Small Interiors

A House Full of Surprises and Added Bonuses

We are in Melbourne Australia and have I found a whizz at the design of small spaces…

Modern red spiral staircase.

Red spiral staircase in living room.

This 1873 home, with a heritage described as a gothic revival picturesque, has been beaten around a bit over the years. But recently it had a proper makeover from Austin Maynard Architects.

Their designs are left of center. And that is where I lie most of the time.

Since establishing his practice 15 years ago, in Melbourne, architect Andrew Maynard has been building a solid reputation for his innovative renovations. I recently discovered him through an architectural site that I page through.

The homes that he has rejuvenated are generally built on a modest budget and scale, but his designs are so full of surprises and added bonuses that they are simply mind blowing.

I think he is The Master of Design Magic and has become one of my favorite architects in my travels around the globe.

I hope you find this example of a concept rich, left of center, fun and slightly whacky home as interesting as I do.

Front of house.A little Victorian home gets morphed.

Backyard view.

Backyard of house with roof design features.

No distinction between inside outside, on top or underneath!

Garden view

Artistic dining room table.

I love kitchen sinks with a view. Particularly when you can stand on the other side and watch the washer of dishes at work.

Small kitchen glass window back splash.

Small kitchen with kitchen island and tube hood fan.

Dining room to outdoor patio view.

The glassed in walkway between the buildings just happens to pass an outside pub. Outside pubs are becoming increasingly more popular with some people choosing to have a pallet bar or a log cabin shed installed that serves as a drinks station when guests are visiting. You can see some examples here of what a timber shed can do for your garden space to transform it into the social hub of the home.

Kitchen bar with outdoors design.

kitchen bar with glassed in outdoor walkway.

Note the lovely decorative paving along one side of the house. A path of distinction. Paving can make a huge difference to a house and if you’re looking at getting some paving done in your backyard, you can see here to find out more. It’s well worth doing if you want to improve the exterior of your home! As you can see from that same image, a well-cut lawn also looks amazing with paving. Staying on top of lawns can be time-consuming, so that’s why some people prefer to contact a company like to help them with this task.

Living room with full glass walls.

The garden acts as a curtain. If the homeowner wanted even more space, there would be plenty of room for some storage sheds in KY. Storage sheds are rapidly growing in popularity and lots of homeowners are choosing to get them built in their garden.

Small office with full glass walls.

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Small Interiors

An Award Winning Holiday Apartment in Russia – 200 sq. Metres of Beautiful Design

Honey colored harmony at the coast

Wood paneled small living room wall

Modern small living room decor with grey tones.

This holiday home was designed by the award winning architect and designer Alexandra Fedorova, who is based in Moscow. She won a Bronze prize In Interior Design for this Svetlogorie Residential Home. And you can see why.

The holiday home is in Svetlogorsk, (in English sometimes referred to as Svetlogorie), which prior to 1947 was known by its German name Rauschen. It is a coastal resort town located on the Baltic coast.

For those of you who like to know where this is as I do:

Google map of Poland.

Design goal

  • To create an interesting, memorable and coherent space.
  • To allow the volumes to flow smoothly into one another.
  • To ensure a unified feel about the space.
  • To use structural and functional aspects of geometrical forms – but to soften with natural materials.

Sound familiar?

Giving your designer a clear set of objectives or goals is half way to getting it right. And if you don’t have a designer, like most of us, then list them for yourself and make sure you stick to them.

Take a look at the outcome and see if you can form a list of inspirational ideas from the photos.

I can think of many and the main ones for me are:

  • The openness of the area surrounded by natural elements such as the walnut veneer – adding warmth and texture.
  • Merging of floors, walls, and cabinetry in a warm honey colored tone.
  • Modern lighting techniques – most of which are hidden
  • The open plan bedroom/bathroom yet with clever glass partitioning to isolate the shower and toilet.
  • Industrial – concrete, metal, and mirrors contrasting with the natural walnut and oak ensures a warm yet dramatic contrast.

Open concept living room with kitchen view white island.

Dining room decor with modern light fixture.

Open concept kitchen dining room combination.

Small kitchen with white island and grey counter tops.

Open concept kitchen living room with wood paneled walls.

Marble beam hallway.

Dining room with full kitchen view.

