A Bespoke Small Apartment Design in Singapore

How to Rejuvenate a Small Condominium–Angled Lines and Undulating Surfaces

This interesting small apartment, in Hougang Street, Singapore was designed by KNQ Associates. These guys specialize in the art of reinventing living spaces; a service they refer to as Home Rejuvenation.

Small living room art gallery wall decor


Small living room design blue couch and yellow accents.

Their forte is taking old tired looking spaces and turning them into functional, yet stylish ones through creative solutions.

Clean cut aesthetics

The objective of the angled lines and undulating surfaces was to create a visual contrast against flat and straight elements normally found in a small spaced apartment. Get away from the inevitable 4 walls and door look.

small living room tv room large window.

Little details

Note the montage of black and white photos on the walls – they are arranged in an atypical collage all to tie in with the overall asymmetrical design.

Colour for happiness

Light and monochromatic; this ensures the small space stays airy and feels ‘light’. Blue was introduced to add interest in what could have been a fairly sterile colour scheme. (Good for Feng Shui- if you are into that.)

Small entryway with breakfast nook blue focal wall

Small living room with modern ceiling track lighting.

Built in hallway shelving.

Creating a boundary and commanding attention

The asymmetrical theme is continued in the main bedroom. A monolithic TV panel breaks the breaks the regularity of the boundary in a rectangular room and serves as part of the false ceiling to encapsulate the clever lighting.

The commanding bold red wallpaper acts as a headboard to the bed and gives a sense of dignity to the space, yet it does not distract from a sense of serenity which bedrooms should have.

Small bedroom with red focal wall.

Small bedroom recessed wall.

Geometry and visual interest

In the guest room/study, the central theme is continued with graphical lines and geometric patterns on the doors and walls adding visual impact. Neon orange on the desk wall demarcates the area and is a brave choice of colour. But it works.

Small bedroom with office.

If you are in the process of getting your apartment rejuvenated-then look at how this was done. I hope it gives you some tips in design, what to do with straight walls and small spaces.

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