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How to Define Your Style 2017

Well actually, if you have to define your style – perhaps it isn’t “style” in the true sense of the word.

Remember that your style is a means of describing who you are WITHOUT SPEAKING about it. So whether you decide to do this yourself or use the assistance of a
home Interior Design company to create a style for your home, it’s all about having a theme that runs throughout. This may be an easier way to define a style.

Think of those people whom you admire and try to articulate their style – difficult, isn’t it? They are simply stylish, and their homes more often than not will reflect the same flair.

Some people can pull it off with irritating ease. Some people lost the plot a long time ago. Some people can put together a nice interior design after looking at inspiration like these kitchen and bath designs by ANZZI, they get there in the end but they need help along the way. And some people just simply are not on the same inter-styler wavelength; the non-followers who don’t care a fig.

Which category do you fall into? Does it matter?

The answer, my friends is blowing in the wind and it is inevitably a NO. What does matter is how you feel about your home and how you look. It’s called THE LOOKFEEL TREND. And it does not go out of fashion.

Feel, care and be proud. So what if you don’t win the Olympic Platinum Medal for Style – decorating your home is not a competition, remember. The interior of your special space is for you.

Here are some style concepts that will make you look clever when you are next attending your Flair Forum.

Modern vs. Contemporary Style?

Most people get this wrong and debates go on endlessly as to what is which. The two style terms are often used interchangeably, making it quite confusing on where the line should be drawn.

Modern is timeless, iconic and forward-thinking. It is innovative.

Contemporary is a way of describing a style that is current. It is en vogue.

In the good old days, modern was the Bauhaus credo – form follows function. This was basically a popular decorative movement that started in the early 19th century and it was epitomized by clean lines and open planning spaces. The Bauhaus was a German school of design and through this, the concept of “modernism” came about. It was based on egalitarian principles and clean designs were espoused; in all types of materials – furniture, textiles and art. This was factory design and not craftsmanship in the true sense.

Personally, I don’t like an interior that is purely modern. I like a mix of things. You can mix modern furniture with some vintage styled wall mounted lights, and blend other elements as and when you find what’s right together. After all, that is what makes for a characterful home.

Be Afraid, very afraid of the “Ins” and “Outs “of Style

So you may often say I like a modern interior style when in fact you may be referring to contemporary interior style. Contemporary is slick, and it exemplifies a feeling of everything being in its place – no clutter and fine design. Most interior decorating sites these days will cover this look. It is what is “in”. It may be “out” in a few years’ time, but it is “in” at the moment.

Be careful in having only contemporary styled interiors – they look boring after a while. The last thing you want is the bland hotel room look.

Think about the last time you updated your bathroom with those fab new tiles that were so chic and elegant at the time. Today you look at your bathroom and think – time to redo it all again. The colours are not fashionable anymore, the tiles are too small, and the bathroom fittings are so 2015!

My advice is to follow the LOOKFEEL trend in 2017

If it looks good to you, it will feel good. So whatever tickles your fancy, do it. Just do it – don’t be afraid. I got advice from smart people. I mastered the craft of picking stylish people’s brains. It helped me in my interior designing. I live with Art Deco, contemporary and eclectic in my home and it makes me happy. I’ve seen great examples of art deco furniture over on the antiques world website and encourage you all to check it out. Throw in a few dogs lying on that expensive linen covered couch, a cat that scratches my fabulous ottoman, and a husband who does not really give a fig and voilà– it is a good look.

Remember fellow style passionistas, the art of being happy will not go out of style in 2017.

The following are examples of modern and contemporary design:

Example of a modern interior. Form follows function.

Breaking from the traditional space which tends to be more cluttered or full in both the visual and physical. Modern interiors are simple in adornment. Only a dash of colour here and there.

Example of a contemporary interior. Feeling of space with open plan kitchen/dining/living. Today’s type of living.

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