Modern frameless staircase

Master bedroom with dark grey focal wall.

Master bedroom with open concept ensuite

Master bedroom ensuite with all white counter tops.

Master bedroom ensuite with walk-in frameless shower.

Small guest bedroom with graffiti focal wall.

Small guest bathroom glossy white tiling.


Small Interiors

How to Decorate a 72 sq. Metre Apartment con Estilo (with Style)

Barcelona – It was the first time that we met
Barcelona – How can I forget” Freddie Mercury

This one is in the sought after high rental suburb of Poblenou in Barcelona, Spain.


The owners of this apartment in the heart of El Poblenou, an extensive neighbourhood of Barcelona that borders the Mediterranean Sea to the south, realised that they could turn the space into 3 apartments and so to maximise on rental, they called in Egue y Seta to cleverly re-configure the area and add in high design.

This is an example of a job perfectly done.

EGUE Y SETA, a firm of designers, engineers and architects completed this job by using all their talent and resources and it resulted in one of their top show-cases projects. They call themselves a team with “a sharp eye and big ears”. In other words, they listen to their clients and bring an astounding sense of design to the party.

Small living room modern design.Exposed cement wall living room

Modern dining room.

If you want to ever consult a firm like this for your renovation – best find one like this who listen to you.
The first thing that got my attention to this small space was the inspiring use of different textures, materials and colours. Note the use of concrete which encapsulates the suburb, the use of greenery to add a softness to the environment and the fabulous use of pure Spanish tiles on the walls and floors.

Open concept kitchen and dining room.

Juxtapositioned between the ceramic floor tiles is both a type of gypsum concrete and wooden flooring. Normally the design code for small spaces is to have one type of flooring – to create a feeling of space. But this seems to work just as well, and both materials seemingly complement each other. The softness of the wooden flooring in the bedroom gives the space a feeling of comfort and demarcates the bedroom from the living area.

Small dining room.

Black, grey tones, white industrial tiling and natural wood give a lovely atmosphere in this apartment. The inspired blue in some of the furnishing all tie in with the ceramic tiling. But nothing is matchy-matchy or has the feeling of being “decorated”. It just happens. That is the answer.

Small modern kitchen exposed cement walls.

Kitchen island with black tube hood fan.

The continuation of the wooden flooring up the wall to create a bed-head is simply fab! I am going to do that to one of my bedrooms. It is such a good idea in a small space. The alcove effect is also a clever way of adding depth to the room.

Modern bedroom exposed concrete pillars.

modern bedroom pillar shelving.

Bathroom with frameless bathroom shower and gloss white tile.

Note the bathroom is on 3 levels. Such a good idea to get a feeling of space and maximise light into the room.

small bathroom white gloss tiles.


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Small Interiors

How to Turn 40 sq. Metres of Pokiness into a Cozy Beach Pad con Estilo (with Style)

We are back in Barcelona and with the superb architectural and design team of EGUE Y SETA.

This is another example of their’s of a job perfectly done.

40 sq. meters in anyone’s language is a very small space to live in. But it can be done and EGUE Y SETA did it again in this beach side apartment in the heart of the traditional fisherman´s neighborhood of La Barceloneta.

small open concept kitchen with blue accent wall.

Kitchen exposed brick back splash.

Kitchen table in middle of room.

White kitchen cupboards.

kitchen blue accent wall.

Contemporary small kitchen design exposed brick wall

How they did it:

  • They tore down the interior walls of the old bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • They turned it into three demarcated zones which were all visually connected.
  • They turned the dining room area into the focal center flanked by a linear kitchen and a small lounge area.
  • A glass partition was installed between the bedroom and kitchen area and a clever double sided storage unit was built.
  • This unit was lacquered in bright white to reflect the light coming in through the interior windows.
  • This allowed for air and light to flow through the small space.
  • Clever use of indoor plants created a garden effect.
  • The installation of a long headboard allowed for multi purpose usage – decorative shelving, nightstand tables book stand.
  • Venetian blinds were installed instead of dry walling to close off or open areas allowing light and air to flow.
  • Traditional mosaic tiles and oak parquet floors were installed and flow freely underneath the partition – again a clever illusion of space was created.
  • The ceilings replicate the typical Catalan vault type of structure and showcase the naked clay bricks. This all adds depth and interest and is a testament to the geography of the place.
  • A blue marine theme runs throughout – but it does not override in a kitschy way.
  • Superb lighting was installed throughout – cleverly adding a comfortable yet glamorous feel to the apartment.


