A House Full of Surprises and Added Bonuses

We are in Melbourne Australia and have I found a whizz at the design of small spaces…

Modern red spiral staircase.

Red spiral staircase in living room.

This 1873 home, with a heritage described as a gothic revival picturesque, has been beaten around a bit over the years. But recently it had a proper makeover from Austin Maynard Architects.

Their designs are left of center. And that is where I lie most of the time.

Since establishing his practice 15 years ago, in Melbourne, architect Andrew Maynard has been building a solid reputation for his innovative renovations. I recently discovered him through an architectural site that I page through.

The homes that he has rejuvenated are generally built on a modest budget and scale, but his designs are so full of surprises and added bonuses that they are simply mind blowing.

I think he is The Master of Design Magic and has become one of my favorite architects in my travels around the globe.

I hope you find this example of a concept rich, left of center, fun and slightly whacky home as interesting as I do.

Front of house.A little Victorian home gets morphed.

Backyard view.

Backyard of house with roof design features.

No distinction between inside outside, on top or underneath!

Garden view

Artistic dining room table.

I love kitchen sinks with a view. Particularly when you can stand on the other side and watch the washer of dishes at work.

Small kitchen glass window back splash.

Small kitchen with kitchen island and tube hood fan.

Dining room to outdoor patio view.

The glassed in walkway between the buildings just happens to pass an outside pub.

Kitchen bar with outdoors design.

kitchen bar with glassed in outdoor walkway.

Note the lovely decorative paving along one side of the house. A path of distinction.

Living room with full glass walls.

The garden acts as a curtain.

Small office with full glass walls.

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