Cool and Contemporary with Unexpected Colour Accents – How to Create a Fresh Style

Muted is okay, but add some flashes of colour for freshness

playful child's room

I recently came across this Tel Aviv based designer and I am loving her work. Yeal Perry is a contemporary interior designer who gets her inspiration from research and observation of her surroundings.

This apartment is Israel that she designed with such flair was for a young couple about to embark on parenthood. She decided to add touches of colour throughout and fabulously interesting geometric shapes on the walls.

How simply innovative and creative is that – and at minimal expense and effort.

The result is an unexpected delight – an apartment with muted shades of grey and blue and then wham some brightly coloured accents in small pieces of furniture and lighting along with orange office accessories. If you want to check out some more office accessories or furniture, you can always check out Versare and see what you can find there.

So, yes – this basic palette is not uncommon these days, but to add interest and some personality add in your own favourite colours in small amounts and see the results.

Livingroom partition


Need some artwork on your walls – think geometry

The oversized geometric diamond, square and rectangular shapes were painted in contrasting shades to the walls to counteract the stripped-back colour in the overall scheme in the apartment.

Instead of hanging artwork on the walls these shapes can then become art in themselves. Try it – I think it is brilliant.

creative geometric artwork

To ensure this theme is echoed throughout – add similar details to the accessories

Note the super black and white patterned rug and the table ware that is subtly geometric. You can also do this in the tiling in bathroom and in the linen you choose for your bedding.

Livingroom with grey sectional couch

To get an industrial look – add a concrete feature wall

Note how she included a concrete wall in the living area – this adds texture and depth to a room. Another super idea is to paint a room, in this case, the entrance, in black so that it transforms into a blackboard for guests and yourself to test your creative skills.

Fun and different.

Open concept living room dining room.

Lighting is for illumination in all its aspects

Perry designed the lighting specifically for the space. You don’t have to go to these lengths – as this would be very expensive, but you do need to realise that lighting is a very important aspect to décor.

Her oversized light bulbs on red cables and crisscrossed designs are indeed pieces of artwork in themselves.

Playful hanging lights.

Is it out-of-the-box thinking or simply creating clever spaces within the box?

small bedroom with ensuite

small bedroom with creative box decor

small office space

You decide. Either way, it is inspiring, you have to admit.

I will be back with more from this amazing designer.

Cheers for now.

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