Flamboyance in Design – Super Duper Duplex Apartment

Small modern kitchen with flamboyant artwork.

On my cyber space travels, I have come across this great design team in Poland – Mood Works.

A team of highly skilled designers and architects it seems. Well, by traveling the world and studying in some very highly regarded institutions in Europe this two-person team have got what it takes- clearly.

They are based in Warsaw, Poland. A place I have always wanted to visit- I have a friend who lives there and guess what, she is an architect and it is she who put me onto this site.

Small modern contemporary dining area open concept apartment.

Grey seems to be the new mood – and it works in this small abode.

Warsaw gets cold, very cold and this apartment has a sense of warmth and coziness about it even though a lot of black and grays have been used. But dashes of colour in the accessories, artwork and the natural wooden flooring all add to an interesting and vibrant feel.

Frameless wooden staircase

Modern and unobtrusive

This brilliantly designed staircase is staring you in the eyes because of its clever design, rather than through what could easily have been bulky and cumbersome. It adds space – and that my dears is what it is all about in small space living. Something for instance, some of these short term rentals Hollywood have to offer in abundance and offer it well.

Small living room work space.

Slamm living room with gray couch and abstract artwork.

Rugs for a reason

Okay, I have to admit that I am not mad about this rug! I would trip over it as I am sure the dog does. The idea of a thick, luxurious and colourful rug is what I want you to take out of this. It warms up the space and adds a very happy feel to the place.

Living room rug and workspace.

Modern contemporary lamp in small open concept living room.

Small living room clear glass round table and modern lamp.

Sliding doors are just the answer in small space living

From the sitting room into the bedroom and then glass sliding doors from there into the bathroom – very clever.
If you can, install them as they are hugely effective in gaining space and streamlining a room.

Remember, the more the light, the merrier the outlook.

Small modern bedroom with royal blue sheets and ensuite.

Modern small full bath bathroom royal blue window blinds.

Functionality with a touch of glam. When it comes to the bathroom, we can sometimes opt for functionality over design. In this instance, I would go for both with a sleek shower enclosure, like the ones from this store.

There are no doubts about it, when styled in this way, a bathroom not only looks impressive but is built to last. Accordingly, if you are considering emulating a similar style in your own bathroom, or if you want to remodel your bathroom to incorporate a blend of modern and traditional elements, then reaching out to a plumber, who is equipped to deal with bigger projects would be a good idea. This is especially important if you would like to refurbish your heating elements within your home by putting in a furnace or perhaps servicing the pre-existing furnace you have within your home. Companies like https://nanceservices.net/arlington-furnace-services/ are equipped to sort out this particular function and will also be able to sort out any other plumbing-related issues or services. Unsure about where to begin? Whether you want to install a new toilet, a glamorous new sink, or a modern water heater, speaking to a qualified plumber can help you to piece together a plan.

Also, how about adding a Hollywood lamp into your bathroom – let those cameras roll!


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