A Minimalist Small Apartment in Belgium – How to Get the Look

Small minimalist living room with black and white colour scheme.

Less is more. (More or Less)

(This does not apply to chocolate – especially Belgium chocolate!)
If you are into a minimalist style in your home, then this is for you as it is all about de-cluttering your space.

This apartment was designed by the architect Filip Deslee and is in Mortsel, Belgium. It is a great example of minimalist design; a particular design style that lacks the lavish and intricate details of other styles.

Simplicity needs to be planned and it is clear that here it was to the last inch!

Small living room fireplace wall.

Living room small with black and red decor.

Simplicity Rules

Every element of the space serves a function. But within this type of design category, the function must be served with elegance and a touch of panache – you could achieve this with something like these bespoke chairs to add that little touch of luxury to a space.

Small living room with rustic focal wall.

Colour is Everything. Black and White is More

The minimalist design colour spectrum chosen by Deslee was a simple black, white plus red. Pretty strong. He clearly planned to use

red fairly sparingly and “muted” it by incorporating neutral materials.
Highlights in Backlighting

Always a great touch – backlighting of artwork gives additional light to this stark space.

Living room with black fireplace focal wall.

Minimalist Can Be Bleak

By incorporating a generously sized fireplace – a sense of coziness was added, even though it is in a stark black contrasting with the white walls and warm hardwood

Dining room rustic focal wall.

Rust focal wall dining area.

Defined Rooms

The custom oval coffee table and rug define the living room. The portioning defines the kitchen and bedroom area

The minimalist apartment is not lacking in function. Besides the living area, a bedroom and a workspace were incorporated as private spaces.

The full-height designed shelving in the workspace provides plenty of storage space for accessories, books and display pieces. The large windows allow for natural light to flood the space.

Small bedroom with rustic focal wall.

Small home office black and white colour scheme.


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