Genuine Style in The Country – Living at Large, flying to the Moon and having Guts

Designers with obsessions – big ones. I am loving it.

Back with Les Ensembliers – simply can’t resist them I am afraid and this home has got to be one of my favs of all times. Oh, woe is me – perhaps my dreams will come true one day.

Please fly me to the moon sooner than later. I do have the guts to do it.

Traditional and contemporary living room.

This incredible design agency and construction company with offices in Montreal and Toronto has what it takes in the design world of interiors and building construction.

They claim to take you to the moon and that they have guts to do so. I think they fulfil this promise.

See for yourself.

Contemporary small entryway

Traditional small living room cream furniture.

The first thing that strikes me – and what I truly love in a stylish home is that nothing is matchy-matchy. This home feels as though it has been around for a long time. The collection of furniture and accessories gives one the impression that it has all taken place over a lifetime.

It is all genuine style. Nothing is bland or contrived.

Small breakfast nook area.

Chinese porcelain blue artwork small dining area.

White and light have been maximized to give a clean palette on which to work. The canvas was then filled with everything from apple green velvet to zebra print to Chinese porcelain blue. Antiques along with modern furniture create interest; your eye just wants to go on a cross-country to see what is next.

Small country kitchen shelving

Hallway wall decor stencils.

The use of a Chinese-inspired wallpaper scattered here and there is simply genius.

Stairwell wall decor stencils.

Hallway wall decor top of staircase.

Small traditional bedroom.

Small traditional bedroom wall decor.

Lovely indigo blue in Paisley adds depth to the white palette.

Paisley blue curtains.

Small bathroom with paisley blue curtains.

And just to finish it off – the garden is a joy to behold.

Backyard garden with planters.

One day my friends – this will be mine!

Lea Ann

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