green walls – just like a forest

These are becoming more and more popular in offices and shopping centers – but this is the first in my experience of seeing them so beautifully planted in a private home.

Not only are they beautiful to the eye, they also help in regulating the relative room temperature, increase ambient humidity, absorb background noise and reduce airborne dust levels.

Living green walls contribute considerably to one’s health and well-being. The smells, movement, and colours of plants in living or work environments help tremendously in reducing stress. More plants, please!

Open concept kitchen and living room combination.

Apartment hallway.

Open kitchen area with table and island.

The environment is nourishing and calming.

I can imagine this kitty being particularly pleased to be inside; sunny spots in the sitting room and green walls to climb up.

Open space floor plan creates one big modern room.

This immediately makes the apartment seem bigger. The lovely natural wood flooring and wall cladding compliment the green walls and the white cabinetry and dining room adds a sense of crispness to it all. The Engineered Wooden Floors, along with all of these other features allow the room to have better lighting, which makes it more appealing to the eye. Not only that, but this one room also brings a sense of modernization to the apartment that you may not find anywhere else.

Open concept living room with TV focal wall.

Lovely taupes, creams, and concrete

Giving a natural flow of the apartment.

Bedroom with tope and cream colour scheme.

Natural light and white

This child’s room is pretty in pink and white.

Little girls bedroom with pink and grey colour scheme.

Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann

Small Interiors

135 square meters of Wooden Cocoon Living in Taiwan

A stroke of natural genius in the heart of an urban jungle.

This delight was designed by an architectural and design team known as Hozo. They are based in Taiwan and they have become something of a legend in the world of design in that country. This small apartment in Zhubei in the north western part of the country is only 135 sq.m.

small living room wood wall texture with lime green couch.

The attention to detail is remarkable. It is a perfect example of taking a floor plan and turning it into something very special – and it is all in the multi-faceted surfaces of the area.

Partitioned small dining room living room with wood finished island.

Everything has its place

Boxed in by a variety of wooden surfaces; natural wood in different hues as well as laminated wooden aspects. Note the ceiling detail as well as the shelving and tables. All blended together to give a sense of proportion as well as acting as demarcations between “rooms”.

Two separate small dining room areas.

Colour blend – earthy, natural and yet distinguished

With a fairly dark natural wooden floor, all other colours blend in to form a natural and relaxed look.

small living room dining room combination.

Modern crisp

Note the big screen that is used to project the TV. High tech at its best and yet although 100% functional it makes for a really clever space positioned away from the wall to give a sense of decorative texture.

Small living room island table.

Lighting is modern and cosy

One of the biggest tests you can give yourself in decorating your home is to ensure the lighting actually works. It should be ambient, positioned at the right height, and designed not only to demarcate areas but to add a touch of magic. Don’t spare on lighting whatever you do. It is so important.

Double dining areas separated by an island.

Small dining room lighting.

Small dining room lighting.

Shelving with style in mind

small dining room shelving.

small dining room shelving wood and grey colour scheme.

Modern kitchen wall shelving partition.

The best aspect of this apartment in my humble opinion is the shelving. The units are wooden faced and the interior has been painted a superb deep grey to maximise the contrast and add depth.

In the bedroom and bathroom, a duck egg blue and gentle cream adds softness and comfort

Small bedroom duck egg blue focal wall.

Small bathroom duck egg blue focal wall.


-Lea Ann

Photography by HOZO interior design

Small Interiors

55 square meters of High Design in a One Bedroom Apartment

We are now in Bucharest folks and studying the work of CRAFTRAAIM.

Small living room design

This firm of designers believe in efficiency and timeless appeal and this philosophy certainly is apparent in this one bedroomed apartment in downtown Bucharest, Romania.

With only a 55 square meter floor plan, this creative team clearly concentrated on the smart use of space and clever layout features. Mixed into the recipe is an inspirational sense of colour and quirkiness.

55 square meters is a small space in which to work, but just look at what they managed to achieve.

Small living room decor with blue couch and large wall shelves

There are plenty of noteworthy features that I hope will help you to be inspired by in decorating and organising the space within your home – no matter what size. Don’t forget that your choice of doors can also make a difference when it comes to how much space you can work with. Whether you decide to buy a veneer door from a company in your area, or whether you decide to buy a wooden door in Singapore, you need to make sure that it works with the current interior design of your home. It’s decisions like this that could have a big impact on a room.

