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Five Creative Ways of Solving the Pantry Dilemma in 2017

Pantry Doesn’t Work Anymore? Here are five simple pantry ideas to get you on your way!

In remodeling, a kitchen, one of the first things we think about is having a fab pantry. One that works. And the first thing a kitchen designer will tell you is: A Pantry? You don’t have space for a pantry.

Well I wholeheartedly, with all my groceries together and my tinned peas in a row, disagree. If you find a company for home renovations melbourne, they may be able to change the layout of your rooms so you could find room for a pantry. Admittedly, only the lucky ones have room for that. Generally, gone are the days of walk-in pantries, unless of course you are living in Grump Tower, so you have to simply make use of the existing space and plan for a new improved way of incorporating a pantry. Let’s call it a Grocery Shelf, or a Food Library, or a Grub Cupboard or whatever the new world refers to it as it is still a pantry. If you’re due a kitchen upgrade, you can fit a larger pantry space into your remodeling plans. Hammerschmidt Construction provides award winning Palo Alto home remodeling for kitchens, bathrooms or an entire home renovation, ensuring you have space all over your home. If you’re a keen cook, you’ll find that you need quite a lot of room in your kitchen so maximizing every space is vital.

If your pantry is inaccessible because it is 10 feet high, and you have to get a step ladder out, or it is too deep and there are jars there that you late Granny gave you, then it is time to rethink. Lost in The Back Nether Regions of the Pantry Space. A 21st Century Adventure for Real-Time Culinary Explorers, Kitchen Remodelers and other Mere Pestle and Mortals.

High kitchen cupboards

Here are 5 ideas for incorporating a PANTRY into a new super duper kitchen and. without breaking the bank or the walls down.

This is of course the dream that is unlikely to come to any fruition.

Walk -in pantry

1. Open shelving is so this year! (And my favourite)

Your lentils will love you for these. These will help open up a cramped space and they can be easy on the eye. You need to art direct them so that they are an accessory to the kitchen and not a place where one hides things.

Also open shelving is never too deep so guess what you can see where everything is. Revelation indeed! Think of your open shelving a bookshelf and how it could be built into the kitchen itself or on an adjoining wall. It will look fab.

Stand alone kitchen pantry wall unit

2. If you cant do open do glass closed you will still be able to see your flour for your sugar.

Kitchen with glass cupboard doors

3. To assist in finding things consider storage jars that are clear

Clear food jars or containers are perfect for small spaces because you can see what is them and you can see if the ingredients are going to seed! No more rummaging through cluttered pantry cupboards that you cant reach into anyway. Not only that, but if the space for your pantry shelves is in front of a window, say for example one from Graceland Residential Windows after a recent or planned remodeling, then the natural backlight can help highlight the beauty of the ingredients and bring a quirky but natural design element into the home.

Glass ingredient jars

4. Think stand-alone units for grocery storage

Stand alone kitchen pantry

The very trendy stand-alone or custom made units are a perfect 21st century invention and the designs can be endless. Consider you small space and work around installing a unit that is a piece of furniture rather than just another kitchen cabinet.

5. If you can use one big floor to ceiling spot to act as the pantry

Country kitchen with pantry

More to come. Cheers for now.

Kitchen Small Interiors

Kitchen Colour Schemes for Cabinets and Islands

Choosing a kitchen colour is like selecting only one type of fruit or vegetable from a delectable Italian Market.

I want them all, I hear you say. The infinite combinations open for selection can be both daunting and exciting and not to mention expensive unless you’re using a Raise coupon code. The variety of groupings and possible hues to pick from will be easier with these tips.

6 Big Decisions to take in selecting a colour scheme for your kitchen

Obviously dears, you don’t have to follow these by the book. They are here to help you make a decision.

1. Selecting colours for the cabinets

Cabinets will eat into at least 50% of your overall re-modelling budget but remember they take about 40% of the visual space of the kitchen. So select a colour, or a combination of colours that you like, that suite your personality and that fit into the overall design of your home.

2. Selecting colours for countertops

By occupying a big space make sure they match the cabinets, floors walls. They don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but they do need to fit in. All one colour is a no-no, and can lead to a boring, bland look. Regardless of the color scheme that you’re going with, you will be able to find quartz countertops that will match the rest of your new kitchen as they are manufactured in a wide range of colors and styles.

3. Selecting colours for the floor

Again this must co-ordinate with the cabinets and countertops. If you have an existing floor that cannot be changed (although you would your back teeth to do this!), you then need to work around this first. Please do not have cinnamon coloured cabinets, a beige countertop and pine floors. It will be overly pumpkin and in no ways charming. Always take into consideration the adjoining floors in other rooms so that the “flow” is pleasing.

4. Selecting the backsplash colour

By the time you have got to this decision, your colour scheme should very much be in place. You can either co-ordinate or clash; you can have different textures here or something bold and bright.

