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Interior Design of a Hong Kong Apartment – 80 m ² of Fluid Space

This is a good example of how to reinvent a small apartment

It was created by Studio Georges Hung, a firm of designers and architects in Hong Kong. They regard themselves as being able to generate unexpected connections within the local and global communities through their creative, thought-provoking, cutting-edge and practical designs.

white contemporary kitchen with table island.

The apartment, in Discovery Bay, Lantau Island in Hong Kong, was originally a small, boxy 3 bedroomed, 2 bathroom apartment with a small kitchen. (Not sure how you get all this into 80 sq. meters?)

The main objective was to open the space up entirely.

They removed all existing interior doors and replaced them with sliding partitions. This allowed for privacy when needed, but also totally transformed the area into a fluid space. If a more rustic feel is wanted, people may want a sliding barn door for their interior, it is all about what the owner wants and the design they envisioned.

The kitchen was incorporated into the living area and all appliances were cleverly built-in so as to be unobtrusive as possible. In a small apartment – hidden compartments are essential to ensure no added clutter.

White kitchen with charcoal grey backsplash

Ingenious bulkheads were added to the ceiling to break the flatness of the ceilings and to add depth; allowing for light installation as well as a curtain rail.

Modern couch with multi-colored pillows.

A room with a view. A simple balcony patio, surrounded with glass similar to a commercial glass balustrade in Melbourne, allows for an extension to the sitting room and opens up the space. (Essential in hot and humid Hong Kong!)

Living room balcony.

Modern living room decor.Small guest bedroom.

Lighting behind the mirror gives a touch of glam to the small space.

Small bathroom with tropical decor.

Fabulously rich tropical look flooring in the bedroom extends into a headboard

Small tropical day bed.

Small bedroom with minimal decor.

Small tropical outdoor patio.

A remarkable transformation. Just goes to show – it can be done. Fluidity in the design has allowed this small space to open up completely and become one pretty attractive and cleverly laid out apartment.

Mission accomplished.

Will be back with more inspiration for you soon.

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