  • White throughout with touches of bright colors to add a sense of whimsy. The small window is negative in the room, but to overcome this the use of white on the walls and cabinetry add to allowing as much light as possible in the space. Even if it is adding a feature wall with something like peel and stick geometric wallpaper, this can make a difference to any room. Still minimal, but add a touch of colour.
  • The living space is of course compact, but the clever positioning of the furniture maximises both the light and space. The dining room table is near the window and not traditionally placed near the kitchen. I have always said, look carefully at your plan and figure out what works best – add a touch of creativity to your thinking. I’m sure some crestron blinds would add to the maximization of the space as well. If you have permission you might also be interested in replacing your window with a bay window from somewhere like Majestic Designs which could brighten up your apartment enough more.

Small living room furniture blue couch

  • Lovely wooden flooring throughout makes the space feel larger and adds to a conformity which is very important in a tight area. One thing though that I would have changed is the colour of the flooring – for me, it is too dark. But we are not all the same – thank heavens – and I know some people love it.
  • Dashes of colour add interest and lift the whole space. The yellow/ochre colour adds a retro look and I am liking it!

small living room half dining room half living room layout

  • A home without bookshelves is not a home and the clever use of this feature is used decoratively as well as forming a screen between the living and kitchen areas.

The extra storage can hold both books and decorative accessories. And with the addition of a few drawers, additional space is created for kitchen stuff.

Small modern dining room with bench seat Small kitchen shelving bookcase bood finishings yellow accents Modern kitchen with wood cabinetry and chalkboard wall Small modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, flooring and bookshelf.

  • Chalk boards always add a sense of whimsy and fun – and at the same time add depth to a room.

small modern kitchen with chalkboard bachsplash

  • The small study area is compact and functional and with the addition of a fold-up bed, it is a clever way of turning it into a much needed spare room for the inevitable sleep over of many a guest.

Small office workspace with guest bedroom fold out work station

  • Furniture with wheels gives flexibility in placement. Clever!

Small office fold out work station desk.

  • A nice neutral palette in the bedroom and simple side lamps.

Small grey and white minimalist bedroom design.

small bedroom fold down work station table.

  • The bathroom is modern, compact yet glam. The different tiles, the colours and textures add depth and interest. The continuous use of yellow is again apparent and enhances the overall consistent tonal aspect.
    It can be done – 55 sq. meters of design!

small bathroom remodel idea.

small bathroom design with yellow accents and modern colour scheme.

Small Interiors

Small Apartment Big Living – If Your Design Dreams Aren’t Scaring You, They Are Not Big Enough!

Living a small life in a small apartment? Stop this minute and take some advice from a team of experts in Cape Town, South Africa. Yes, you can – NOT continue on the path of small living without some panache.

small living room large windows abstract wall art yellow accents

This modern interior design comes to you from a fabulous interior design and architect firm called SAOTA; a highly talented team of designers who are making a big statement in the country.

This particular duplex in Cape Town took my fancy – it is a perfect living space and of course, the scenery and environment do not detract in any way. Oh for a pad in Cape Town like this.
Dream on. But, before you do, let me try to point to the aspects that grab me and that could be emulated in any small apartment.

small apartment artistic bookshelf wall art

small kitchen view kitchen island seating

1.Elegance – aspire to that, if it is the only thing you do.

Use style and innovative solutions combined together to create a comfortable, yet luxurious living space. Here, innovation meets true purpose. Multi-use and bespoke furniture can hide any clutter that you may have in your home. If you can’t afford bespoke, look for pieces that can fulfil this function.

small minimalist kitchen marble counter island seating

small living room marble tv focal wall

2.Don’t compromise design – think before you purchase.

Use every opportunity to maximise storage in a clever way – without compromising the design. Look at the kitchen table and the shelf table both providing storage capability as well as for display purposes. The bookshelf performs a multifunctional purpose – it also provides a beautiful piece of artwork. The furniture must fit the available space – as it does here. Nothing is for nothing.

artistic bookcase wall decor

3.Make an outdoor space – even if it eats into your indoor space.

