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Loft Living – Two Completely Different Examples of How to Style Your Loft

This first example is referred to as a Treehouse Design

small living room with blue focal wall

dining room loft

And it is in Hong Kong – space there, as you know is at a serious premium. A local firm of designers and architects, NCDA cleverly overhauled this space into a cozy bedroom level suspended above the main living area.

This is what can be done in 34 sq. meters – it is WOW, to say the least.

living room with wooden ceiling finish

Loft bedroom above dining room.

It originally consisted of one floor and was a simple conventional layout.

With 3-meter-high ceilings, NCDA ingeniously removed the internal wall and built a bedroom into a new upper level.

The kitchen is set alongside the open living area which encompasses a small lounge as well as a dining area.

Loft bedroom design

small dining room with textured

The whole space exudes a natural warmth. The enchanting dark blue on the walls contrasts with the surrounding outside greenery of the forest. And the use of textured terracotta tiles adds to this natural feeling inside.

The mezzanine level, designed to feel as though it is suspended in space, is enclosed by a patterned wooden screen. The bedroom is only 4 sq. meters but it works. Just enough space to feel as though you are sleeping in a treehouse.

Treehouse loft

The second example is a beautifully designed loft in Paris

Small living room design.

patio decor

The floor plan of this apartment is surprisingly compact – but who would have thought this?

The large windows and fantastic high ceilings allowed for a hidden bedroom to be built on a platform that forms the loft. The main objective here was to ensure that as little as possible hinder the urban view.

contemporary living room design

A cantilevered staircase goes up to the loft and the clever use of a yellowed metal mesh turns the whole contraption into an aesthetically pleasing design feature.

small modern kitchen table

living room loft view

small modern bedroom design

Not only does the loft house the bedroom it also allows for a super library and study area.

small office desk on large full wall window

Modern touches in the kitchen and open shelving create a space that comes across as being larger than it actually is.

small office space decor

classic kitchen design

If you have high ceilings the moral of the story is to go up! Up and away.

classic kitchen with modern decor

I will be back with more inspired ideas for loft type living – as I am enthralled as to how impressive they can be.

Cheers for now.

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