How to Decorate in a Minimalist Style

53 sq. metres in Paris is I suppose, to a Parisian, a fair sized apartment.

Small kitchen with hidden pantry doors.

But to me, it is pretty small. This one in Paris was designed by Kid-A (Play Architecture). This team of highly creative architects call themselves baby architects; not because of age, but rather because of their yearning for curiosity and naivety in an art sense.

This example of their work is called “15 Doors” because 15 doors were created in an abstract geometrical design within this small apartment. They are composed of white panels with oak handles randomly placed on each of the doors; a piece of art in themselves.

All very cool and innovative – but for a purpose

Small kitchen minimalist design with hidden bathroom pantry

The custom-made pivot doors open to the bedroom and bathroom and to various storage spaces. The bathroom shower has natural light filtered by gradient textured glass.

small minimalist kitchen with hidden pantry doors

minimalist kitchen pantry.

Small dining room decor open concept kitchen dining

Again – geometry plays a big role

Not only are the cupboard doors artworks in themselves – the simple shelving is fabulous. It goes against the norm, creating a focal point of interest and intrigue.
Small dining room decor shelving

Simple clean lines – a very minimalist approach

small minimalist kitchen

Small kitchen island with seating

Small bathroom vanity.

Small bathroom white and grey colour schemeSmall bathroom shower

And here it all is wrapped up in simplicity

Apartment layout scheme
Remember that minimalism is not about having less but rather it’s about making room for more of what matters.
Sometimes we forget that. Make sure everything in your home matters and you can’t go wrong.

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