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Contemporary Madrid Apartment with an Eclectic Bejewelled Style

A jewel of an apartment

Small eclectic living room

Contemporary liing room with black and white checkered floor.

This sophisticated apartment was designed by the Architect Mafalda Riveiro Gozálvez. She is a researcher in the Architectural Ideology department of the Technical School of Architecture in Madrid. This fabulous apartment is part of a 19th-century building in Madrid, Spain.

The use of vibrant colours that give it the jewelled look is inspirational. I don’t know about you, but on first seeing this magnificent design, my eyes were drawn all over to the little gems that add to the sophistication of her classic design.

Sitting room with full wall book shelf.

The charm of the past with modern features

I so love checkerboard flooring. It is one of my favourites. Gozálvez cleverly added a grey slate frame to the checkers; updating a classic look with a modern twist and somehow this works as a demarcation in the room, almost as if the checkers were a large rug.

The slate grey is then continued into the dining area.

Adding a Zebra skin under the glass library table is very unusual. The patterned black and white theme runs not only on the floor but in some of the upholstery and then to really get your eyes in a geometric muddle the Zebra skin. And it works!

Sitting room with eclectic decor and full wall book shelf.

Fifties armchairs, vintage lamps and unique details

The whole space is like an interesting curio shop or museum. I feel as it if could spend a long time here soaking in the lovely details and examining the eclectic collection of artworks, books, vases and general stuff. It is not cold though – it is inviting and has a huge amount of character.

Why not have every chair in a different colour?

I have often wanted to do this as I can never decide on exactly which upholstery fabric that I like best in a collection. Not enough courage to take the bull by the horns and just do it. It works so well in this small apartment.

colourful dining room apartment decor.

Bright orange walls and pop art in the kitchen

Personally, I would not have chosen orange. But then I don’t live in Madrid – home of the orange. I think the pop art wall covering is great and fits in the with black Smeg fridge and white tiling around the sink area.

If you run out of money re-decorating – you can always find some inexpensive posters to paste on the walls – they certainly add a lift to any space. And when you tire of them – replace them.

Colourful eclectic kitchen decor.

Colourful and modern bedroom.

Classic traditional bathroom decor

If there is one thing you take out of this example of eclectic decorating I hope it is that you can use lots of colour and get away with it. The black and white pallet chosen for the floors and walls allows for this.

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