Bedroom Small Interiors

Layout Your Small Bedroom with Care and A Little Brain Power

There is nothing worse than a badly laid out room. It makes you feel uncomfortable and the Feng Shui is gone and past and looking a little Sheng Fade.

You have a small space and you want to turn it into a bedroom. Well, my dears, have I seen some real beauts! Especially amongst young guys whom you think would have developed beyond the cave and took some appreciation courses into how to make a bedroom look nice! Working with a small bedroom may actually help you to be as efficient as possible with the space you have. With this in mind, you may want to look into something like a sleeper sofa for your bedroom’s furniture. This way, you can have the advantages of both a sofa and a bed, without taking up too much space within the room. Websites such as are great for finding furniture like this, so you may want to check them out if you think a sleeper sofa would work well in the small room you are helping to design.

Student days are over sadly and along with more responsibility comes – wait for it – care in your home environment. I’ve just spent the last week redesigning my little girl’s bedroom which was so much fun. The best part about it is we have a little sing-song corner that she loves. We go on youtube all the time watching videos for children, she can’t get enough of it.

The one cup/glass/cereal bowl/cat feeder phenomenon has come and it is gone.
Getting basics back in layout techniques. A little mathematics to put you on the right track.

  1. Measure the room. All dimensions
  2. Draw this on a piece of paper, not on the cereal packet. Squared paper is good.
  3. Draw everything to scale, i.e. if the room is 5 metres wide, make sure that your scaled drawing reflects 5 metres. Make it 5 cm to equal 1 metre for example.
  4. Proportionately draw the position of the door, the window and any other fixed features.
  5. Measure your bed, side table/s and other furniture that you so wish to incorporate into your lair.
  6. Then make cut-outs of these and then you can play around as to where they go.
  7. If you can’t fit the fridge into the room, don’t. the same applies to the kitchen sink.

Here are some examples of how to position the bed and generally lay out the bedroom in this small space.

Tips to avoid bad bed placements

Don’t do the following:

  1. Position the bed under a window if you can help it. Sometimes it can work, but more often than not, it does not.
  2. Place the bed on a diagonal – this is a no-no
  3. Sleep with your feet facing the door
  4. Place the bed on a door wall
  5. Sleep with the door in-line with the side of the bed

Examples of some good bedroom layouts in small spaces.

1. Maximising storage and purpose of the small bedroom. In a room this small, you need all the storage space you can get. In many circumstances, this may mean looking for a storage unit, like those found at Boombox Storage, or laying out your bedroom in a way that allows you to have more space, which could be particularly important. This cleverly laid out bedroom, although small certainly is not minimizing on charm and style. Notice the pleasant color scheme and the neatness of all components in the room. If a room lacks storage, hope chests can always be included to provide a mobile storage solution. If you’re wondering what is a hope chest, its a small chest, almost trunklike, which can fit in numerous spaces in any room.

2. The bed in this small space could not have been placed anywhere else but it still is done with a sense of style being apparent in the colours selected and the practical positioning of one main side table and lamp. It is clutter free and inviting.

3. This cosy little bedroom again is maximising on storage space without being crammed full of furniture. A high bed allows for a pull-out underneath it – in case Gran comes to stay.

4. Although this example does have a bed under the window – there being no other place to put it – it works particularly well with the shelving installed directly above the bed-side tables. The overall effect is well balanced and charming. Bold printed blinds on Venetian blinds give it a cosy and private feel.

Thanks! See you next time!


Bedroom Small Interiors

Small Bedroom Color Ideas

How best to enjoy your sleep. You work hard, you work late and you have nothing on your conscience. When you go to bed, you sleep. Make your bedroom a place to enjoy your sleep.

The dreaded dilemma in painting a small room. I recently bought a new mattress from somewhere like Simba Sleep and it inspired me to redecorate the spare room. The spare room was painted a dingy cream color and it looks so much better now. Whoever stays in my spare room will be greeted with bright colors and a comfy mattress!

Yup this is what is known in designer speak as the DD. Personally, I don’t have a problem because I maintain that you do as you wish in your own home. If you are fixated on canary yellow this month – use it.

The designer police are not going to be knocking on your door and reporting you for outlandish behaviour.

After all home decorators, painting and adding pops of colour is not the same as a renovation. If you have an old cupboard that you have painted a fabulous colour and you like the overall effect, then go ahead and use complementary colours in the bedroom to bring out the best of it. It is always good to browse through sites that offer advice on colour schemes or ideas for your room, but unless you have contracted an interior decorator who will add lots of inspiration to your ideas, you need to decide on your own

Your own preference is what matters

Here are 8 tips, ideas and food for thought when you want to decorate your small bedroom.