Open living room dining room layout.

Small bedroom modern light fixures

Small bedroom blue accent wall.

Small bedroom stand alone closet

Small bedroom with exposed brick wall.

Small bedroom with exposed brick focal wall.

Small bedroom modern window shades.

small bathroom with hanging light fixtures.

Slam bathroom vanity.


Small Interiors

Want to Know How to Elegantly Decorate a Small Apartment?

I am back in Moscow and again with the master of decorating – Alexandra Fedorova.

This designer seems to have found the answer to the challenging question how to decorate a small apartment with style and elegance.

This Moscow-based interior designer did this apartment in downtown Moscow recently.

Living room with grey tones

Dining room table with chandelier.

Wood panelled wall tiles.

She demarcated separate zones

  • Private area
  • Public area

Hallway green and white artwork

Metallic entryway decor.

The public area

This is from the hallway into the open planned kitchen, dining and living room area. The cleverly designed modern kitchen includes a column where appliances and kitchen things are kept out of sight. In addition, it also contains the very important (particularly in small spaces) central island that operates as a breakfast nook, visually separating the kitchen from the living room and dining area.

The private area

This consists of two bedrooms, a kids room, study and master bedroom.

Decorating materials – essential ingredients

This is where Feorava shines in my opinion.

  • The kitchen walls are decorated with grey marble, resembling polished concrete
  • In addition, marble is also used on the kitchen and hallway floors – in a sand colour
  • The living room floor is in soft grey – for “tranquillity” according to Fedorava
  • To create a focal point in the living room area, a wall has been decorated using handmade burnished copper panels
  • Also, the use of modern furniture adds to the overall feel of the space
  • The bespoke canary yellow chair in the living room and the plush plum chair in the master bedroom are all focal and talking points
  • Dashes of colour inject interest to what could have been a fairly bland space
  • Dark wooden panelling behind the beds adds both texture and cosiness
  • Views of downtown Moscow shine through

Small dining room decor.

Living room yellow accent chair.

Small living room with yellow accent chair.

Small minimalist kitchen design.

Small dinging room decor metallic chandelier.

Small contemporary bedroom with charcoal focal wall and red accent chair.

Small office decor contemporary

Small office blue curtains.

Small bathroom with metallic sink

Small bathroom double sink and large mirror.

Will be back! With more of Alexandra Fedorova – I think she is very clever.


Small Interiors

How to Create an Interactive Home – Play Hide and Seek

I simply had to give you another Andrew Maynard (W*90 Architects’ Directory) innovation.

Outdoor patio with small pool.

This one is yet again a refurbishment to an existing Victorian terrace home in Melbourne’s inner city. He is clearly a clever chap in that he has maximised the space without losing the charm of the home.

Outdoor patio at night time.

The game is called Hide and Seek

This one is called the Vader House- I think because it resembles Darth’s helmet – and the brief from the client was to create a flexible area suitable for entertaining. He had 184 sq. meters to play with. And play he did. There is an element of Hid -And -Seek throughout the space.

Open concept patio.

Open concept kitchen and living room.

The boundaries between inside and outside were blurred.

Openness and adaptability were the key elements in the design. Multifunctionality was brought in to all the zones of the house – allowing the focus to change according to the client’s needs. (See how the spa gets covered over with a sliding

The fabulously light home was created by using glass throughout and the folding glass doors open the spaces between the old and the new, merging the passage into the courtyard, pulling the decking into the living area and turning the kitchen area into a central feature.

The window on the bathroom which faces the courtyard can be turned opaque when privacy is an issue and the mezzanine study is hidden away at the top of the stairs. White panels were erected along the courtyard area to conceal the usual unsightly services, yet stopping in the living area to expose the old existing boundary wall.

Small reading corner.

Modern red staircase.

Red tiled bathroom.

Small master bedroom with red and white colour scheme and ensuite.

Splashes of red here and there add an interesting and bold element and the meshed walkway above the courtyard is truly a super element – allowing for a secret little getaway for watching the sun go down over the city.

Urban living at its best. Space, views, hidden gems, and flexible entertaining areas.

