Looking to Emulate a Super-Duper Park Avenue Apartment? Here is how.

Got about US $5 million? Then this apartment is for you.

small contemporary living room.

We are talking very serious real estate here, folks. So, if you in this league – fab, if not here is an example of how
you could emulate the interior to look as though you live on Park Avenue, Manhattan. If you’re after a more authentic NY home experience, you might want to consider checking out actual manhattan apartments to move into. Designed for modern living, these luxury apartments can offer you your own sophisticated slice of downtown Manhattan. Otherwise, follow these tips for bringing Manhattan to you. If you’ve just moved into a Linea LA luxury apartment and you are missing the feel of New York, then decorating it the ‘Manhattan way’ may just make you feel at home.

First of all, get yourself a personalized signed Andy Warhol painting of Kate Moss and stick it in the entrance. That
will make a big impact.

This apartment’s interior was designed by the firm The Turret Collaborative based in New York.

small contemporary living room with grand piano.

This incredible group of designers believes in bringing elements together that then paint of picture of the individual’s
space by concentrating on consistency; making a continuous environment with every object in its right place. The aim is
to make you feel at ease in the space.

Well, mission accomplished in this apartment – I feel at ease just looking at it. I am also feeling a little less at
ease because I am coveting it.

Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt rather copy.

Contemporary small dining room table.

Modern staircase design with glass railing.

Mirrors, bold full-length artwork, and monochromatic colour scheme all add to a glamorous look and feel, yet comfortable
and homely.

kitchen with television island.

Exhibit you shoes with style and make sure there is yet another TV to watch – keep up with the Dow Jones’!

Grand shoe wall walk in closet.

small hallway zen decor.

small bedroom with modern light fixture

small contemporary bedroom floating bedroom table

small contemporary bathroom design pink tile wall.

Children’s bedrooms displaying work stations and built in shelving

Luxury in the main bedroom and bathroom. A must is the gold plated taps and shower and of course, another TV.

small bathroom with frameless shower door.

Small contemporary bedroom.

Thanks for reading! Check out our Pinterest page for more images from this designer!

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