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How to Tastefully Decorate a Small Studio Apartment

Delightful student accommodation

small bachelor pad bedroom

small bachelor pad with wood stove

I would have loved one of these during my student days. To be fair, I don’t think I would have been allowed to be a tenant in this place! I had no credit score back then so I would have had to look for any available apartments with no credit check to be accepted anywhere. Some people just get lucky with where they end up for accommodation. Clearly, this student has landed in the prime location and in such a charming studio apartment must surely be as happy as a lark! I remember a friend of mine visiting places like this coliving san francisco apartment rental and being stunned at how amazing these places looked.

I discovered this pad whilst searching for small apartments around the world. A group of real estate agents called Alvhemcaught my attention in that their properties seem to all be superbly situated and at the same time beautifully renovated.

Their focus and passion lie in buildings from 1880 to 1930´s, in the central parts of Gothenburg, Sweden. They are renowned for tying up great decorators and designers to assist them in marketing their properties.
This one took my fancy. Oh for the good old student days! I studied Art at university so I would have had a little workshop room here. I can just imagine my shelves and cabinets with lots of magnetic labels stuck on the front of them. Paint would be everywhere and the room would just be chaos! But the apartment is truly beautiful!

small bachelor pad studio with separate kitchen

High ceilings are a gift from heaven

The first thing that strikes you about this apartment is the high ceiling – a complete gem of an architectural aspect in my opinion (and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this – these luxury apartments los angeles boast vaulted ceilings… although size-wise, they are obviously much more substantial than the small apartments that we’re focusing on here). For me, every architect or designer/developer who insists on saving costs with low ceilings should be sent to hell. Perhaps not though as some of us will re-encounter them again! Somewhere out of the picture anyway.
This ceiling is 3 meters high! What a difference it makes to a small space.

small studio apartment living room with balcony

A classic-profile Ikea kitchen was installed.

Remember that Sweden is home to this fabulous company.

The Kingdom of Furniture, as the Swedes refer to it is based around the town of Lammhult in Småland. The area is the center of the Swedish furniture design industry. This is where world famous furniture design names like Bruno Mathsson International, Svenssons, Källemo and Abstracta are located.

If you are into Swedish furniture, then do yourself a favor and do some research in and around this area.

small bachelor pad kitchen with grey cabinetry

Studio bachelor pad bedroom single bed

Small bachelor pad wood stove

The stylish mix of grey and white tones give a contemporary feel to the home.

Small living room bachelor pad with grey couch and white colour scheme.

Small kitchen with white colour scheme and modern fixtures

The charm of the old preserved tiled stove

small bachelor pad studio with separate kitchen

Small kitchen shelving and fixtures

This is a classic stove in Sweden – and the lovely wooden flooring along with the small balcony make this place a charming small apartment.

Modern appliances and subway tiles.

Small kitchen with white tile back splash and grey cabinetry

The little balcony is a treasure to have

It adds a new room to the apartment and is a great place to overlook the goings on outside.

small bachelor pad balcony furnature

Bachelor pad outside view

Next time you see an old ladder – pick it up and use it

Small bathroom with old ladder used as shelving

The total area is about 32 sq. metres.

Bachelor pad floor plan

Hope that this inspired you to greater heights? Simple, charming and fresh. And all done in a small space.

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