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Creative Ways to Decorate Around A Brown Sofa

modern living room with brown couch

What goes best with chocolate? The answer is cream? Yes.

Generally, when confronted with a brown anything in furniture we all raise our brows and mutter boring, practical and so outdated. Blah Blah. Well this does not have to be the case my dears.
We know all about the practical aspects of a brown sofa; the fact that you can spill almost anything on it and get away with the after effects and that any grubby little finger marks are not going to show all purport to practical.

Dark brown is very practical and forgiving. But often we don’t want only practical. Think of the shoes you wear. If anyone were to comment: “gosh those are lovely, practical brown shoes”, you would grind your teeth in utter horror. There is nothing wrong with brown shoes, some of my best boots are Italian leather brown. They are stunning – because they are stylish.

The same applies to brown furniture, or brown couches. Get away from the practical side – that is a given – and jazz the look upwards and onwards. After all, we are all looking for style in our homes.

Here are 5 ways to put some style into your brown sofa so that it speaks to you in a fresh and modern way.

1. Add Cream. Lots of it. In all flavours.

What goes best with chocolate? The answer is cream? Yes

Cast your mind back to the “olden days” of living in a dark sitting room, with thick woven curtains, a brownish no-nonsense carpet and lots of wooden furniture. The walls are covered in family portraits and framed in dark mahogany, swirly wheels. A Brown Nightmare!

No – that is not the idea you should conjure up. So whatever you do, make sure you do not do this.

Fact – Dark brown will dominate a space if you allow it to. Solution: If you add lots of lighter accessories you will automatically balance the darkness and bulkiness of the sofa.

Note that in this example, all the accessories are in light creams or whites. There is no other brown in the room. What works is the mass of different textured cushions and throws and the accompanying furniture all painted white.

The light grey walls are perfect for chocolate brown as they distract from the brown centrepiece. Cleverly incorporated and picking up on the grey are the geometric grey and white cushions along with the animal print artwork.

Adding touches of chrome to liven and modernise the look.

brown couch with light grey area rug

Bliss at Home.

2. Neutralise the Dominance

Fact – chocolate or any brown needs neutralising to be pretty. Solution – add accent colours with natural earthy tones.

In this example, the addition of natural cream really neutralises the dominance of the brown sofa. Additionally, if your sofa is leather, cleaning it can make all the difference. When you begin cleaning a leather sofa , the colour brightens and doesn’t look so dull, making it look brand new.
That is what you are wanting to do. Neutralising can incorporate a different colour on the wall – and I am loving this steel grey which is also brought out in the cushion fabric. The whole room looks at peace and nothing is glaringly obvious. Note the lovely creamy rug – again neutral although it could get dirty easily. If you choose to get a cream rug, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue though. Just contact a Rug Cleaning Kew company and they’ll sort everything out for you.

living room with large window

Crisp white ceilings and trim also keep the space light and bright.

3. Add Warm Autumnal Tones

Fact – brown can work with other warm colours. Solution – make sure that the whole look is crisped up with touches of lighter accents.

Think of fall and the colours that conjures up. Accent hues can be dark, brick reds, yellow, mustard and deep oranges. Brown is a warm colour and allows you to add more warmth with fall colours.
The gallery art, (note the white/cream backgrounds of art), pale grey walls, and the light furniture accents, all balance the visual weight of the brown sofa. The bunt sienna accents give the brown a pop of lovely colour.

living room with grey picture wall

This lovely space really works well with the warm colours chosen on the wall and lamps. Add in touches of animal prints and dark brown accents and you have a lovely feel-good stylish room.

living room with swirly area rugs

sectional brown couch living room

4. Hot Chocolate Cooled Down

Brown is not only in the realms of the warmer hues – you can be very experimental with adding greens and blues. My favourite with brown is duck-egg blue.

Fact – Brown goes with blues and greens. Think forests and lakes. Solution – add these tones to chairs, walls, and cushions

Cooler tones will add a sense of calmness to the space. Think how perfectly those brown Italian boots go with jeans. You can get the same stylish look with your brown sofa as in this example.
Again notice the use of white/cream to add crispness to the overall look.

living room cream accents

5. Add Serious Zing But – beware of colour blocking.

Fact – brown and red work fabulously together. Solution – don’t add only colour blocks of red, mix it with a geometric fabric or rug in a more neutral hue.

This example shows that red and brown can work wonders with the addition of a lighter grey on the walls and curtains. The rug really brings it all together.

living room red chairs brown sofa

Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann

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