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Got a small sitting room? Here are 5 big idea tips for decorating

simplistic sitting room grey couch

Tip No. 1 Don’t fall into the trap of working to the “rules”. There are no real hard and fast ones when decorating a small sitting room!

A small sitting room, or living room as you may prefer to call it, will of course at your stage in life, serve many functions. You may, like me, have just fled the proverbial nests of my youth and are the proud renter of a fabulous space that you are now calling home. Now you want to get some ideas on how to decorate it on your very limited budget and use some of the hand-me-downs and odds and ends that you have collected. I still have an old municipal workers chair that I bought for $5 when I was at university. I love it and it will travel with me always, even when I move into my castle. No decorator or partner will ever convince me to get rid of it. It was my first purchase and will remain so. Proudly. Trust me, a limited budget is a reality for a quite a while. But that does not mean you can’t make the sitting room, or any other room look good.
Fear not. Help is at hand.

Tip no.2 Focus on the purpose of the room. Of course, it needs to be functional, but that does not mean it should be like sitting in a factory.

Yes, my friends, there is a purpose to all rooms, whether they are large or small. So in your case, you want to use the small sitting room as a sitting room. Good, we’ve established something. It is the centerpiece of your home. Treat it as such.

open concept modern sitting room

Tip no.3 In order to maximize the small space, focus on the necessary items you need in the small living room.

This will be something to sit on. A comfy sofa or a few occasional chairs. You need a place to put things on – so a coffee table is a must. If you can’t fit a coffee table in, then try and find small side tables like the ones below that will suffice in literally, putting your coffee mug on, or glass. And I would say the other “staple” is a wall feature where you can store books and put that ugly TV. Furthermore, if you want to make your living room space more personal to you then getting things like family art, where you can make Portraits from Your Photos should make the living room space much more special for you and your family. These elements add a warm and comfortable feeling to your home where your family can enjoy all the fond memories that you have experienced over the years.

You can also find decor inspiration and advice a-plenty on blogs like, which you might find useful. Focus on what will fit into the space and then select the rest of the furniture accordingly.

small simple space

Tip no.4 Be clever in your accessorizing. This includes color.

open concept sitting area
The automatic response to questioning yourself about “What Color?”, is to say neutral. Well, that does not necessarily have to be the case. You can be a bold, small space dweller! Remember there are no real rules. Do what makes you feel good. If you love a pale peachy color on the wall, then do it. If you decide that grey is the way, then do that.
The trick is not to go overboard with either the neutral or the bold, or the pale, or the stripe. You can’t afford to, remember it is a small space and you need to color accordingly.

Tip no.5 Thinking budget – swap the small items on a regular basis to give a fresh look

If you were to go neutral on your bigger pieces of furniture, then you can cleverly do the bold statement on the accessories; cushions, rugs, lamp colors, artwork, etc. If you are opting for artwork, do put some thought into the kind you want to get. You can look through the website of art collectors like Charles Saatchi and develop your own idea of what will work well for your living room. Finding the perfect art that goes with your taste, budget and your room might feel exhausting. But, trust me, it’s not that hard. If not art, you can look for lighting styles. For example, these Neon Mama Japanese style lights will really add some color to your room. However, when you are tired of those you can change them without breaking your bank account. If you want your sofa to be a big bold design, then in order for the overall decor not to fight for attention, minimize the rest of the decor pieces in the room. Overboard is not the look you want. In this room, with the neutral grays and natural wood cabinetry, a feeling of cohesiveness in the small room is achieved. With the addition of the bold cushions and splash of turquoise in the accessories, the room does not feel overpowered by anything.

sitting room with grey focus wall
I will be back with more – living in small spaces ideas.
Cheers for now.

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