Very often balconies are ignored because a small space “won’t allow for it”. But by having one you are doubling up on your living area – so if you can, make it work for you. Having outdoor living spaces allows you to gain a different perspective and add to the flow of the home.

small apartment living room patio

small apartment living room patio space

4.Think colour and texture and stick to a pattern

small apartment wall decor colour pattern

small bedroom wall decor modern lighting

The steel, wood and galvanised finishes of the stairs, doors and outdoor area to set the tone. To ensure an aesthetic flow make sure your accessories and furniture match this look. Dare I say it, but I have seen a modern home decorated in old granny’s hand-me-downs. If you can’t afford to change the outdated furniture you have been lumped with, then make a plan. Use throws, uplift the look with modern and bright cushions, add a modern rug.

To make your rug look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you may want to make sure that you don’t go too big or too small. It needs to be able to fit in your floor space just right. Before choosing your dream rug, you may want to have a look at some Teppich nach Maß online, to make sure that your rug can be suitably made to fit your space. It could help to make an uplifting difference to the overall feel of your room. There are ways and means.
Nice to dream! Hope you got some good ideas?

modern small bedroom wall decor furnishings

Small apartment bedroom loft view

small modern bathroom design dark marble wall tiles

Small bathroom dark marble wall tiles white porcelain sink

White bathroom colour scheme large wall mirror

Until next time.

Lee Ann

Small Interiors

Making Industrial Chic Tick – Ticks of the Trade

The design dilemma question – I want to have the industrial look but I also want it classy, how do I do that? Help!

small living room design industrial chic bookshelf wall

Yes, help is at hand. This is how to make “industrial” look stylish and chic without it turning into a Frankenstein lab.

I have stumbled upon, thank heavens, Les Ensembliers a firm of architects and designers in Montreal, Canada who can show you exactly what industrial chic is all about. Their creations, it seems, adapt past models and reinvent them for today’s needs. They specialise in the enhancement of historical buildings and combine true living spaces with high design.

I love this apartment that they showcase their Redpath Industrial Chic work. And if you are wanting this look – then here is your template from which to get inspired. Very inspired.

small entryway staircase decor abstract wall art

small apartment decor abstract painting yellow accents bookcase wall

Industrial Chic – what exactly is it?

The inspiration for industrial chic comes from everything – from old factories to rustic farmhouses, from Frankenstein’s lab to World War II scientists. Think of it as worn textures, aged wood, forged and welded metals. The focus is on function, but clean and simple. It is more masculine than any other design.

The typical hallmarks of industrial chic:


  1. Predominance of different metals, especially silver, chrome, and pewter
  2. Lots of aged wood in beams, furniture, staircases
  3. Exposed elements like brick and stone
  4. Rust and basic elements predominate
  5. Rustic and futuristic accents – think Back to the Future
  6. Vintage in all aspects like Edison light bulbs, corded telephones and old typewriters
  7. Atom-inspired pendant lamp and old gramophones
  8. Slim, no-fuss modern furniture
  9. Must look like a lab from yesteryear
  10. Geometric shapes
  11. Minimalist
  12. Dark and rich colours

Smal living room dark rich colours bookcase wall large windows

Small living room decor modern maroon chairs

Industrial chic small bedroom design full wall painting

Small living room modern decor glass rounded lamp

To make it sophisticated and polished this apartment went for the following:

High Shine

Mirrors, glass, reflective material, glossy metals and deep painted glossy shelving. Marble, granite and stainless steel. (No rusty nails here!)

Shabby was replaced with sophisticated collections

No peeling paint here. New items only and modern furniture – although fairly minimalist the overall feel is one of comfort and luxuriousness.

Black and dark greys mixed with white

Although industrial chic can be cold and impersonal, the designers warmed things up with lots of deep colours in the carpeting and accessories. But the overall white walls and ceilings really turn it into a refined space.

Accented with wallpaper

To add glamour and depth to some of the walls, beautiful almost “over-the-top” wallpaper was used. With high walls and double volume ceilings, they got away with it and it shines!

Small living room light fixtures bookcase wall

Small living room book case wall with ladder


Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann

Small Interiors

Revolution in Design – A Ukrainian Example of a High-End Apartment in Just 53 sq.m

Hi there – I’m back in the U.S.S.R. – well, Ukraine actually… I’m back in the U.S.S.R.You don’t know how lucky you are boy. Back in the U.S.S.R. (Yeah)

I am talking again about the special group of young people who head up Design Evolution in Kiev. These designers are not only evolutionary in their vision, but I would go so far as to say revolutionary. Their designs are like nothing else I have stumbled upon.

small cozy living room design kitchen living room laundry split

I mean, whoever would have got away with a dressing room and laundry as part of the living space and to boot, within a fish bowl?

small living room stone tv focal wall

I am going to point out some of their unique features and hopefully, you will get some ideas – that includes you Imelda Marcus – I am sure you will simply love the shoe showpiece!