What more could you wish for in a small urban space? Perhaps a Piña Colada?

Small Interiors

Interior Design of a Hong Kong Apartment – 80 m ² of Fluid Space

This is a good example of how to reinvent a small apartment

It was created by Studio Georges Hung, a firm of designers and architects in Hong Kong. They regard themselves as being able to generate unexpected connections within the local and global communities through their creative, thought-provoking, cutting-edge and practical designs.

white contemporary kitchen with table island.

The apartment, in Discovery Bay, Lantau Island in Hong Kong, was originally a small, boxy 3 bedroomed, 2 bathroom apartment with a small kitchen. (Not sure how you get all this into 80 sq. meters?)

The main objective was to open the space up entirely.

They removed all existing interior doors and replaced them with sliding partitions. This allowed for privacy when needed, but also totally transformed the area into a fluid space. If a more rustic feel is wanted, people may want a sliding barn door for their interior, it is all about what the owner wants and the design they envisioned.

The kitchen was incorporated into the living area and all appliances were cleverly built-in so as to be unobtrusive as possible. In a small apartment – hidden compartments are essential to ensure no added clutter.

White kitchen with charcoal grey backsplash

Ingenious bulkheads were added to the ceiling to break the flatness of the ceilings and to add depth; allowing for light installation as well as a curtain rail.

Modern couch with multi-colored pillows.

A room with a view. A simple balcony patio, surrounded with glass similar to a commercial glass balustrade in Melbourne, allows for an extension to the sitting room and opens up the space. (Essential in hot and humid Hong Kong!)

Living room balcony.

Modern living room decor.Small guest bedroom.

Lighting behind the mirror gives a touch of glam to the small space.

Small bathroom with tropical decor.

Fabulously rich tropical look flooring in the bedroom extends into a headboard

Small tropical day bed.

Small bedroom with minimal decor.

Small tropical outdoor patio.

A remarkable transformation. Just goes to show – it can be done. Fluidity in the design has allowed this small space to open up completely and become one pretty attractive and cleverly laid out apartment.

Mission accomplished.

Will be back with more inspiration for you soon.

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Small Interiors

A Timeless Town House of 200 m ² in Bois Colombes, Paris

Up, Up and Away

Small duplex apartment

Bois-Colombes is a suburb in the northern part of western Paris, France, about 9 km from the centre of the city. It is one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe and space is at a premium. This new town house was designed both architecturally and interior wise by Camille Hermand Architects, a firm of designers headed up by Camile Hermand and based in Paris.

I think it is an inspiration and I hope you get some great ideas of how to use creative design in a small space. The overall space in which she worked turned out to be 200 m ². Not much, but in this neck of the woods – a fair sized living area.

And a garden and tree.

Three storeys with a basement and a place to sit outside and quaff wine. Bliss.

Outside patio tree decor and wooden patio table.

Nothing is contrived in this home

It all looks as though it has been there for a long time and the eclectic collection of antique and modern furniture and accessories all have a special place in the home. It is not “over-decorated” – a fine line to not step over ever.

Small entryway decor.

Beautiful flooring throughout

Adding to the bohemian atmosphere created in the home.

Media room organization with pop art

Old comfy furniture somehow looks great.

Add in some modern mobile lighting and paint the walls whiter than white.

Small living room with comfy old furniture

Small bedroom with geometric wall paper focal wall.


The use of colour everywhere is not overpowering

Rather it adds serious character and a sense of courage.

Small bathroom with geometric tiles and frameless glass shower doors.

White and blue accented bathroom.

Classical and refined – yet modern and practical

Classical black staircase.

Small bedroom with modern wall features.

White floors with luminous marine blue walls in the bedroom

Who would have thought this could work?

small office workspace area

small reading corner space

Small guest bathroom

Timeless, elegant and put together with a dash of French panache.


Oh for a small place in Paris.

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney top
That’s where you’ll find me

Small Interiors

A Sophisticated Barcelona Bachelor Pad (For a Man and his Bicycles)

The main aim was to was to create a masculine yet sophisticated home, using a neutral palette and focusing on different textures.

Small kitchen with black island.

Kitchen black table island.

Small hallway decor.

