Changing a 1905 Living Space into a 2017 Masterpiece in Apartment Rejuvenation

Remember fellow decorators and design enthusiasts that you need to ensure that the most important thing, is to make the most important thing, the most important thing. For you.

pena designs small apartment redesign

And again I am talking Rotterdam and the very innovative firm called PEÑA. I recently wrote about this dynamic firm based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where I lyrically praised their redesign of an old museum in this city.

Well, I found another one of their apartment renovations in their project called Casa C. I hope you admire it as much as I do and at the same time get some tips on how to rejuvenate a small space into a masterpiece of design.

Small living room large windows design with grey sectional and large planter


Small living room grey sectional doorway book case

split small living room view large planter grey sectional and doorway bookshelf shelving


The overriding “important” features of the redesign are:


  • Innovative structural design in the orientation of the functions of the apartment.
  • Using clever design techniques to ensure orientation and placement of the functions to maximum benefit.
  • Maximising light.
  • Making spaces like the stairway and corridors part of the living space rather than separate spaces.
  • Maximising the outdoor space and adding a conservatory to connect the dining room and kitchen.
  • Adding sliding doors from the bedroom to the balcony to give it a holiday feeling.
  • From urban to open living.
  • Small spaces can have BIG features – note the fabulous doors and architraves.
  • Small rooms can take big lamps and light features as long as you have high ceilings.
  • Spectacular use of bold colours to demarcate areas.
  • Amazonian plants can work in small spaces.
  • Don’t forget the ceilings – they add a whole new dimension.


Small living room grey sectional doorway book case

small narrow dining room with plastered ceiling effects red focal walls and narrow dining room table


small apartment sunroom large plant kitchen view

small apartment sunroom decor

Office split view stairwell study

small apartment office study skylight

Small modern kitchen design decor fridge oven combination space saving

Small apartment office large windows planter


My best piece of advice if you happen to be an urbanite and wanting a more contemporary and natural structure to your apartment, is to get advice from people like these.

Miracles can happen even in the centre of a city! You too can have an “evolved” apartment to show off. The important thing is to remember that you must focus on what is important to you.

Trust you enjoyed this travel show – until next time.


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