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My Secret Seven Ideas to Create a Small Breakfast Nook of Note

If you have the space install a breakfast nook!

bright and sunny breakfast nook

The best thing about a breakfast nook is the warm fuzzy feeling it gives you whilst camouflaging yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the home during the colder months of the year. The cozy breakfast nook is my winter savior. However, disaster struck last year when our heating completely shut down leaving our house freezing! Fortunately, T.E. Spall & Son provides HVAC services in Carbondale although we opted to use a company based closer to us in order to get our cozy home back as soon as possible. Normal service was resumed in our delightful little nook!

So, decorators of distinction, if you can, install one forthwith and you will be eternally grateful you did.

Most people these days are opting for a kitchen island and they surround it with high stools for guests or kids to perch on and gawp at them whilst they are cooking and slaving away.

Well, a breakfast nook is for you to sit and relax and gawp at the world going by. It is a very selfish thing to do, but an essential one.

I am not talking about those old fashion mid-century dark and dingy ones upholstered in mustard tapestry print and dark wooden surrounds. I am talking upscale trendy – yet still cosy and comfortable. Islands in the kitchen are great, but if you can find a spot to retire to, here are some ideas for what you can do to it.

7 Cosy Ideas for a Breakfast Nook of Note:

1. The Breakfast Table

small breakfast table

This is not really a nook in the true sense, but it can operate as one if you demarcate it as such. Often a table in the kitchen is used instead of the more formal dining room table because this is where all the action takes place. Borrow some square metres off the kitchen and add a fab new table with some funky chairs and put a rug underneath for extra cosiness.

2. Make use of any light airy spot in the adjoining kitchen area

light airy breakfast nook

Keep the nook as bright and sunny as possible and it will be a hit in your home. This is a perfect spot for a thoroughly modern take on a breakfast nook – which takes up what would have been an empty type hallway to the outside area.

3. Make it bright and colourful

bright and colourful small kitchen breakfast nook

Don’t panic about matchy-matchy. Use fabrics that tie in with the rest of the home but also ones that give the space its own distinctive style. This lovely cottagey nook with colourful cushions and painted furniture is simply asking for you to sit in and lap up the breakfast-sphere.

4. Homey style always goes down a treat

homey style breakfast nook

This one takes advantage of the light from the door and window onto the outside patio. Very often the outside is not going to allow you to have your breakfast served there and this gives you a homey yet practical alternative for those inclement days. Note the lovely attention to detail with the colours and fabrics chosen all fitting nicely into a cosy atmosphere.

5. Storage details

breakfast nook storage details

As you are transforming a seemingly unused space why not add in extra storage underneath the seating as well as a cabinet next to it. Nobody says no to a well-designed cabinet in the kitchen area – the adage the more the merrier works like a treat in this area. It demarcates the area as well and adds some extra styling in the accessories you can use.

6. Banquette breakfast in the bay

light and airy breakfast nook

If you have a bay window, then you have arrived! This is the best place for a nook of note. Get yourself a good carpenter and install built-in bench-type seating. You could consider a table with eaves if it is quite a large space giving you the option of adjusting the size of the table to the amount of seating you need. The drawers underneath the seating can give you extra space for storage. Finish the look with some louvre styled wooden blinds or similar and you have the perfect nook of note.

7. Sleek restaurant look

bright and colorful breakfast nook

This is one of my best-looking breakfast nooks. I think it very stylish and contemporary and the very clever use of the space is amazing. Not only does it fit like a glove into a narrow area, the whole space is simply well designed. The table and bench detail is perfect and the arrangement not impede traffic in and out the door; the shelving is practical yet stylish and the lighting is reminiscent of an old-fashioned restaurant type seating. Close and cosy.

Remember: Live in the moment. If it is unpleasant, take yourself off to your breakfast nook and eat cookies.

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