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How to Create the “Wow Factor” in a Narrow 80 Sq. Metre Apartment

This is again the brilliance of Israeli designer Yael Perry.

Open concept living room with white and grey colour scheme.

Small kitchen with minimal wall shelving

The apartment, in Tel Aviv, was and still is very narrow – only 19 metres in length and just 3.7 metres wide, but Perry along with fellow designer Dafna Gravinsky and architect Amir Navon managed to turn it into something quite remarkable.

They wanted to create an airy, cool and minimalist space, but at the same time, they were adamant in punctuating the apartment with out of the ordinary features such as metal grid shelving, protruding lights, glass walls, concrete-type floors, protruding lights and bespoke furniture.

Floor plan narrow home

Small living room with separate lounge chairs

They began with a division of the elongated apartment into a grid floor plan and from this, each of the rooms was divided off.

Minimal wall shelving

This grid became an integral part of the overall project and is apparent throughout the home in the furniture that was custom made, as well as the lighting and styling and is even carried through to the bathroom tiles.

Each feature has its place within the grid. Nothing overlaps and clutter is kept to a minimum.

You cannot have an overstuffed narrow passage!

The shelves that run along the wall are 8 metres long, but they do not overpower the room as they are thin and made of a powder coated light steel material. They blend in and add interest to what could easily have been a long passage way.

The custom-designed modular sofas provide a mixture of seating permutations and the three marble tables in between the couches are also easily moveable.

Small kitchen with minimal wall shelving

Small breakfast nook on balcony

Two en-suite bedrooms were fitted behind the open plan living space which culminates in a small outdoor terrace. This allows light in and the flow of air.

Small master bedroom with ensuite

Master bedroom ensuite

small bathroom black and white decor

Narrow bathroom design

A clever design with flexibility in mind.

There you go – a narrow passage of a space renovated into a “Wow” apartment.

Yes, it can be done!

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