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How to convert a Stable into a Modern Residential Loft. Oh, and it is in Paris.

On one of my recent trips around the world – yes, only in cyberspace do I travel, I discovered a site that rents and sells property in France.

Open concept kitchen with table island
So if my dears, you are interested in buying a property in France, this site is for you. It is Espaces Atypiques and they specialize in refurbished architectural/designer homes.

If on the other hand, you are not into the French property market at this moment in time (perhaps los angeles real estate is more to your area), but rather wanting to search for ideas for the refurbishment of your home, then these examples are just up your alley. If you’re wanting to sell your home, or perhaps looking into profiting off your own property by renting it out (you’ll need a rental property analysis for this; check out Roofstock for more information), refurbishing is also a good idea for increased income. I know a lot of people who are selling a property are put off refurbishing it as they feel that is money they could have spent on their new house. However, it is important to remember that refurbishing your property will add extra value to the price of it and if you do things carefully, it will amount added to the value of the property will be more than what you spend on the refurbishment, meaning you will make some profit. If you need some money to cover the price of the refurbishment or for your new property whilst you wait for your current one to sell, you could always take out a bridging loan. This bridging loan calculator will help to get you the best bridging loan possible.

I hope you find this property inspirational.

Front entrance way with large planters and vines around the entrance way

Open concept kitchen living room with large metal staircase.

This is an example of how you can transform a 18th-century stable into a spacious residential home.

This one is near Paris and I simply have to have it!

What I like most about the refurbishment is that many of the rustic elements of the original stable have been preserved to retain the original character. In my book, if you have “original character” then do whatever it takes to ensure that as much as possible is kept.

If there is no “original character” then you have to develop it yourself according to your tastes and personality. That is more difficult, as we know.

Large kitchen island with modern bar stools

Wrap around kitchen island bar
The stone walls and wood beams are simply majestic. The clever incorporation of an industrial type look adds a modern touch; the steel beams, the glass floor adding light to the wine cellar, the contemporary furniture all add to the character.

Inside large kitchen bar

Natural light through large industrial type windows and glass floor allows light to shine into every level of the home.

Large dining room table.

Large dining room table with large wall shelving Large metal stairwell.

Open living room loft with cow hide rug.

I think it is fabulous and I hope you do too. If you can’t do it all, at least build a wine cellar like this.

Bye for now.

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