5. Selecting the wall colour

This is very often the first place you start, but in fact should come after your cabinet colours. The main tip is to balance with the cabinets, floors and backslash.

6. Selecting the island colour

This is when you can go a little crazy. The island is a very important feature – yes it is a feature. You need to accentuate this and you can choose a similar hue to the cabinets or you could do something quite bold. It all depends on where it is and how big it is.

Here are some ideas that I have managed to collate for you. Most of them are for wooden cabinets in a light to cinnamon colour.

Lovely light grey walls to be offset with the white of the windows and light wooden cabinets. Note the difference in countertop on the island.

ktchen with grey walls and white window boarders

Again use of grey and white walls. I particularly like the lighter floors and countertops. This gives a lovely light airy feel and the modern hardware is fab. The whole open plan style works fantastically.

kitchen with one-piece kitchen island

This example shows that the lovely wooden beams and door frames have been allowed to shine through in the room. If the cabinets had been in similar wood the whole thing would have been too much. So the cabinets are white, and the island comes to the fore.

kitchen with wooden door frames and beams

A stand out island in a lovely duck-egg blue really adds to the charm and high style of this kitchen. The light countertops offset the darker floors. Love the interesting colour on the walls which brings out the natural tone of the wood. If you like to make stuff and are thinking about making your own wooden cabinets then you may need to buy a portable bandsaw. If you don’t know which one to buy, why don’t you check out this review here for further help.

duck egg blue island

Another example of a unique centrepiece – the beloved island – in this kitchen is made to shine with a lick of darker paint. It looks great contrasting with the floors and countertops and adds a sense of crispness to the palette. I found some similar granite countertops near me when I was researching this article and I am very tempted to buy them if I ever redesign my kitchen.

Darkly painted kitchen island

Picture by Caves Kitchens

How about a dash of red?

I am loving these two kitchens where a dash of lipstick red was added to the walls. A bold yet clever move as the kitchen has come alive. Note that the colour scheme is basically the wooden colour of the units, the whiteness of the windows and the red walls.

kitchen with lipstick red accent wall

kitchen island with red accent wall

The dark blue glass tiled splashback gives this kitchen a sense of modernity and fun. Blue works particularly well with these cinnamon coloured cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

kitchen with dark blue tiled splashback

Picture by Zeo Interior

This island is a dream one – being so impressive and substantial, so the light green finish helps keeping it from overwhelming the rest of the room.

large kitchen island

This is an example of the island operating as an island – on its own. It is almost the entrance hall table and has been designed to be multi-functional and beautiful at the same time. The subtle colour scheme has ensured that it is not too overpowering.

kitchen counter island

I included this picture because I so love this look. Clever use of greys and whites along with the natural wood makes for just such a lovely space, full of character and charm.

rustic kitchen wood finish

The interesting green tiled splashback adds a sense of warmth and contrast to the fairly over dominant cabinets and floors. I would have painted the island a lighter colour to really bring a sense of contrast through.

How not to colour your kitchen

Kitchen with bland colour scheme

To me this is an example of how not to colour your kitchen. It all is too much and I think quite boring and unfriendly. The chairs should have been in red, or duck-egg blue and the upper cabinets in a lighter shade.

Kitchen Small Interiors

Want a Country Kitchen Makeover? Easy as Pie

Five simple country kitchen ideas to help you achieve the Country Kitchen Look without breaking your budget

We all love the thought of a simple country kitchen and the lovely connotations it brings to mind. The smell of home baked bread, coffee brewing, Grandma’s chutneys displayed, and the cosiness of an open fire. The large family kitchen table, where meal after delicious meal is served and the sound of laughter is in the air. And of course under the table is the heirloom rug. Here are some great ideas to get you going.

Dream on my friends – nothing wrong with that.

But reality can be painful. Your kitchen may look like it is beyond organization, getting help from remodelling agencies like Kitchen Wise for kitchen organization in Frisco might be your last resort. Such companies can de clutter the chaos in your cabinets, and other hard-to-reach places in your kitchen. If you do not have any organizational problem, lets try to make your kitchen space for good-looking! So, here are some tips on how to brighten up your kitchen and turn it into a more countrified style. Even with limited space, there are tricks to making the room look great.

Remember a little thought and cash can go a long way if you follow some of these simple kitchen trade secrets that I have learnt.

1.Expose it all

One of the trademark looks for a cottage style country kitchen, is open shelving where everything is on display. It is really simple to open up your shelving by removing the doors and painting the cabinet in a distressed look.

Then go featherbed and get your beautiful crockery and some collectables out there. Add a dash of greenery and Mr Denver is your uncle!