Tip # 1. Plan

Simple. Draw up a strategy and ask yourself the following. I know it sounds completely obvious, but by elimination, you can then think clearly as to exactly what you want to do with it. Before you start decorating anything, you need to check the room is sturdy and structurally safe. My friend was going to decorate her daughters bedroom and she found some termites! Luckily she just visited and got some experts to come out and get rid of them, but look carefully just in case!!

  1. What is this bedroom used for?
  2. Does it have natural light that you want to maximise on?
  3. Is it for adults, or for a child?
  4. Does it form part of a multipurpose room – are you using it also as a workstation?
    What are the dimensions?
  5. Does it have high or low ceilings?
  6. Is there a bathroom en suite?
  7. Where is it positioned in the home?
  8. And yes, what is the budget for this?

By answering these – you will know how to furnish it. Once you have established that, then you can move on to how to and where to, add the colour.

Tip # 2. Dark or light?

The DD! Remember that choosing a colour scheme is like choosing from a gourmet menu. You only select what you like.

You decide. Do you want dark and heavy colours that give the room a cosy, cocoon feeling that will turn the bedroom into a sanctuary for the ultimate sleep, or do you prefer a lighter feel to a bedroom that makes use of the early morning sun?

Going back to the questions – what sort of natural light does the room get?

The majority of people like a bedroom saturated in natural light. In this instance lighter hues work well. But you may not be fortunate enough to have this in your small bedroom – perhaps it is a room that gets only a little light. In this case it is probably best to have a higher colour saturation, i.e. deeper colours.

Deep violet bedroom color

Tip # 3. The eye needs to be tricked

So we know that it is a small bedroom and you are wanting to create a feeling of airiness and space in it.

Bedroom with light orange toned

The main trick here is to use different tones of similar hues in the room. By using just one colour – generally, as this is dependent on the dimensions and particularly the ceiling height – you will remove the visual boundaries and so create a feeling of a bigger space.

Tip # 4. White is not the only option

Don’t fear. Colour can be brought in not only on the walls and ceiling, but also through accessorising. Pops of colour add a sense of cheerfulness – so feel free to do this in cushions, on the bedside tables, lampshades, and throws.

Small bedroom with bright color complements

If you love colour as I do, there are ways to incorporate it into the small bedroom without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Tip # 5. Relax

Any colour you find that is relaxing for your small bedroom will work. The thing is to remember that a bedroom is a place of rest.

Dark relaxing shades

Traditionally homeowners have been told steer away from darker colours in their small bedrooms, but because trends are more inclusive these days and a lot less prescriptive, you are allowed to use any colour, even dark shades, because, remember this is your personal space. You can do as you please – as long as it makes you happy.

Tip # 6 Dark shades for cosiness

Deep colours can camouflage the size of the bedroom. The important thing to remember is that whatever you choose must be soothing – so even reds can be used to create a feeling of cosiness. But note that your accessories need to complement the wall colour, not clash with it.

light grey colors with matching complements

Tip # 6 Greens, Blues and Neutral Shades

Layer the varying shades of your selected colour in the trims, the curtains and rugs. Companies such as Bazaar velvet also know the importance of matching certain pieces in your room by colour. This can make all the difference to the overall aesthetic and that’s what we are after.
You want to avoid the room being demarcated into different spaces so a similar hue throughout is a good way of making sure there is a sense of unity.

Light green complements

Charcoal and taupe are very on-trend and I must say I enjoy these hues in a bedroom, having recently decorated a space with these colours I managed to visually expand the space.

Earthy and neutral tones are frequently used in small bedrooms and are very good in making the walls recede. Accessorize to your hearts content with these tones and you will achieve a relaxed and comfortable feeling in the room.

Tip # 7 Ceilings – pay attention

Normally white is the best choice for a small bedroom’s ceiling. But be careful when using white on the rest of the room as a stark white can make the room feel cold. Rather use soft tones of ivory, butter or cream.

Light creamy colors

Depending on whether the room is for adult guests or for a child, you can of course change the colour of the ceiling to blur into the same hue of the walls. Pale blues, creams or even a mint green can work wonders. Don’t forget to have pest control similar to if you end up having bed bugs! Wouldn’t want your beautiful room ruined by bed bugs.

Tip# 8 Have fun!

Bedroom Small Interiors

Small Master Bedroom Ideas – Be the Master of Your Space

Small master bedrooms do not equate to small comfort. In fact, on many of my travels, I have felt the most discomfort in large, bland and characterless bedrooms. Look, one has to be able to move in a room, that is for sure and the thought of ever going back to those cheap European hotels where you have to unpack your suitcase in the corridor and dress in the stairwell does not excite me anymore.

