Creativity in Your Home Comes from Trust

S&A Design Living room

Yes, it is about trusting your own instincts

I have been travelling again. On the web that is. No time off on tropical islands just as yet. As all who know me will testify to my passion for finding new and inspiring sites that highlight good design in a home.

On my last trip, I came across S&A Decor in Toronto.

I stopped at this spot was because I think they are on the right track. They have blatantly stated on their website that they embrace “your” brave design ideas. Let me tell you a story from a well-travelled enthusiast – this does not happen often that a design company will gladly work around your instincts and bravery or lack thereof; S&A Décor will help you gain enough courage to follow your instincts. Great!

Some tips on how to get their type of look – gathered from fab examples of their work.

I hope you find them inspirational.

1.Proportions – essential décor items

Whether you follow Feng Shui design principles or not – proportions and pragmatism (2P’s) are clearly shown in this home to best effect. You may not entirely agree on the décor of a room.
Ignore that for the time being. Train your eye to seek out the balance of the space:

  • ceilings are heightened
  • floors are made to look like deep pools of shimmering water
  • walls are treated in natural textures to add depth, curtains are hung to maximise height,
  • lighting is used to reflect space and so on.

S&A design small living room

2.Detail but not clutter

Do not confuse the two. These examples show just how to get the look. The whole apartment is characterised by a sense of airiness, space and light. The idea of less clutter is shown in the beautiful hardwood flooring that you can get from True Hardwoods or similar, as well as the face brick/stone walls, high gloss cabinetry and mirrors next to the fireplace. Cosiness is introduced with a lovely thick rug, comfy furniture, silky cushions and clever lighting. If you would like to create a similar ambience in your own home, then it might be helpful to reach out to an electrician to work out the best possible lighting options for your space. Accordingly, for more information about how an electrician can help you to choose the best possible lighting for your home, head to: Ultimately though, an open floor plan home needs to have definition within the different zones. The open shelving allows various collections to be displayed but not in an overly filled way.

kitchen area S&A design

bedroom S&A design

Colour themes, schemes accents and dreams

Subtle. Gently does it. This is what is really apparent in this example of high design. The use of subtle colours is often called “neutral”. But neutral can equal boring. So, be careful in your selection. This home has used stone like walls to accent the entire space as have many other homes. Faux and stacked stone has become incredibly popular in recent years as they can add depth and texture to a wall with ease. Plus, this faux stone is often easy to install too, creating a quick and painless installation process. Blues and greys. Browns and light creamy yellows all give the home a natural flow in a subtle finish. The overall effect is of one room flowing into the other. Metal, mirrors and glass give strong accents.

zenn decor S&A design

Fireplace S&A design

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