Rest assured this apartment is for the very wealthy in Kiev as the average price/salary is as follows:

  • The average cost of an apartment 100 sq.m = US $1 540 000
  • The average monthly salary is = $2 878


1.The Plan – 53 sq.m small space design

As I mentioned before the plan of any space or apartment is where you should start with your ideas. I realise fellow designers, that this is in Russian – but I know you are well travelled and adept at foreign languages.  (If not – you will get the picture.)

  • Entrance: 3.8
  • Sitting/dining/kitchen 23.3
  • Bedroom 14.7
  • Bathroom 5
  • Dressing/laundry 6.2

This then is what can be achieved.  The first box ticked.

small apartment layout plans design revolution

2.The grand entrance

Note the mirrors and glass; a key to opening up any space.

Small entryway decor apartment layout full wall mirror

3.Sitting, dining and kitchen

The use of natural elements like wood, stone, glass and ceramic flooring all give the space a sense of depth and interest.  So even in a small space, a dash of these elements does give a completely luxurious and tactile feel to the home.

Colours are muted greys, natural woods and black.  With the addition of a few bright colours in some of the accessories, the overall feel is a soothing and comfy one.  The white walls do make the place look larger.

I love the black board!

Apartment wall decor small apartment living room

Small apartment breakfast nook idea modern decor

Small minimalist kitchen large full wall chalk board

4.The bedroom

I love the wooden cladding on the alcove and the upholstered wall behind the bed is simply brilliant.

small bedroom couples design play pen

small bedroom couples with baby play pen beside bed

Couples small bedroom baby play yard sleeper beside bed modern decor


A simple and beautiful space.

The black tiles reiterate the black furnishings and finishes throughout the home and the very clever use of lighting gives this tiny little room a sense of modern glamour.

Small simplistic bathroom vanity floating counter top

small bathroom shower with mirror wall

Small bathroom minimalist remodel under sink storage

6.Dressing room and laundryFabulous idea!

Glass allows for light to enter the space and makes absolutely sure that there are no unsightly socks lying around.I will be back with more!

Small living room dressing room glass enclosed

small entryway dressing room glass enclosed


As the Beatles said: Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out! They leave the West behind. Moscow girls to make me sing and shout. That Georgia’s always on my mind


Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann

Small Interiors

A Super Cool “True” Apartment – Modern Design at Its Best

This place is ultra-cool. I am loving it!
SVOYA Studio, an interior and architectural design studio called their masterpiece “True Apartment” and labelled it as a modern interior design. The apartment is in Kiev, Ukraine and the owners briefed SVOYA Studio to transform a 3 bedroomed, dated space into a modern and comfortable apartment; a place where they could escape into and away from the busy and hectic urban environment of Kiev.

Well, mission accomplished.

Modern Livingroom

Ceiling molding

This award winning group of designers came up with a beautifully designed home by concentrating on opening up the space and utilising natural and naked materials.
This design firm has created a warm and relaxing environment and cleverly, oh so cleverly, transformed it into something unique and very modern. A lot of people also comment on the brightness of the apartment. This is due to the lovely glass doors that lead out to a balcony. Having doors like that can really bring in a lot of light, making the apartment look a lot more welcoming. Perhaps some other homeowners would like to look for some similar door options. Recently, a lot of homeowners are finding that a resin door can fit in with most interior trends. Perhaps it’s worth looking into those sorts of doors.

Open concept modern livingroom

What makes the space so special:

1. Natural and local

As environmental problems deepen in our world, no matter where we are, it is important to consider all the ecological implications of what we do and how we consume. However clever, ingenious or witty something is, it should not be considered a design success unless it is environmentally and ethically responsible. One way to go about ensuring this is by hiring experts like interior designers chelsea.
This apartment clearly has taken that into consideration. It is high design, but it also through its use of natural materials, has responsibility-the naked ceilings, raw concrete, the copper piping that doubles up as curtain rods, the minimalist lighting that uses concrete and steel rodding. The sustainable wooden tiles in the living room came from the local Carpathian Mountains and the ceramic tiles came from local potters. If you are from UK and looking for more interior design options that are eco-friendly, you might want to visit websites like Companies like these (the ones above mentioned) are known for creating amazing, original, and timeless interiors that are flattering to the period and tailored to each client’s taste.