This is how they did it:

An old and outdated apartment in Sant Antoni – a suburb in Barcelona- was carefully curated to create a fab pad for a bachelor with a penchant for sports and cycling and a passion for design. CaSA, a highly creative firm of architects and designers, based in Barcelona, cleverly transformed what was a highly partitioned and dark apartment into this open-spaced two bedroomed home.

It now has a large living space and some bespoke features that give character to the small apartment.

Bespoke Bicycles for fun

In the entrance, a system of tubes was used to create a double bicycle rack. Ingenious and practical. (Not for me – but hey I am not that passionate about cycling.) Grey tiles were used on the wall to protect it from dirt.

Bike organization wall.

Spatial continuity allows for an open feel

The same tiles in different sizes clad the kitchen walls and the bathroom. This gives the whole place a sense of spatial continuity. All the rooms are bright and airy because the same the same natural oak wooden floors extend throughout.

Black kitchen island and stream faucet

Small living room kitchen open concept

Wall and ceiling features add character and disguise

A wide band, roughly plastered, at the top of the walls in the living space unifies and gives character to the space. At the same time, it operates practically by hiding lines of diffused led lights above the teal colored velvet curtains and also along the wall opposite the kitchen to disguise reinforcement beams. While the effect may appear simple, anyone planning on recreating this design in their own house might want to consult an electrician first, perhaps from, to double-check they can do so safely.

A small terrace allows for light to flow into the apartment

The terrace (previously closed and transformed into bathroom and laundry spaces by blocking one window), was restored. While this was no easy feat and required the expertise of a plumber from a website similar to, it was definitely worth it. Imagine the small apartment without it? Much nicer. You can’t sit on a washing machine having a glass of wine and watch the sun go down.

Small balcony decor

Small apartment balcony

From kitchen to bathroom – think laterally, spatially and creatively

The new bathroom, which was previously a closed kitchen, also features the grey tiles seen throughout. A gorgeous, bespoke, free-standing shower glass bulkhead will certainly have you considering your own shower remodel, whilst the matching black tops finish the look off perfectly.

Small bathroom with open shower.

Small bathroom white sink

Getting down to the details – this is where the talking points are and the personality comes alive

In the living area, furniture pieces by Kettal and Stua give the finishing touches to the space, while plants bring life to it. A big square planter customized by the artist Zaida Sabatés gives a “terrazzo” effect and the dining table’s golden leg adds some panache.

Contemporary dining room design

Small contemporary bedroom.

Small contemporary bedroom decor

Small bedroom contemporary decor.

It is as simple as that folks.

Lea Ann

Small Interiors

An Urban Jungle Apartment in Taiwan.

This apartment has more of a jungle feel than that of a typical urban home.

Small dining room with large bookcase

Small dining room with plants hanging from light fixture

This super apartment is owned by a professional Taiwanese couple with two children. They called in Ganna Design, a firm of architects and designers also based in Taipei, to do some major alterations to their home.

The resulting home is truly inspired; with the use of sliding partitioning, clever storage solutions and making the most of natural light, Ganna transformed what was a dark and badly configured space, into a magnificent urban dwelling.

If you have ever been to Taiwan – which I have on numerous occasions, you will know it is truly an urban jungle.

Jungle inspired dining area with long narrow wood dining table

The dining room table in the center of the house is used as a bar, a place for tea ceremonies, reading, and eating.  I love this idea – think of how you can turn your dining area into a multifunctional one. Dining areas are often not used as frequently as other parts of the house and should be treated as a central hub of activity.

The owners like to go camping, so Ganna came up with a canopy structured above the dining table where the owners hang their collection of oil lamps and use it as a floral awning to create the feeling of camping under the trees.

Plants above dining table are

Simplistic living room design with dark focal wall.

The dark wooden flooring turns the house into a more natural environment and adds texture and depth.

Dark focal wall in living room

The clever use of sliding portioning separates the front from the back. The wall was turned into a multifunctional one, with one side facing the bedrooms is used as a wardrobe and the other facing the living space is a bookcase.

I have often said that sliding partitioning is a fabulous way to save space, allow natural light in and cordon off private from common areas.

Small kitchen with table island.

Small kitchen with table island for two.

Small dining room with large full wall mirror

Small bedroom with sliding bedroom door.

Small bathroom counter top.

