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Looking for Ways to Make Your Small Rooms Feel Bigger?

Here are 5 small space design tips to turn you puddle into a pond and at very little cost and you never know, you may just get kissed by a frog.
Sometimes all you need to do, and I suppose this is easier said than done, is to change the way you look at things. If you do this, the things you are looking at will change.

1. Always think Tall. Tops of walls and ceilings.

Draw the eye up. That is the trick. Once you have managed to do that the taller the room looks. Yes, it is an illusion, but then we are talking about tricks. And you want to trick the eye. So in this instance the top part of the walls and the ceiling has been well papered in a lovely pale geometric grey. Added to this is a very well suited light feature that automatically makes you look up.
white open country doors with windows

2. Lighten to brighten. Walls, doors, floors and ceilings. Brighter to bigger.

Red brick wall in small kitchen
White and red brick in little trendy kitchen

The walls, doors, cornicing and ceiling are light. This allows the natural light coming from a fairly small window to seem more prolific than it actually is. Additionally, you can invest in good wall light fixtures that give some more light into the room from a standing height, rather than false light coming from above in a ceiling light fixture. This will give the impression that the walls are brighter than they actually are, especially if you are to choose a darker wall colour. The light toned grey wall, and the natural light brick all add to the feeling of a bright and breezy kitchen. Bold use of charcoal grey for the counter tops give the whole space a nice crisp look.

Darker colours on feature walls can make a room feel cosier and add a wonderful depth to the space. Just remember that dark absorbs light it does not reflect it. So always be aware of the trade-off between adding a dark, bold dash of colour to sacrificing light. You can always try painting a wall a different colour – a pot of paint is not going to cost you much and if you don’t like it – change it.
I like to experiment with colours so I very often get my paint shop to give me small pots to work with and I live with the different colours painted in small swatches. I watch and observe. Very often the right colour will come to the fore.

But remember there is no wrong or right. This is your space and you need to feel comfortable.

3. Think out of the box. Use clever wall paper.

There are numerous places that you can search for fab wall paper to brighten up a space. So before you hit the paint shop, perhaps you should do some searching for ideas. They can be quite expensive, but the overall effect is simply stunning. Perhaps you won’t be able to live with it forever, but it will most definitely be a major talking point and focus in your small room.

A bright and breezy one like this really adds depth to a room and makes it look so much larger.
I recently applied a tree and meadow scene to a small dark room and it has made the space look so much bigger. At night choose clever lighting to really add a different dimension.

For instance, why not install recessed perimeter light strips, alongside some repositionable spotlights to cover all bases? If you are unsure about which lighting would look best in a smaller room, an electrician can help you to determine the best possible way to brighten up the space.

Accordingly, to learn more about how an electrician can help to turn your lighting dreams into a reality head to: Above all researching a few different lighting options can help you to make the right decision for your room.

Sky 3D Wallpaper
Sky 3D Wallpaper

This example of wall paper on the ceiling shows how you can brighten up a room, adding a whole new dimension. We very often just forget about the ceiling and paint it the normal white. Think where you eye can be drawn to and very often it is the ceiling. The effect that is has in the shelving nook is great as it adds a sense of depth and interest to the space.

4. Place furniture strategically – this often means away from the walls.

If you can, and it will very often go against your decorating style, think about pulling your furniture at least a few centimetres away from the walls. Don’t if you can help it, place your couches right against the walls. This illusion will make the room seem larger and more open. Try it, it really works.
If furniture is pushed right up against a wall it will feel cramped. Your objective is to get away from this in a small room.

Ideally, if you have enough space put a narrowish something behind, a shelf or a narrow console table will do the trick. You can then decorate on top of it – which gives you depth and of course you could add a lamp of two there
livingroom with a grey couch

5. Elongate at every opportunity

Again, we are talking illusion. Note the clever use of wall paper in this small bedroom. Two walls are papered in vertical stripes to give a sense of height and balance the very steep ceiling. The bed footboard is vertically striped steel ensuring that a boxy look to the bed is not achieved.
Bedroom with verticle black and white wallpaper
vertical stripes in this small cloakroom give a sense of spaciousness and the accompanying gilded light and mirror really add to a sophisticated feel.
small bathroom with vertical striped, black and white wall paper
These striped curtains in an entrance hall really add a bit of drama and accentuate the door. They have been placed quite high above the door frame to draw the eye forever upwards and after all, that is the one big trick of the trade.

Black and white, vertically striped curtains
Right, so now you are the princess in your pond and you can live happily ever after.
We will be back soon with more space enlarging ideas for you to use.
Remember – be bold. No frog is going to kiss a meek and mild decorator.

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