Open modern diningroom

Modern kitchen interior

2. Thinking outside the box

The box is a frame, the traditional way of thinking about a problem and it is clear that these designers don’t see a frame; they see different ways of doing things.
The ingenious wooden wine storage, the clever closing off of the kitchen area, the fabulous triptych with decorative nails (named “8526 strikes”. The surprising blue cupboards in the dining room and bedroom add a splash of colour, just where you weren’t expecting it to be added. The completely unexpected hammock placed in the entrance makes a big impact and gives a relaxing feel immediately as you enter the space. Looking for even more interior design inspiration? If so, take a look at Their website is filled with exciting interior design elements that you can incorporate into your own home.

Who would have thought of these? Wish I had.

Modern wine rack

Small modern kitchen

Small modern dining room

Modern open concept living room

Modern open dining room.

Modern livingroom relation.

Modern bedroom.

Modern bedroom decor.

Modern bedroom colour scheme.

Modern master bathroom.

Modern bathroom

Modern bathroom frameless shower

3. It is true to form and function

Form follows function. This is a principal associated with 20th-century modernist design. The main principle is that the shape of an object, building or interior space should be based on its intended function or purpose.
This apartment is “true” to this principle in every aspect.


-Lea Ann

Check out SVOYA Studio for more!

Small Interiors

My Secret Seven Ideas to Create a Small Breakfast Nook of Note

If you have the space install a breakfast nook!

bright and sunny breakfast nook

The best thing about a breakfast nook is the warm fuzzy feeling it gives you whilst camouflaging yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the home during the colder months of the year. The cozy breakfast nook is my winter savior. However, disaster struck last year when our heating completely shut down leaving our house freezing! Fortunately, T.E. Spall & Son provides HVAC services in Carbondale although we opted to use a company based closer to us in order to get our cozy home back as soon as possible. Normal service was resumed in our delightful little nook!

So, decorators of distinction, if you can, install one forthwith and you will be eternally grateful you did.

Most people these days are opting for a kitchen island and they surround it with high stools for guests or kids to perch on and gawp at them whilst they are cooking and slaving away.

Well, a breakfast nook is for you to sit and relax and gawp at the world going by. It is a very selfish thing to do, but an essential one.

I am not talking about those old fashion mid-century dark and dingy ones upholstered in mustard tapestry print and dark wooden surrounds. I am talking upscale trendy – yet still cosy and comfortable. Islands in the kitchen are great, but if you can find a spot to retire to, here are some ideas for what you can do to it.

7 Cosy Ideas for a Breakfast Nook of Note:

1. The Breakfast Table

small breakfast table

This is not really a nook in the true sense, but it can operate as one if you demarcate it as such. Often a table in the kitchen is used instead of the more formal dining room table because this is where all the action takes place. Borrow some square metres off the kitchen and add a fab new table with some funky chairs and put a rug underneath for extra cosiness.

2. Make use of any light airy spot in the adjoining kitchen area

light airy breakfast nook

Keep the nook as bright and sunny as possible and it will be a hit in your home. This is a perfect spot for a thoroughly modern take on a breakfast nook – which takes up what would have been an empty type hallway to the outside area.

3. Make it bright and colourful

bright and colourful small kitchen breakfast nook

Don’t panic about matchy-matchy. Use fabrics that tie in with the rest of the home but also ones that give the space its own distinctive style. This lovely cottagey nook with colourful cushions and painted furniture is simply asking for you to sit in and lap up the breakfast-sphere.

4. Homey style always goes down a treat

homey style breakfast nook

This one takes advantage of the light from the door and window onto the outside patio. Very often the outside is not going to allow you to have your breakfast served there and this gives you a homey yet practical alternative for those inclement days. Note the lovely attention to detail with the colours and fabrics chosen all fitting nicely into a cosy atmosphere.

5. Storage details

breakfast nook storage details

As you are transforming a seemingly unused space why not add in extra storage underneath the seating as well as a cabinet next to it. Nobody says no to a well-designed cabinet in the kitchen area – the adage the more the merrier works like a treat in this area. It demarcates the area as well and adds some extra styling in the accessories you can use.