I am happier in a normal-sized room – but if you have a small master bedroom, don’t stress. After all, there is not much that you can physically change unless of course, you are in a fortunate position to bash a wall down or heighten the ceiling for instance.

Follow these simple tricks of the trade to pimp up your compact bedroom into a bigger one.

It is a simple list you need to follow for the basic decoration of a bedroom – especially if on the small side.

  • Comfort is the number one priority
  • Keep colours light, bright and soothing – yet interesting
  • Furniture needs to be multifunctional with as much storage space as possible
  • Get rid of anything that is of no practical use
  • Keep everything clean – use Bissell products to do so
  • It can be furnished luxuriously by taking out rather than by adding
  • Use reflective surfaces as for instance in a mirrored cupboard treatment
  • Make the most of the dimensions – think height, length, and breadth

Tip # 1
Look for The Positives in The Small Bedroom Space

Bedrooms must be special places, so look for opportunities that will allow you to do a bit of boudoir dressing. This lovely natural fiber bed set is displayed to its best in a neutral setting, but with the addition of eye-catching bold print cushions that tie in with the artwork on the walls a lovely touch of color is added. The use of plants adds to the naturalness of the space and the clever use of glass side lamps gives a deceptive feeling of space where the natural light can shine in. It is simple and Classic and will not date:

Tip # 2
Focal Not Vocal

Don’t let things compete for attention in your master bedroom. Concentrate on what is naturally the focal point of the room – but you don’t need to shout about it. Being too overpowering or too vocal is not good. You don’t want an impression of jumble – you want rather create a sense of hierarchy where a melding of points of focus occurs.
Generally, in small bedrooms, the center point or focus is the head of the bed. This is where you can layer colors and textures and heights. You can also try to use tech accessories as furniture, or vice versa. iBeani make tablet pillows that can be used to support your tablet, as well as for plonking your head on when you need asleep. Great use of space and a nice piece of furniture!

In this instance, the bed is competing with the window for a focal point. So, the thing to do is choose one of these and not both. Here the bed has been decorated with fabulous spotty linen resting on a simple yet effective bed head and the window treatments are almost non-existent; it recedes into the background gracefully. The eye is drawn to the interesting treatment of the bed which has been made to look the hero of the room, not the bed and the window. It gives a light airy feel and most definitely opens up the small space in the bedroom.

Tip # 3
Small Rooms Need Mirrors or Anything That Can Reflect Light

Yes, same old cliché – use mirrors on your walls, and on your furniture and on your cupboards and so on and hence forth. These are the saving grace of small room interiors. They also add a bit of boudoir boutique glamour.
The back wall of this bedroom could easily have been plastered and painted, but what in interesting feature this open brick work is allowing for a contemporary yet old-world space. And to add glamour an oversized mirror as the backing to the bed is simply a fabulous bedroom idea that makes a very big statement.

The touch of the chandelier lights as bedside lights gives it a feeling of sophistication.

Tip # 4
Give an Illusion of Height

In this bedroom, the corona placed from the ceiling tricks the eye into an upward movement and it gives an illusion of height in the space. You can have a fancy one or as in this example, a simple white voile does the trick. It adds impact, height, and interest.
Note the bold use of color behind the bed from which the white corona is splayed to perfection.

Tip # 5
Open it all Up

You must consider, again I am repeating this, the dimensions of the room. Don’t go out and buy the biggest bed, with accompanying box-like bedside tables. It might look comfortable in the shop, and you may have dreamed of owning one all your adult life, but if it doesn’t fit, it will make you feel very cramped and constricted in all other aspects of decorating that small bedroom.
In this instance, the iron bed with a non-intrusive backing and footboard allows for a more spacious feel. And, yes, it fits in with the dimensions of the room, neither detracting from the high ceilings nor cramping the unusual ceiling angle of the corner of the room.
It looks cozy, yet practical. The open plan shelving and the glass tables also add to a less cluttered look. Note the use of the difficult space in the back corner – the perfect hideaway for that unsightly and cumbersome TV.
A simple rug or two on the floor again adds spaciousness to the bedroom.

Tip # 6
Headboards Don’t Take Up Space – They Make Up for It in Their Impact!

Yes, I am afraid so. You have to go and invest in a headboard. A master bedroom, no matter what size needs one.
They have a big visual impact and can be creative yet simple. The taller the headboard the taller the room will look. You can go wild on this element in a room, but I like this simple yet elegant one that does not compete with the geometric wall paper nor the window treatment.

Tip # 7
Go Forth, Be Brave and Have Fun!

