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Going Green in Small Spaces – Add some Flavour to your Space

Green is a life shade; it affirms life. It is associated with nature and the environment.

Try it – you will be immersed in a whole new environment. Firstly, try it with dashes of green in your small space. You will see it adds such depth to a room, or any colour. Once you begin to like it you can go wild.
I personally always love to see indoor plants and flowers in a home, no matter what size the space. They add a sense of being, of life and vibrancy to a room. Their shapes and textures add so much to the finishing touch of a space and they will not cost you a fortune to replace. Paired with decorative indoor plant pots, you can really add a splash of color and excitement to your home. Plants don’t need to be just contained to the interior of a home though. No matter how small an outdoor space is, there will always be room to grow plants. If you have enough room, you might even want to check out some storage sheds in PA, or wherever it is that you live as they can be a great option for growing plants as well as storing all of your gardening supplies.

Here are some ideas to add the necessary flavour to your small space.

Can It – Yes You Can!

Use old cans in different shapes and sizes and plant succulents to create a quirky indoor garden with a retro touch. This will fill up an old bookcase and turn the preferred spot instantly into an interesting garden. Make sure that you have plenty of light as succulents will wither in a dark space.
The different hues of green add a lovely splash of colour to an otherwise drab bookshelf.

Shelf holding different types cactus

The Dash of Green Sauce Will Add Flavour

It will give you that tang you are looking for. A small room, decorated in neutral colours. The story unfolds. Then add some greenery. The story begins to take shape. These two rooms have only a dab of greenery. But just see how that pops out and gives the space interest and texture.

living room with green accents

living room with green accents

Herbs Within Reach

Declutter your kitchen space by rather having a herb planter nearby. This collection is on a metal table top that will not rust. This unique table/shelf gives the impression that you have a herb garden in the room. The overall effect is like having a beautiful wall hanging or botanical painting of a garden right in the middle of your room. Notice how the vibrancy of the herb colours adds that dash of colour to lighten and brighten the room. Easy on your pocket too.

Planted herbss
An Abundance of Green Makes The Home Look as Though It Is Part Of The Garden
A lovely light filled space is an ideal place to add life and charm with an array of indoor plants. It immediately brings calm to a room. You could Make Your Own Tapestry with some plant-inspired photos to really bring the theme of greenery together and create your tropical paradise.

Planted herbs in the window

Heighten the Interest

these tall potted palms add height and texture to this rather industrial like room. And their colour contrasts beautifully with the rather raw and basic colour scheme of the room.

Old rustic lounge with green accents

Got A Blank Spot – Fill It with Plants

If you ever need to fill a space and don’t have the exact objet d’art, then look no further than an array of plants and flowers. Colourful containers can be in any shape, size or material. They will immediately add that little something missing on that blank shelf, or windowsill.
Arrange them in different heights, intensity and textures and place those odd knick-knacks amongst them. An arrangement such as this can be easily changed and should be like a little shrine of interesting pieces that you have found.

Wall Art and Green Fingers

This is a great way of brightening up an empty space in a small room. Can’t afford that wall art that you are wanting just yet? Then go for something like this. The clever upward shelving adds a new dimension to the grey stucco wall. As a result, many people are now researching stucco homes to see how this feature can be incorporated on the outside too. It has the ability to improve any space, including this one. Dashes of bright green in the plants and the accessories add depth and colour interest.
This is an inexpensive way to decorate as the shelving contents can be changed often.
It is not going to require much attention from you as the plants in this instance are cacti and really only want light.

wall shelf of plants and things
Perfect for anyone without the necessarily green fingers.

Let me know how your garden and your small rooms grow!
Lee Ann

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