6. Banquette breakfast in the bay

light and airy breakfast nook

If you have a bay window, then you have arrived! This is the best place for a nook of note. Get yourself a good carpenter and install built-in bench-type seating. You could consider a table with eaves if it is quite a large space giving you the option of adjusting the size of the table to the amount of seating you need. The drawers underneath the seating can give you extra space for storage. Finish the look with some louvre styled wooden blinds or similar and you have the perfect nook of note.

7. Sleek restaurant look

bright and colorful breakfast nook

This is one of my best-looking breakfast nooks. I think it very stylish and contemporary and the very clever use of the space is amazing. Not only does it fit like a glove into a narrow area, the whole space is simply well designed. The table and bench detail is perfect and the arrangement not impede traffic in and out the door; the shelving is practical yet stylish and the lighting is reminiscent of an old-fashioned restaurant type seating. Close and cosy.

Remember: Live in the moment. If it is unpleasant, take yourself off to your breakfast nook and eat cookies.

Small Interiors

Are You a Padding Bachelor Looking to Decorate Your Small Cave?

Looking for small bachelor pad studio apartment ideas? Single guys don’t have to hunt for interior design ideas. No. This is an outdated media untruth! (CNN you must surely be at fault?).

bachelor pad wall textures - exeries of images. Thisposed brick

Gone are the days that single guys yearn to continue their comfy lives in their small untidy caves. Thank goodness for a change in attitude as today’s serious bachelor is pursuing the art of immaculate style.

Well, I don’t believe they are after little accessories or cerise lacy, curtains – the difference really lies in themes and colour schemes that are chosen to imprint on their stylish masculine abodes.

Some truths do remain embedded in the lives of serious bachelors, however, and those are:

  • having a large sofa,
  • an entertainment centre,
  • a great big boundless bed and
  • a place to warm up pizza deliveries. (Although, I might add that some of my best friends are bachelors and they are competing in the culinary field quite successfully these days).

Here are 5 great ideas for bachelor pads that I have recently come across and hopefully they will inspire you chaps out there to improve and impress.

Don’t be put off by some of my extravagant ideas- they are only here to get your interior decorating taste buds going on a cross country!

colourful small bachelor pad wall paper

1.Time to shape up by introducing new colours, textures and a dash of personality

bachelor pad colour scheme

Stark and sleek, masculine and neutral shades. Think about when you meet your match and what you abode looks like. You need to be proud and personal in your decorating. For example, if you want to get some custom photo tiles to help make the place more homely, go ahead! If you’ve found some wallpaper that perfectly matches your personality, use it! Decorate however you like.

Think walls, floors and fabrics when you are looking for the right colours and textures and although browns, blacks and greys and whites can look great, you need to add colours to offset these.

2.Balance style with comfort

comforting bachelor pad

Don’t be tempted to throw that fabulous schlumpy couch out that you inherited. If it works think of recovering it and adding some nice textures into the cushions. You would be better off buying a fab bookshelf or a small dining room table, rather than a new couch. Try and balance form and function and don’t be afraid to introduce colours.

3.Your bedroom must be alluring and clever – just as you are?

In a typical bachelor pad, unless of course you are Prince Harry, the bedroom will be small. You need to use the space to maximum effect; think hanging doors, glass partitions, mirrored cupboards, and clever storage solutions. That match you are imminently about to meet, does not want to see clothes and bedlinen sprayed around. (Trust me on this!)

bachelor pad storage ideas

Lighting in the bedroom is just as important as elsewhere in the pad, so make sure it is not a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There are lots of inexpensive lamps that you can use and this will really give a sense of cosiness and comfort. Getting the natural lighting right is just as important. You want as much natural light in as possible during the day to make your pad look light and inviting. But come night time, you want to be able to shut it out. I find shutters are the most effective for this, and they look cool and also super expensive too. If you think shutters would be the perfect accompaniment for your bachelor pad then you might want to check a company like Shuttercraft to see their range.

4.Make a plan for the inevitable central focus of your pad – the Television

Bachelor pad tv focal wall book case partition

There is no other way of saying this – if you have a large TV sitting in the middle of the room and not much else other than electric cables to look at – you are failing dismally. These are some great ideas as to how to incorporate the TV into your space without it looking like a Godzilla Design.