Ikea country kitchen with accents

2.Mix but don’t necessarily match

Grandma’s stuff with modern – is the look. Include some junk-shop or second hand finds with up to date touches. Some people like to include the best domino hobs as their up to date touches so they can have fantastic modern utilities with classic stylings all around. Use colour in contrasting hues, paint techniques on the cabinets and when you can add some wallpaper that has a distinctive countrified feel. Cosiness and heritage is what you are looking for. A little old drama along with the trendy kitchen equipment you have will give the space a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

3.Blackboard a wall

It is easy to paint one of your walls or even the backsplash of the hob in chalkboard paint which can then be used to keep your shopping lists and things to do lists. It is inexpensive and adds a sense of fun to the room. If you’re not keen on the dark tones of the chalk paint, you could check out Writey. You can create a whiteboard wall to keep track of your lists, nothing too serious – unless of course you want to right down the rules of your country kitchen for others to take note.

Kitchen with blackboard wall

4.Display canisters and jars

Yes, you can pretend that you made all those jams and condiments and you carefully labelled them. It is a clever way of taking the modern out of the kitchen and adding some character. I particularly like old enamel ware and use it often as vases, or places to keep something pretty.

country canisters and jars

Kitchen dishware

5. Original brick

Think farmyard and old heritage building techniques. The first thing that comes to mind is exposed, non-plastered brick. If you cannot chip away your wall rendering, then find a wallpaper that is open brick, stone, wood, or even rock. Wallpaper can be expensive, but make sure that you are only covering a small section and it won’t break your piggy bank.

Thanks for reading!

– Jess

Kitchen Small Interiors

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Wanting to create more space in your simple kitchen to give it a bigger feel? These simple kitchen ideas will help. If you are renovating your small “can’t-swing- a-cat-in-it” kitchen and are not able to add or move walls, you need to take some design advice that will help you in establishing a bolder and more impactful look. Some people decide to try and achieve this look through building their own kitchen cabinets. Creating that bolder look by deciding to buy a stainless steel flat bar and create bolder cabinet door handles. There are a bunch of different ways to achieve this bolder look. Most of all, though, a look that looks big.

They are fairly simple tips and nothing too drastic on your purse strings. I recall when my husband and I first moved in together he took one look at the kitchen which to me looked like a shoe box and regaled – “Perfect. Only one cook and bottle washer in this kitchen at one time and clearly it is not going to be me!” That is so not the case today and we are constantly reminded that no matter what the size or shape of the home, the kitchen is still one of the most important rooms in the house. In my dealings with small space design, the kitchen is the focal point of a home! And will be for a long time to come. Within all these tips, I am starting with a clean palate and suggesting that you focus on using lighter colours. Before you do anything then, select a group of complimentary hues that are, what I refer to, as MILD. Neutral is too bland for me. Mild allows you to feel the space and be happy in it. This does not mean you can’t have a bright red fridge or yellow bar stools, it means that the feel of the surround is calm and peaceful. A mild colour palette will open up the space and visually add dimension and light. I recently was involved in a pink-hued kitchen. Wow – it turned out to be fabulous! Who would have thought about doing this a few years ago?

Designer Tip No. 1

Space and light and order. Trash and rehash to make the most of your natural light. Yup folks, spend the money and get rid of any dinginess in any cabinetry, countertops or floors. Kitchens cannot be dingy; they must be clean and orderly. Small kitchen colours I am assuming here that you have some natural light in your kitchen coming from a window. This is a huge plus and must be honoured with pride of place and treated as a focal point. The colour of the cabinets should be, as I say, mild and this will allow reflection to take place from the natural light. The latest fad is to go for grey-whites or green-whites to achieve the look of scandinavian white kitchens. A hint of colour to a white foundation will add a touch of warmth and prevent the dreaded stark feeling of a space. We may differ here, but stark is not in my vocabulary when you are designing an interior. Stark is for hospitals and morgues. Add a touch of texture here with similar hued tiles, or plank-flooring and a graphic printed fabric on the window or as in this instance a fabulous splashback to adds a sense of prismatic colour.

Designer Tip No. 2

Streamline the look by integrating appliances and using similar materials. Country kitchen Face the fact that you cannot have that country kitchen that you have always yearned for. But you can achieve, within a very small space an open and clean feel by utilising the same materials throughout. A small-scale kitchen needs to be as streamlined as possible to open the area and allow you to have as much counter space to work on. You might find that one way to get more counter space is by investing in a dishwasher, such as this spt sd 2201 to help you save on space when you need to clean your dishes. Think about tucking the microwave and coffee machine into a cupboard and hide the fridge behind a cleverly designed wall panel. If you are looking for some compact kitchen appliances, then take a look at review sites such as for some inspiration. Ask yourself where you will put any other gadgets out of the way, but mostly ask yourself do you actually use all your gadgets and hand-me-down pots and pans? Will you one day have only the top of the range stuff and not a medley of bric-a-brac? By using the same material, i.e. in this instance wood/white cabinetry and countertops you will immediately achieve a feeling of symmetry and one theme throughout. You can always choose a different colour for the base cabinets and the top ones – just remember to work within the same palette of colours.

