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Five tips for making your small guest bathroom great

Moved in to your new apartment and confronted with a bubble-gum-pink guest bathroom? Fear not, especially when you can simply get in touch with the contractor and find out more about what the best addition for your bathroom would be. In this instance, of course, you can’t go wrong whatever you do, but generally, you need some inspirational tips and ideas to get cracking and do a makeover to your small guest bathroom that will not necessary cost the budget of a small developing country.

Unless you are living in a palace where there is a Marie Antoinette Suite, most guest bathrooms are multifunctional as the majority of the time they are just another bathroom in the house. Then when you have a guest, if you are anything like me, it gets transformed into a tidier more pleasurable place to be. That is, as long as you haven’t completely neglected all functionality of your guest bathroom’s plumbing systems. If so, you may have a bigger issue on your hands and you may want to get in contact with a berwick plumber before it’s too late.

So, with all their uses they can be easily cluttered and neglected in the décor department. These are some ideas for you to jazz up that room and decorate so that it is both functional and stylish. Some ideas are for remodelling and some are purely for accessorising beautifully.

5 tips to get your guest bathroom on the road to recovery

# 1. Add glamour

You want to feel comfortable and pampered in a bathroom. When guests arrive and are confronted with a 5-star hotel suite of a bathroom they are going to be most impressed. (perhaps they will even pay for their night’s accommodation) Glamour can come in many forms, but one of the main ones is good serene (and don’t forget flattering) lighting. Even little touches like having a heated towel rack instead of just hooks can add to the glamour. If you’re looking to buy a heated towel rack, check out this post on to find the best option fr your small guest bathroom. The small bits of glamour can pull the room together and really spoil your guests! Think lovely mirrors, flowers, pleasant colours and a touch of glitz. You could even invest in some premium frameless shower screens to give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

bathroom light fixtures

light grey guest bathsmall clean bathroom

# 2. Choose a colour scheme that is clean and shiny bright

A few coats of paint on your dated vanity will do the trick in most instances. You more often than not will need to install a new countertop to an old bathroom as these are the first things to start looking drab and grubby. New lighting is a must and if you can afford it, get new taps and basins. Add some colour coordinated prints on the walls and you are away.

before bathroom imageafter bathroom image

small light blue bathroom

# 3. Turn it into a room rather than a mere wash place

To really enliven a bathroom, you should have some nice art work. For a visually stimulating feel in a small space such as a guest bathroom, group three or five pieces on a wall- this can make a big impact and replace that tatty old bath mat with some pattern on the floor. The in thing is cotton printed rugs that add to the unexpected and stylish look in this small space.

modern bathroom

bathroom towel rack and shelf

bathroom mat samplebathroom mat sample

# 4. Layer and accessorize as any other room in your home

Add touches that will make your guests feel welcome while bringing beauty to the room like super vanity accessories, lotion and soap pumps, soap dishes, a stylish waste basket. I love wooden and basket accessories and there are some really unique ones on the market these days.

bathroom decor jarsbathroom travel soaps

bathroom jars

# 5. Give your guests space

Guests bathrooms are usually smaller and more confined than other ones in the house and as I have said, they get cluttered. So you really have to be strict here – remove all unnecessary items and make sure there is proper floor space and space for your guests to hang clothes, put their toiletries somewhere, do their make-up and generally freshen up.

bathroom storage space

shelving for towels

bathroom towel space

green bathroom shelving space

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