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How to Decorate a 72 sq. Metre Apartment con Estilo (with Style)

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This one is in the sought after high rental suburb of Poblenou in Barcelona, Spain.


The owners of this apartment in the heart of El Poblenou, an extensive neighbourhood of Barcelona that borders the Mediterranean Sea to the south, realised that they could turn the space into 3 apartments and so to maximise on rental, they called in Egue y Seta to cleverly re-configure the area and add in high design.

This is an example of a job perfectly done.

EGUE Y SETA, a firm of designers, engineers and architects completed this job by using all their talent and resources and it resulted in one of their top show-cases projects. They call themselves a team with “a sharp eye and big ears”. In other words, they listen to their clients and bring an astounding sense of design to the party.

Small living room modern design.Exposed cement wall living room

Modern dining room.

If you want to ever consult a firm like this for your renovation – best find one like this who listen to you.
The first thing that got my attention to this small space was the inspiring use of different textures, materials and colours. Note the use of concrete which encapsulates the suburb, the use of greenery to add a softness to the environment and the fabulous use of pure Spanish tiles on the walls and floors.

Open concept kitchen and dining room.

Juxtapositioned between the ceramic floor tiles is both a type of gypsum concrete and wooden flooring. Normally the design code for small spaces is to have one type of flooring – to create a feeling of space. But this seems to work just as well, and both materials seemingly complement each other. The softness of the wooden flooring in the bedroom gives the space a feeling of comfort and demarcates the bedroom from the living area.

Small dining room.

Black, grey tones, white industrial tiling and natural wood give a lovely atmosphere in this apartment. The inspired blue in some of the furnishing all tie in with the ceramic tiling. But nothing is matchy-matchy or has the feeling of being “decorated”. It just happens. That is the answer.

Small modern kitchen exposed cement walls.

Kitchen island with black tube hood fan.

The continuation of the wooden flooring up the wall to create a bed-head is simply fab! I am going to do that to one of my bedrooms. It is such a good idea in a small space. The alcove effect is also a clever way of adding depth to the room.

Modern bedroom exposed concrete pillars.

modern bedroom pillar shelving.

Bathroom with frameless bathroom shower and gloss white tile.

Note the bathroom is on 3 levels. Such a good idea to get a feeling of space and maximise light into the room.

small bathroom white gloss tiles.


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