And let us not forget to save some money while making the most out of our bedrooms. My friend recently switched their energy bills through Simply Switch.

Bedroom Small Interiors

Three Tricks to Transform that Small Master Bedroom into Something More Spacious

You can’t create more space in your small master bedroom, without putting a ten-pound hammer to work, but you can give the illusion of a bigger space. Here are some ideas to wave that magic bigger-wand of yours without getting outside contractors in to do the job.

Do you need a look that looks big? Simple tricks coming up and they won’t pull on your purse strings. They are fairly simple tips and nothing too drastic on your purse strings.

Want this?

Small master bedroom with windows

Got this?

small and narrow bedroom

Well, my friends, help is in the magic wand hand of yours. Take some advice and go out with confidence and simply wave that small bedroom space of yours away.

Designer Trick No. 1
“Mild” Colours. Not “Bland” or “Neutral” You have heard this over and over from me – but I think in Black/White/Grey/Nude and then I repeat it. These colours make walls disappear and you will believe in the magic wand if you paint in mild hues. A receding wall is what you are after to create that more spacious look. The cooler the hue the more receding, the warmer the hue the cosier the space becomes. Remember that with most colours you get a warm tone, and a cool tone. So, select your theme, and then decide on the tone for whatever effect you are after. Whatever colour you decided to paint you room, you want to make sure that all the furniture will be safe in the process. You can cover it with a white sheet. But you could also look into using storage units in perth to keep your furniture safe from any paintwork that you are getting done. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a storage unit near you too, no matter where you live. Once the work is complete, you can retrieve all your possessions. You’ll finally have the room that you have always dreamed of, just with a simple change of colour.

Using a cool white with a splash of cool grey gives this bedroom a spacious look. It is very Scandinavian, which is very contemporary at the moment. You have to be brave to do this and of course very controlled – no, you cannot add that crochet grandma’s blanket with a million and one colours. Not in this look and feel. This colour scheme makes the room look bright and breezy.

small master bedroom

The incorporation of the small dressing table/mini office is a clever way of utilising space in this small room. Imagine if this section were in an array of different colours and tones – it would make it look cluttered and messy.

Designer Trick No. 2
Go up up and away…

My very best thing in a house is a high ceiling. They are very special and if you have them be very grateful – these can add a massive design effect if cleverly used.

The delightful big and bold monochrome wallpaper on the bedside wall adds a completely different dimension and tricks your eye into thinking there is more to come in this space. The natural light does help to add to this effect.

Many designers would insist here on a tall bed with a possible 4 poster effect, but I believe that the wallpaper does the job just perfectly on its own. By fiddling with the height and structure of the bed in this room, would in my opinion, be too much – you may be adding too much heft to the space. Rather keep it simple.

That is not to say though that in a different shaped room with a tall ceiling you can’t proportion up your bed. You most certainly can. It all depends on the shape of the room.

The beautiful height of this bedroom allows for a very detailed and heavy look back-panelling and headboard. Note the use of the chandelier and the clever lighting to add further depth. The eye is automatically drawn upwards to the interesting ceiling space and the well-proportioned overall feel detracts from the fact that the room is narrow.

Designer Trick No. 3
Be Bold. Or Italic. Never Regular!

Obviously, we know that paler, cooler hues on the walls and lighter in scale furniture makes a bedroom look more spacious. That’s why you keep an eye out for it when you look for Modern Furniture Toronto. But, yes we know, there are exceptions to the rule; bigger and bolder can very often work in a small spaced bedroom.

Take for instance this small bedroom which has a four poster bed and bold colours scattered throughout the space. The grey backdrop emphasises the natural earthy tones of the bed.

The furniture here stands out in a bold fashion. You are drawn firstly to this piece and not to the surrounding small space. It has a wow-effect and double whammy by tricking you into thinking the bedroom space is larger than it actually is. So the constraints of the space are overwhelmed by the larger than norm bedroom furniture. If you are thinking of redecorating your bedroom furniture then it might be a good idea to check out something like this Bedroom Furniture by Hudson to give you a better idea of what you could do to your bedroom.

One thing I found difficult to get right was finding the perfect mattress. When we purchased our new bed, we decided it was the right time to change our mattress too! We ended up making a list of the things we liked about them, and the things we didn’t like to help us make our final decision. Some websites did this for us, such as casper vs leesa which saved us so much time. In the end, we managed to find the one right for us, and I just couldn’t wait to get everything together.

The pairing of the bold colours of the cushions and accessories with a simple white linen bed cover, adds a sense of drama and also tricks the eye away from the dimensions of the small space. I couldn’t have been happier with how it looked.

small bedroom colour ideas