A Beautiful 78 square metres Apartment in a Brazilian Nutshell

Small open concept living room royal blue decor highlights.

This minimalist apartment was designed by a local firm of architects Piacesi. The apartment and the firm of architects are based in Vila da Serra, in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais. The appliances are very tastefully incorporated into the overall design of the home. Anyone with such appliances in their home may want to consider getting something like a home warranty plan in place so that they can cover them in the event of damage or a fault – visit this site to learn about the available plans.

Know of the place? I didn’t so I have added a map – just to put you in the picture. You will see that it is between Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. It is the sixth largest city in Brazil and has a tropical climate – average temperatures are about 27° C!

It is hot. In my opinion, though, this is a super cool space.

The small apartment was designed to encapsulate an integrated environment and features straight lines, a sober tonal scale, and minimalist living. Just what you need in the tropics.

Google maps boho

Boho Horixonte

small minimalist kitchen design.

The super white and black glossiness of the space gives a sense of space and depth as well as liquidity to the area. Adding plants and touches of royal blues, grays, and pinks add interest and detracts from what could be quite bland.

Minimalist kitchen design with black glossy tile backsplash

Modern multi colored dining set

A quirky touch with the black-sheep dining room chair.

Minimalist modern living room design with black and white colour scheme.

Note the clever compactness of the cabinetry – giving plenty of storage space, but doubling up as useful, but aesthetic furniture.

Open concept minimalist apartment layout.

Minimalist kitchen black backsplash.

The brilliant continuation of the wall texture – almost imitating raw concrete – goes all the way to the ceiling. And then to cap it, an industrial-like lighting system runs throughout the apartment in black; like a geometric designed rug on the ceiling.

Why hide something that can be used as a design element to add interest and contrast?

Small workspace with pink chair.

Minimalist apartment with black and pink colour highlights.

The designers opened up what was a spare bedroom and ingeniously inserted sliding frames to either open it up or close it off. The spare bedroom thus became part of the open-plan space, but if necessary it could revert from being an office back to a guest room.

Small apartment hallway nook.

Small bedroom with nature art and royal blue bed sheets.

The main bedroom’s mirrored cupboards add depth the to the room. Always remember the mirrors!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the trip to Brazil and managed to find some inspiring tips for your design dilemmas.

I will be back with more exotic designer showcases soon.

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