5.If you don’t have Picassos for your walls, consider wall art

bachelor pad wall art

colourful bachelor pad picture frame art

A fabulous way of giving your walls a touch of uniqueness and style is to cover the whole wall with an image or a series of images or Custom Portraits. This will not necessarily break the Pizza Piggy Bank and will also alleviate the problem of what art to put on which wall. This is especially the case if you’ve got some of the highest quality acrylic prints, as these will look really classy without setting you back too much. One great big tiger will do the trick.

Here are some that I just love and actually wish I had a bachelor pad to put one up!Hope these ideas help you – will be back shortly with more inspirational tricks that I have up my sleeve.


Small Interiors

A Duplex Apartment on 32nd Floor – Going Up in the World of Urban Living

Open living room concept

Architects Gali Amit in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed this magnificent duplex apartment, or maisonette (a single dwelling unit spread over two floors connected by an indoor staircase), for a couple in their 50’s whose children have already flown the nest. And what a nest to have flown!

Look, let’s be honest with ourselves, this ain’t going to happen any time soon for the likes of you and me. But, hey, we can dream.

The point of highlighting some of the top architects and designers in the world is for inspiration; not necessarily at this stage of our lives, true replication.

So, let’s look at some of the unique and awesome features that this space has and hopefully some bright ideas will spring forth:

Living room with a view.

Public Space

The first floor was the entertainment area, kitchen and dining room. Also included were the guests’ bedrooms. This allowed for everyone “else” being below the mezzanine to allow for the privacy of the owners on the upper level.

Modern duplex

modern living room duplex

Reflection of the urban landscape

The apartment is reflected in the urban landscape of Tel Aviv by having a sense of urbanism and hence an appropriateness of its surroundings. This is apparent in the public space demarcation and the materials that were selected.

Modern living room with a view

Appropriate materials in proportion

The walls of the public space are raw cement with brass bars in between to compartmentalise the vastness of the area. A flight of stairs was made of white steel and the 3 m high library shelving gives a sense of proportion to the area. Both were designed to enhance a sense of double level spaciousness and overall, giving a sensation of everything being extra high.

Modern kitchen view

The allowance of a “Private Space”

This is where the owners can escape to for privacy. It has an open plan bedroom with the back of the bed utilised as a partition to the gym. The bathroom one side has a double basins and the other contains an ellipse shaped bathtub with marble tiles.

Open concept bedroom ensuite

Marble bathroom

Minimalist aesthetics and neatness – but yet homey

With the additional select choices in the carpets, wooden flooring and the brass profiles the overall effect is urban in essence, yet still warm and homey. This is a fine line – and these designers have defined that line very cleverly.

Minimalist living room

Small Interiors

Putin’s Secret Bachelor Pad in Downtown Moscow?

Living room

Want to know how to get the “Look?” It is the look of love.

Well, maybe not, but still a pretty cool cat lives here. I can just imagine the designers from Design Evolution in Russia having the time of their lives going about designing and decorating this pad. What a joy it must have been and with some astounding features, there is no doubt that these designers love what they do.

It is not for me – well maybe an apartment in Russia could be added to my collection – but I want to point out the design features that I think are very impressive and hopefully they will get your design tastes going on a cross country.

10 Unique design features for you to think about.

1. The ubiquitous use of grey hues interspersed with crisp white and chrome

Modern open concept kitchen

2. Black to add drama and tonal highlight

Black diningroom with a view

3. White in the floor and the ceilings – gives the crispness to the design

Black living room decor

4. The use of black and white marble – here and there. Not everywhere.

Small open kitchen with marble island

(Love the bottle on the floor! An accessory that is very useful and fulfils the form and function role!)

5. Light floors interspersed with black shiny ones – to reflect the same effect from the grey leather furniture.

Open concept living room

6. Black wooden cladding and black ceiling high curtains – drama at its best. Add a shaggy carpet and voila a bachelor’s dream come true.

Modern bedroom black colour scheme

7. A dressing room in a fishbowl to allow for maximum light.

Beautiful modern bedroom glass closet

Glass walk in closet

8. A small terrace with a splash of azure blue along with high design lighting and a paint washed wall gives character

Small balcony

9. Oversized black tiles creates a space-ship modern look

Bathroom oversized black tiles

Modern black bed bedroom.

Bathroom with textured marble walls

10. And it all fits perfectly into this unique plan.

Remember that planning your layout is the first thing you should be doing. Before spending a cent – draw up your plan and make sure your proportions are all spot on. Then go shopping.

Small apartment layout


Lea Ann 🙂