Five Creative Ways of Solving the Pantry Dilemma in 2017

Pantry Doesn’t Work Anymore? Here are five simple pantry ideas to get you on your way!

In remodelling a kitchen, one of the first things we think about is having a fab pantry. One that works. And the first thing a kitchen designer will tell you is: “A Pantry? You don’t have space for a pantry.”

Well, I wholeheartedly, with all my groceries together and my tinned peas in a row, disagree. Gone are the days of walk-in pantries – unless of course, you are living in Grump Tower, so you have to simply make use of the existing space and plan for a new improved way of incorporating a pantry. Let’s call it a Grocery Shelf, or a Food Library, or a Grub Cupboard or whatever the new world refers to it as – it is still a pantry.

If your pantry is inaccessible because it is 10 feet high, and you have to get a step ladder out, or it is too deep and there are jars there that you late Granny gave you, then it is time to rethink. “Lost in The Back Nether Regions of the Pantry Space” – A 21st Century Adventure for Real Time Culinary Explorers, Kitchen Remodelers and other Mere Pestle and Mortals.

High kitchen cupboards

Here are 5 ideas for incorporating a PANTRY into a new super duper kitchen and…. without breaking the bank or the walls down.

This is of course the dream that is unlikely to come to any fruition.

Walk -in pantry

1. Open shelving is so this year! (And my favourite)

Your lentils will love you for these. These will help open up a cramped space and they can be easy on the eye. You need to art direct them so that they are an accessory to the kitchen and not a place where one hides things.

Also open shelving is never too deep – so guess what you can see where everything is. Revelation indeed! Think of your open shelving a bookshelf and how it could be built into the kitchen itself or on an adjoining wall. It will look fab.

Stand alone kitchen pantry wall unit

2. If you can’t do open do glass closed – you will still be able to see your flour for your sugar.

Kitchen with glass cupboard doors

3. To assist in finding things consider storage jars that are clear

Clear food jars or containers are perfect for small spaces because you can see what is them and you can see if the ingredients are going to seed! No more rummaging through cluttered pantry cupboards that you can’t reach into anyway.

Glass ingredient jars

4. Think stand-alone units for grocery storage

Stand alone kitchen pantry

The very trendy stand-alone or custom made units are a perfect 21st century invention and the designs can be endless. Consider you small space and work around installing a unit that is a piece of furniture rather than just another kitchen cabinet.

5. If you can – use one big floor to ceiling spot to act as the pantry

Country kitchen with pantry


More to come. Cheers for now.

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