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Cleverly Refurbished Small Apartment – Kitchen to Bedroom and Bedroom to Sitting and Kitchen

Kvarteret Mäkleri is a superior real estate brokerage service offered in Gothenburg, Sweden and I stumbled upon them whilst researching beautiful small interiors around the world.

Small modern kitchen with patterned backsplash design

I think this charming small apartment has been restored not only with meticulous precision but also has been done in keeping with the area in which it is situated; a prestigious suburb with lots of class and style.

The designers and suppliers of all that went into this apartment were all sourced locally – and I think they have done a superb job.
Take a look for yourself.

Small kitchen cupboard design with minimal elements

Small living room design with classic traditional decor

The first thing that was done by the designer was to swap the kitchen with the living room so that a multifunctional space could be created.

Don’t be hemmed in by what you find – the lesson here is that rooms can be swapped around and this goes to show how it can be done with great style.

The old kitchen was turned into the bedroom. A lovely rustic wall was built and it adds to the charm of the place. You can always get this effect using wall paper instead of actually using old bricks. Whatever way – it adds a lovely textured effect to the space.
Small classic old fridge.

Small square kitchen table and decor

Small master bedroom with exposed brick focal wall

Small bedroom with modern ceiling light fixture

Simplicity at its best – but with an attention to detail.

Small bedside table with decor
A warm cozy entrance wall papered in a classic look – add an antique chandelier and the results speak for themselves.

Hallway patterned wall paper

hallway small bathroom entranceway

Of course being in Sweden the floors are simply fabulous. They were sanded down to get the original patina and they give the whole space a lovely warm and light feeling.

Small leather couch in living room

White bathroom colour scheme
An apartment with a view – the two small balconies add a huge amount of atmosphere to the small apartment. pretty window boxes complete the picture.

You can get the gist – although in Swedish – you can see where the bedroom used to be and how cleverly it was turned around to maximise on light and the view of the garden.

Have you thought about how you can use your entire space better? Thinking out the box of wall constraints can sometimes lead to the answer.

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