Designer Tip No. 3

Upper cabinets can be upped and away sometimes. If you have smart cabinets below that are able to efficiently tuck away your kitchen necessities, then ask yourself if it is really necessary to have upper cabinets that in many instances are design obstructions rather than efficient storage. I am totally in favour of hanging artwork in a kitchen. But you do sacrifice that upper cabinet. You weigh it up. I think that open shelves give a much lighter and interesting design to a kitchen. You can of course, not put your artwork on the walls, but rather fill the shelves with beautiful ceramics, herbs, cookery books and your collection of antique teapots, for instance. Quirky and artistic. Like the rest of your home. Small kitchen with bright colours

Kitchen Small Interiors

Simple Kitchen Dessert Island Ideas

Tips on how to demarcate your simple kitchen desert island and stop it being a dump site – especially in a small kitchen.

Treat your kitchen island as if it were a desert island, not a multi-layered, messy dessert trifle.

We recently had some old university friends to stay over the new year period and they arrived with loads of treats and goodies for the 4-day “rave”. Before you could say “Fiddle- me –Timbers”, the music was on and the wine was flowing.

Guess what? Before I could read them the rules of the house, they had dumped everything onto our kitchen island and expected me to stash it away. In fact, I don’t really know what they expected.

They had forgotten what a wicked witch I am. There are Rules in this HOUSE. And the first one is: do not mess with my space! I am never going to revert to those hideously cute sayings on a board that says something corny like: “My kitchen was clean last week and I am sorry you missed it!”

No folks, this island ain’t for your clutter, nor for your keys, reading glasses and books, handbags or wallets. It is a kitchen. And it is an island. Designing an island or an entire kitchen could do with a professional touch. Go to websites like and talk to some experts who could guide you towards the ideal configuration for your space.

My kitchen island is not an Eaton Mess dessert. It is a pristine and pretty place.

So I set about clearing it all up and trying desperately to not offend anyone (yes, I have become a little less pushy), put the keys in the key bowl on the cabinet in the lounge, the reading glasses in their bedrooms and their endless supply of wine into the wine rack.

Sure as little green limes, the next day it was the same mess. “Hey, do they live like this at home?” And then the inevitable “where is my….?”, sprouts forth. Oh, help me Lord, taking another sip of champers to calm my nerves.

I got it back to what it was by hiding all the rest of their stuff and remaining ignorant as to where it all was.

This is how I arranged my kitchen island- without getting the loudspeaker out and reverting back to being the woman’s lib witch that I was at university.

Firstly – design it so that it is a special place, not a dumping ground

I took out some odd containers and filled them with flowers and greenery and arranged them on the island to make a bold yet simple statement. The best way of doing this is to have some sort of theme; either a colour theme or in this case a celebratory theme. If it is very small, three daffodils will suffice.

So some of the containers were interestingly shaped bottles of varying sizes and forms and by putting only one flower in each, and at different heights, I managed to make it look like a dining room table that everyone was about to sit down at. Heavens forbid you would put your collection of last century CDs on that! It worked like a treat.

Secondly- add layers of fruit and vegetables

I took out a basket filled it with fruit and vegetables and that sat with the collection of “vases”. My colour theme for the flowers was yellows and oranges, with a dash of deep reds. The basket was filled with lemons, oranges and pumpkins of different shapes and sizes.

Obviously, depending on your size of island, keep it in proportion. No point overwhelming the space. The design must be clean and in context with the space. If you can only fit one pumpkin, then that will still work. And if you want, fill the flower container with fruit or vegetables before putting the flowers in – this will really save space.

It worked like a treat. The keys were being put into the key bowl and not thrown onto this pristine island. Two steps further to mission accomplished.

Thirdly – add gentle lighting

I half-filled two glass vases with lentils and put candles in each. Whilst watching me do all this and reminiscing about the good old days – the reprobate friends started, albeit slowly, to get the picture. You can sit and chatter and help in the preparation of food from my island, but don’t mess with it. Whatever style of lighting you choose, it’s vital to ensure it’s installed by a trained professional. This prevents any damage to existing electrical circuits and ensures the light is safe to use. Sites like are available to help find a suitable electrician for the job.

Mission accomplished.

Lesson learnt.

Now I have to instill this into all visitors and family. Keep it decorated and people will admire and treat it with care. No matter what size your kitchen, the island should always look decorated, as, after all, this is really the only space that you can do this in a kitchen. My kitchen island will always stand out as it is a different colour to the rest of the kitchen – a good tip to do if you want it to be a space on its own – and it is always designed with an array of fresh fruit and flowers and lovely lighting.