The bedrooms and bathrooms were re-located to the back of the small apartment (102 sq. meters) and the larger front area was demarcated as being the living space or common areas.

Surrounded by green, natural wood, and visually calming surrounds, these owners must feel that they are on a perpetual camping trip in the wilds.

Mission accomplished.

Photography by Siew Shien Sam /MWphotoinc


Small Interiors

A 1950’s Inspired Apartment – Pinks, Orange, and Turntables

Looking for fun and interesting modern interior design ideas? Have a look at this 130 sq. meter apartment on treed avenue in Szczecin, Poland by Loft Kolasiński

Open concept living room dining room

Dining room table with 1980s artwork

We are back in Poland. Some of my best friends are Polish – but alas I have never gotten to visit them in their homeland. Krakow is on my list of to visit soon though – along with 100 other cities in the world!

This renovation by the renowned German and Poland based firm of architects and designers, Loft Kolasiński, shows their trademark signature style of minimal furnishing, big bold space, natural light and use of bespoke 1930-1970 style furniture.

Personally, I am not really into this type of furniture – but I know that it is coming back in a big way and in many people’s minds it is right on trend.

So here it is – showcasing the hallmarks of that era:

Dining room with alchohol trolly

I love this wooden, natural oak flooring. This is the best thing for a home. Oh so wish I had it throughout.

Dining room decor ideas.

The sputnik lamps are a talking point indeed. I do prefer taller lamps though – particularly in a dining area.

Small living room 1980s decor

Bespoke rugs were commissioned by the firm to add the true 1950’s look.

Open concept living room dining room

The small apartment is located in a building from the 1920’s and hence the design inspiration for the revitalization.
A lot of the furniture was designed and made by Loft Kolasinski; the chests of drawers, the dining, coffee, kitchen and the bedside tables all are in keeping with the theme.

Open concept living room dining room

Hallway decor ideas

I think the arched ceilings are inspirational – they add a heightened dimension to space. Along with the wide passages and open plan feel, the small apartment is given a grand entrance.

Hallway decor standing wall mirror

Grated wood record case.

Minimalistic bedroom decor.

Small kitchen dessert island

Small minimalist white bathroom

White bathroom storage ideas.

A modern version of a record-player console in the dining area.

Record cabinet with sliding wood doors


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Small Interiors

A Polish Holiday Apartment with Loads of Minimalist Polish

I am willing to bet that you don’t know about this little village in Poland. It is in Mi?dzyzdroje, a town and a seaside resort in north western Poland on the island of Wolin, on the Baltic coast.

For those of you who like to see exactly where this unpronounceable place is, here is the map:

Map of Poland

I think it looks great and I am hugely impressed with this little pad designed by Loft Kolasi?ski.

small living room with rustic light fixtures

Studio Loft Kolasi?ski does both interior and industrial design and they are renowned for their bespoke pieces of furniture that they make. They are particularly known for their penchant for furniture from 1920’s-1970’s.

They have offices in Poland and in Berlin. Having recently discovered them I am loving their work more and more, so I thought I would show you how they designed and decorated this small 90 sq. meter apartment for a couple who wanted a holiday home on this little Baltic island.

Small living room entrance view

The whole apartment was a complete renovation of an old building – you can still see the remains of the old walls and timber beams. The floors were given a polish and they look fabulous. So, with a lick of bag-wash whiter than white paint and rejuvenating the beautiful oak floors a brand new old apartment arose.

small dining area with rustic light fixtures and modern dining table set.

Bright and breezy indeed. The focus is on natural light shining in, which really gives it a holiday feel.

Minimalist kitchen design white comour scheme

Simplicity at its best. What more do you want in a holiday home at the beach?

Simple entryway decor

Small master bedroom design white and grey colour scheme

small bedroom with glass door

The glass door to the bedroom is very clever idea – again allowing for natural light to penetrate all areas of the small apartment. Voile curtains and white and grey furnishings in the bedroom give it a calm and relaxed feel, whilst also utilising things like a small bedside table to not make the room feel crowded and busy.

Simple pieces of bespoke furniture add a touch of class and artiness.

Hallway decor large wood framed mirror

To turn the bathroom into a feature, black tiles were laid in the shower area which adds a little sophistication of the space, but at the same time not detracting from the old-world charm of the structure.

Small bathroom round sink design